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  2. Weather 6-26-17

    Nice enough to mow the yard. Weather: Conditions: 70 F (21 C) - Overcast Time: June 26, 9:53 AM CDT
  3. POTW Megaliths

    I felt I needed to be un-predictable for a change. Sorry Fran.
  4. Today
  5. POTW Megaliths

  6. Not sure I how I posted this from an older post but it sure looks like I did. Age thing :) anyway all is good Broni. :)
  7. POTW Megaliths

    Roky, with the letter M, I had already started looking for photos of motorcycles! Now I have to start all over again....
  8. POTW Megaliths

    These guys Built this in the Golan Heights of Israel
  9. POTW Megaliths

    Been A busy evening for mua with motorcycle meets and and setting my place up for visits from a rider from Michigan visiting me next tuseday. I'll be absent from next friday till when ever. Maybe a week or 2. Bosnia Ural Mountains Mexico Turkey Japan Yukashima Siberia in the USSR ? Have fun with this one.
  10. Football aka soccer topic

    Broni, did you watch any of the football today?
  11. My desktop seems dirty

    You're very welcome
  12. My desktop seems dirty

    Great thanks Win finished installing updates all is well now.
  13. POTW Lights (all kinds)

    One member voted for a post without indicating which photo, which may have skewed the vote. But it is clear that Roky's Post 4, photo #3 wins this week's contest. The next letter is M.
  14. Today's Trump Cartoons

    The lawyers would!
  15. He's New!

    That is one to fly!
  16. Marathon

  17. Bull

    That will work.
  18. Frogs

  19. Mutts

    Millie has them also.
  20. For Micheal ..

    fran, Millie would hog the fish!
  21. Life

    Good idea!
  22. Yesterday
  23. [RESOLVED] Dell Laptop

    Yes!! Good luck and stay safe :)
  24. 6/25/17

    He not boring!
  25. [RESOLVED] Dell Laptop

    running perfect Broni ;; THANKS
  26. 6/25/17

    Oceanographer Jacques Cousteau was a great explorer.
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