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    • There is way more to it than being poor unhappy and drugs.   In Australia we have very poor areas and quite a number of the people have mental issues and take drugs prescribed or otherwise, Yet we still dont get these mass shootings, I wonder why?    
    • Sorry Dave E.  These dogs become our "Kids."  Last year i lost my Harley 11 days after i lost my Mom.  Harley was so smart and so big (98 lb Choc Lab), a close companion and very hard to part with!  (Yes, I loved my Mom also).  She was The Best!!  He was The Best dog i have ever had.  Dogs are the closest to God's Love that we will ever see on this earth!! If i posted the pic correctly, here he is bringing me my outside shoes so we could get going.  He always was ready to get outside!!  
    • Hello, As soon as i suspected that i had my 1st virus/malware, i ran to Shields up site.  My PCs all failed the ports test for having ports 80 and 443 open.  All i remember about Shields up in the past was that i always passed all tests.  I am having a problem figuring out whether i'm good or bad.  I did manage to close port 80 in my Norton NIS.  But then i couldn't access internet.  Please do not offer negative opinions about NIS.  I believe it to be great.  Every PC my friends have given me to repair virus's, (and Broni helped be considerably!), i have installed NIS, and never a repeat virus overf some years now. So, i am loving NIS.  If anyone has knowledge in these open ports 80 and 443, please offer me advice. I appreciate any help offered!! rob... Hey Lewis, are you still out there somewhere?  If so, Hi!!
    • Broni, You must really love that coffee...oops, may be something else in there.  Or maybe you're just sniffing?  Never mind.
    • Hi Nod,    I believe that without the NRA, we good citizens would already be without guns or be breaking the law by keeping them.  I believe we have the right to be our own "first-responders," because i have the right to protect myself and my loved ones, and even those victims i do not even know.   I believe the first step in taking down a society like ours is to first de-arm them.  I believe that all the strict laws in the world will not stop murderers.  BUT, i also part with the NRA about 18 year olds buying any gun.  I also part with them about having to wait however many days is necessary to check out a person before handing them a gun.  But the "Libs" will still believe that guns kill people and not the person.  Libs will never do anything unless they figure out how to blame us for other wicked people murdering others.  So we need to QUIT the take away my guns arguement like it will stop murders from happening! I wonder how Cain killed his brother Abel before there were guns?  I don't recall humanity outlawing rocks and knives.  Can you imagine if there were no guns?  How many innocent kids could be killed with a machete, or a scalpel, or knife or hammer in a short amt of time?  Murderers are going to kill-period!    So as i suggested earlier, why don't we agree and focus on what can be done -  harden schools and make it impossible, or as close as possible to impossible, for these lunatics to get to the students?  Much cheaper and doable....without causing a civil war over gun ownership?  So i turn in my guns (which is never going to happen) and those scum still have theirs.  That'll work!  And in the meantime, our precious kids are still hanging out there like ripe fruit, waiting to be picked off.  We are a sick bunch of people!!  And we are too right-left to think clearly!! I just got back here so i think i'll quit this before i get demerit points by the "lefties" here.  No disrespect meant to anyone.  Just frustration.  It is very doable to protect our families and kids! Sorry to offend anyone. Nod, if i remember, you live in FL  Do you remember how long car-jacking lasted in tampa?  I believe the first or second attempt, the jacker got shot.  Because in FL, anyone can have a loaded gun in their car.  Gee, the car jackers didn't know who had a gun, so they moved on to the Lib-ran states.  Still the same today.  Most gun killings happen where the murderers don't have to worry about regular people carrying.  Sorry for the sarcasm, but this issue makes my blood boil!  Innocent women and children should be protected at all costs. I will try to stay out of Boiling Point.  I need my friend, Broni's help with two more PC's i have under suspicion. Have a great night and make yourself a great day tomorrow!!
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