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  2. guns and repond to some of the chat views

    Well isnt trump a Russian bot?
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  4. guns and repond to some of the chat views

    If Our Leaders Won't Lead, Our Children Will Read more here https://sojo.net/articles/if-our-leaders-wont-lead-our-children-will The NRA and politicians are on notice, These kids will be of voting age soon, Your days are numbered
  5. Honoring our troops

    Wow , for that kind of money I'd get a caddy and turn the headlights on ..
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  7. Daily picture

    None of our birds are that colorful. This one has had the complete works at the local beauty salon!
  8. Maxine

  9. Daily picture

    Nic woodpecker photo!
  10. Honoring our troops

    And good night vision, looks like the main stream miliary will get a upgrade to their night vision capiabilites similar special operations folks which would reduce the cost, mine as a civilian security person run around $69,000.00, that will put a dent in the Visa card.
  11. POTW Leaves

    A few more... There are no finer leaves than Colorado aspen leaves in the fall...
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  13. Billy Graham

  14. School Shootings

  15. Today's Trump Cartoon

  16. Russia

  17. Express Lane

  18. Deadwood

  19. Permit

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  21. Wizard of Id

  22. Crumb

  23. Mutts

  24. Weather 2-22-18

    Something unusual is happening--it's snowing?
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