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Broadcom Wireless

Posted by rokytnji in rokytnji's Blog, 04 August 2013 · 320 views

First, this really isn't an Ubuntu or a Debian or a Mint issue. The problem likely lies with Broadcom and their lack of availability of firmware information for their wireless hardware. Broadcom does make a "generic" wireless driver for Linux, but it allegedly doesn't work with everything. Therefore, the Ubuntu development team have had to use fwcutter to...


"Generous" Chevron....right!

Posted by Broni in Broni's Blog, 09 August 2012 · 575 views

Few days ago there was a serious fire accross the Bay at Chevron refinery in Richmond, CA.
Lot of fire, lot of smoke, number of people in neighborhood complaining about respiratory problems.

Yesterday on the news we had smiling Chevron spokeswoman apologizing and presenting 800 number for filing claims if anyone feels like being hurt.

I just laughed. Ev...

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