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    • By Broni in Broni's Blog 5
      I've read somewhere that exercising for 15 minutes will extend your life by 15 minutes.
      What's the point?
      You just lost 15 minutes of your life....exercising :)
    • By rokytnji in rokytnji's Blog 12
      I have stripped out my shop and my plans are epic. Which means I am stoved up (sore) for the next few months.
      The plan is to extend the shop 8 more feet and pour a raised 3 inch concrete floor on the inside to keep the water out when it rains.
      Also the floor will tie down the structure better when tornadoes show up. Tornadoes may blow my house/old-hospital away. But not my garage.
      I also plan on building a brick deck and a sunken fire pit for cooking out side with a vent pipe ran from fire pit underground to a location farther away so the fire can breath. The vent pipe will electrical conduit or fence post material. The shade will be supplied by a old pipe shell of a structure I will surface the roof with sheetmetal or canvas . I have not decided yet as that project will start after the shop remodel.
      Another project is to make dog pens along the back fence for a pet day business to supplement my Social Security check I will be getting in a month or so.
      Here is pictures of how far I have made it so far. The 8 feet have been added already using my home made scaffold I use. Being  one made forklift and crew is hard work. I'll have a crew doing the cement work. Then I will be paying for a new pole and electrician for the new electrical roughin on my building. Spray foam may come later. But at 3 grand for spray insulation. I cannot afford presently.
      Storage building  right now for my shop tools and bikes. The wife gets it when I am done with my project.

      My Bricks for my other projects

      My Lineup of other gear cleared away from the shop


      My blood sweat and tears so far. Next is concrete trucks next week.

      I have to have the floor poured first. Then put the front facing on. Order and Install a better overhanging rollup  door. Make a new door frame in the back wall. But concrete is first. I sure am building a nice garage for somebody after I am gone. The scaffolding is heavy duty because I am a heavy duty type of guy.
      It had to support my weight and plus hundreds of pounds of sheet metal plus nut and bolts and impact wrench plus sockets and a open end wrench set plus steel worker spud wrenches for lining up the holes. This plan was in my head while I repaired bikes and was moving towards retiring. I am closing down repairing motorcycles and atvs (Though if asked nicely, I will help out. No ingrates allowed). I will of course maintain my gear. My phase of life is now into running a doggy and cat day care center for the oil field workers out here living in travel trailers with their pets. I'll make a pretty penny doing this. It will be fun also. No stress.
      But till that dream comes true. Stress City Baby.

    • By rokytnji in rokytnji's Blog 1


      Parts breakdown of stock shifter

      Instructional PDF for hand making this style of shifter
    • By rokytnji in rokytnji's Blog 4
      Well. Moved everything out of the kitchen. Disconnected Sink. Only Fridge and Kitchen stove remain.

      Busted out drywall on outside facing wall. Removed old 1950's Windows. My house is a old hospital from WW2 when Pecos was a airbase. Kitchen was made by me knocking out 2 patient rooms and custom plumbing the fixtures.

      I bought new 2x4s and re framed outside wall from the inside as old framing boards were termite damaged. We have have had Orkin already treat the place for a couple of grand. Framing is done.

      Custom wiring installed by me from breaker box in utility room through ceilng to Kitchen was next. Done. I have now mounted four 4 gang boxes
      on outside wall to give the wife 8 receptacles to go over some metal kitchen cabinets from the 1950's that I am also paint stripping, and going to repaint white also. I paint my own motorcycles so I have the right gear and experience for that also.

      Used R30 insulation between outside stucco wal and new 5/8 drywall. Also installed new sliding windows. Drywall is 3/4 done. Still have tapeing and spackle to go though. Installed new outlets today also.

      Will be using White Marble ceramic wall tile as a back splash for sink and kitchen cabinets.

      Still have a gas line to rerun to relocate kitchen stove (O'keefe & Merrit circa 1952)

      Getting there slowly but surely and not spending $45,000 on remodeling costs like on the Home channel.
    • By rokytnji in rokytnji's Blog 0
      First, this really isn't an Ubuntu or a Debian or a Mint issue. The problem likely lies with Broadcom and their lack of availability of firmware information for their wireless hardware. Broadcom does make a "generic" wireless driver for Linux, but it allegedly doesn't work with everything. Therefore, the Ubuntu development team have had to use fwcutter to pull the firmware information from a Windows driver to build one that works for Linux.   Here's the fix, and I'm pretty sure this will work for most situations:

      1. Determine the exact model and firmware version of the driver. Open a terminal and enter:
      [b]lspci -vnn -d 14e4:[/b].

      2. You'l get a string back that looks like this:
      [i]0001:01:01.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 802.11g Wireless LAN Controller [14e4:4318] (rev 02)[/i]

      Look at the section between the brackets at the "14e4" part near the end.

      3. Go here and make sure your adapter is compatible with the Broadcom b43 driver, on the chart about a quarter way down the page:

      4. If you're in the green area, you're good to go. Now, the Ubuntu/Debian folks have made this easy for us. Just run this command:
      [b]sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer[/b]

      5. Reboot and you're done.

      This worked perfectly on the proprietary Windows 7 Compaq  boat anchor my wife calls a laptop.
    • By Broni in Broni's Blog 1
      Few days ago there was a serious fire accross the Bay at Chevron refinery in Richmond, CA.
      Lot of fire, lot of smoke, number of people in neighborhood complaining about respiratory problems.

      Yesterday on the news we had smiling Chevron spokeswoman apologizing and presenting 800 number for filing claims if anyone feels like being hurt.

      I just laughed. Even if any claim will get approved it won't cost Chevron even one penny.

      Gas price at my gas station held pretty much even for last month or so at $3.69.
      Coincidentally (right!) it jumped 20 cents just couple of days ago.

      That's how you and me will pay for Chevron fire damage and all claims.

      Oil industry seems to be in serious trouble.
      No serious war war has been going on lately, no broken pipes, no excuses for rising prices.

      How about some fire then?
      I'm not insinuating anything.....:)
    • By Broni in Broni's Blog 3
      What a beautiful "summer" in Daly City today.
      Record temperatures (for the day) all over Bay Area.

      Worked only for a few hours today, so that's good :)

      Man, I post a lot at computer forums!
      I decided to take a closer look and these are the number for the forums, where I'm the most active (number of posts):

      ComputerHope - 27,856
      Smartestcomputing - 19,584
      VirtualDr - 14,074
      GeeksToGo - 12,297
      Windows BBS - 10,742
      TechSpot - 7,224
      BleepingComputer - 5,807
      DAL Computer - 4,406

      That's 101,990 posts in total!

      Let's see....
      If I only spend 1 minute to create a post, that's:

      101,990 minutes = 1700 hours = 71 days

      Over two months of 24/7 typing.......LOL
    • By Broni in Broni's Blog 0
      I went to see "The Social Network" movie (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1285016/)
      Very interesting movie about "Facebook" creator, Mark Zuckerberg, played superbly by Jesse Eisenberg:

      Rated PG-13, but surely not for kids, because it contains mostly diialogs.
      Mark appears to be rather nasty character, first stealing the idea from some other Harvard students (settled in court for $65 million) and then screwing up his initial partner to take it all.
      I wasn't aware, that he actually teamed up with one of Napster (remember Napster?) creators, Sean Parker, played by Justin Timberlake.

      Mark Zuckerberg, at age 26 is listed on Forbes list as the 35th richest person in US, at $6.9 billion and the youngest billionaire ever.

      Later on, soccer game....my home country, Poland vs. US in Chicago.
      Really good game with 4 excellent goals.
      Ended up with 2:2 draw.
      Interstingly, Chicago has the largest Polish population outside Poland, estimated at almost 200,000 people.
      So, half of the stadium was filled with Polish supporters :)
    • By Broni in Broni's Blog 0
      Well, since everybody seems to be blogging, it may be time for me to start too :)

      It's been a beautiful day in Daly City, so far. Sunny and warm.

      I was able to fix all hooks issues after the board upgrade, which is always time consuming.

      About to start watching Shark's 2nd game of a regular season. Playing couple of first games in Sweden, against Columbus.
      That won yesterday 3:2
      Sharks lost in overtime 2:3

      My nephew is coming from Seattle and my sister is organizing a BBQ in a park.
      Phillip, my son, is coming with me (sleeping now after spending a whole night on a computer....grrrrrr.....kids)
    • By Broni in Broni's Blog 0
      Just testing after board's upgrade...
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    • And what are you?!

    • That will  work.

    • Just posting this mainly for Broni and other windows users .   another senior had issues

      Problem 1 ,       Trojan   appeared to be listed as "brocoiner!rfn" . locked her internet and computer was not responding good..

      Her "AV"  found nothing , Malwarebytes would not run .

      I tried some stuff , but no help , then mentioned , to run Malwarebytes in safe mode and explained to her how to get there.

      That took care of her problem , for at least allowing her computer to work "OK"

      I tried real hard to get her to come to this site and explained to her how great this site was , because i think it would be a great

      idea to have Broni  clean what might still be there .???


          Another senior

      Problem 2   Her "Edge"  locked up with multiple tabs "Security Alert "  in red with a phone number to call and audio to fix !!

      She could not use her browser at all , had the big red screen and no control to click or x out .

      I tried multiple things ,but had no success , but found out i could run "IE " which is also within  windows 10 OK , after stopping Edge

      in TAsk Manager under processes .

      I then did this ,which i will paste. [

      "You need to persuade your Edge browser to open a new web page so you can close the locked one.   The instructions given will only work if Edge is your default web browser but you can try this:


      Open up a Command Prompt (right click the start button and select Command Prompt)In the Command Prompt type:   start Microsoft-edge:http://www.microsoft.com   then press the Enter key on your keyboard.Hover your mouse over any other tab and click the cross that appears to close it."  ]


      This worked for my situation.  After that was done I followed Bruce Hagen's suggestions and used the http://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-tech-support-scam-popups/. All seems to be working fine.

      That worked good and she is using her computer with no problem , but I also tried to get her to come here because i think Broni  can do his thing like on the first

      one and make it clean to where i don't have that skill to do .

      Broni , It is hard to get the seniors here , I even mention "Fran with her age being a "ADMIN" and others seniors here . Even when i offer to help them, do the

      asking and copy and paste thing .    

                                  Hope this info Helps others






      Edited by nodsh
      sites i forgot to mention that might be suspicious brtll.com and
    • Damn cellphones. Can't a bear get any privacy. :greensmilies-005:

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