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    • 1533 Atahualpa, the last ruler of the Incas, was murdered as Francisco Pizarro completed his conquest of Peru. 1786 Shays's rebellion, an insurrection of Massachusetts farmers against the state government, began. 1842 The Treaty of Nanking was signed, ending the Opium Wars and ceding the island of Hong Kong to Britain. 1877 Brigham Young died in Salt Lake City, Utah. 1949 The U.S.S.R. tested their first atomic bomb. 1957 Strom Thurmond ended the longest filibuster in U.S. Senate history. He spoke for more than 24 hours against a civil rights bill; the bill passed. 1966 The Beatles played their last major live concert at Candlestick Park, California. 1991 The Supreme Soviet, the parliament of the U.S.S.R., suspended all activities of the Communist Party, bringing an end to the institution.     *******************************************************************************************************DAILY EXTRA****************************************************** 2005......................................Hurricane Katrina slammed into the U.S. Gulf Coast, destroying beachfront towns in Mississippi and Louisiana, displacing a million people, and killing more than 1,000.     Hurricane Katrina slammed into the U.S. Gulf Coast on Aug. 29, 2005, destroying beachfront towns in Mississippi and Louisiana, displacing a million people, and killing 1,833. When levees in New Orleans were breached, 80% of the city was submerged by the flooding. About 20% of its 500,000 citizens were trapped in the city without power, food, or drinking water. Rescue efforts were so delayed and haphazard that many were stranded for days on rooftops and in attics before help arrived. The city became a toxic pool of sewage, chemicals, and corpses, and in the ensuing chaos, mayhem and looting became rampant—about 15% of the city's police force had simply walked off the job. The 20,000 people who made their way to the Superdome, the city's emergency shelter, found themselves crammed into sweltering and fetid conditions. At a second shelter, the convention center, evacuees were terrorized by roaming gangs and random gunfire. Relief workers, medical help, security forces, and essential supplies remained profoundly inadequate during the first critical days of the disaster.   Hurricane Katrina has been called the most anticipated disaster in modern American history. For years, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) had ranked New Orleans and San Francisco as the two cities most vulnerable to catastrophic natural disaster, and a day before Katrina's landfall, the National Weather Service warned that the hurricane would cause "human suffering incredible by modern standards."   It has been a slow and challenging rebuilding process. After one of our country's largest exodus since the Dust Bowl, many people simply didn't return. Having dropped by almost 350 million to 1.04 million, the New Orleans metro area population now numbers 1.252 million people. In the year after Katrina, there were more than 150,000 fewer places to live than before the hurricane hit. Since then, 115,000 housing units have been constructed, still 39,000 shy of 2005 numbers. The Mississippi coastline also reflects the impact of Katrina, experiencing an immediate population loss of more than 36,000. However, the numbers have rebounded in the past decade and today's population now bests that of 2005 by a modest 2,700 souls. As for living arrangements, there are 4,500 more housing units today than there were before Katrina struck. Growth in hotels, restaurants, and tourism have helped the economy improve, but there still remain whole neighborhoods, abandoned, sitting in silent witness to devastation that is simply beyond repair.
    • Nationality Canadian      Born on 28 August 1965 AD   Sun Sign Virgo    Born in Windsor   father Clarence Edwards   mother Sharon   siblings Jill Edwards, Carrie Ann Edwards   Spouses/Partners: Frederic Thiebaud (m. 2011), Robert Lange (m. 1993–2010)   children Eja Lange   education Timmins High and Vocational School   awards 1993 - CMT (Europe) Rising Star Award
      1995 - ABC Radio Networks Country Music Award for Female Video Artist of the Year
      1995 - Canadian Country Music Association Award (CCMA's) for Album of the Year     Shania Twain, born Eilleen Regina Edwards, is a country pop singer made famous by her album, ‘The Woman in me’. She is one of the top best selling singers in Canada, second only to Celine Dion. Her album ‘Come on Over’ is the best selling country album of all time. The Grammy award winning singer is also a world class songwriter who has won multiple BMI songwriter awards. ‘The Queen of Country Pop’ as she is known to her fans, loved music from an early age. She was writing and performing songs by the time she was ten and appeared on a television show as a teenager. She had a difficult childhood and found the much-needed solace in music. Music was not just a means of succor; it was also a way of earning money to contribute to her impoverished family. Her musical talent made her famous in her town and she was often invited to play at clubs and radio stations. She struggled for years to establish herself before signing a contract with Mercury and found big success with her second album, ‘The Woman in Me’. The album went Multi-Platinum and announced the arrival of a new star to the world of country music.   Trivia She is the only female artist to have three consecutive Diamond albums released in the U.S. Her current husband is the ex-husband of the woman her husband was having an affair with. She was voted Sexiest Vegetarian Alive by PETA in 2001.
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