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  2. Le Coup du Jour

    Sit on him.
  3. B.C.

  4. Wizard of Id

  5. Crumb

    Time for tums.
  6. Aunty Acid

    Don't let them do that!
  7. Bed what???

    Look out! I think they might snuggle you to death!
  8. Maxine

    You have to get the right bird!
  9. Today
  10. Who are we - a bit of Smartest Computing history

    Hi! Well I finally took the time to read all this history. Very interesting. I'm the new guy here, and hoping I can be a asset to the forum. I have led a very interesting life on help forums. I will share just one experience with you. I joined IObit back in 2004. Became a VIP Expert there, but got banned when they stole data from MBAM and I exposed them to the computer world. I was very dumb and had very little experience then. I tried my best to get them to get out of the Anti-Virus business. They refused and banned me. I then went on several help forums and told my story . The Chinese tried to hack into my PC 720+ times. MBAM blocked them every time and I became a big fan of MBAM. I have a lot of stories like this, but I'll save you the boredom. I like this forum alot and hope I can hang out here for awhile. This looks like a old thread and may bring up some memories of those that posted here, but not been back here for awhile. I'm here to learn, have some fun, and pass forward things I have learned from others. It will be interesting to see where this post shows up and anyone comments on my post. It's been awhile sense anyone posted on this thread.
  11. Palouse Sunset

    Palouse Sunset ~ another winter favorite, this one from the Palouse, near Steptoe

    Too bad he was not given credit while alive.
  13. Nuclear

    I betcha B.C. is a sand bagger also when it comes to strokes. Just playing with ya bro.
  14. Nuclear

    Sorry to disappoint you Rok, But nothing makes Golf easier .. Years ago i did play in a night tournament with a ball that lit. They had it once a year ..
  15. Maxine

    We are still spring chickens in my house.
  16. Mutts

    Leaving the TV off. When on, not watching the news. Works for me.
  17. Bearies

    Serves them right for hunting bears from helicopters and in their caves while hibernating.
  18. Speech

    Me too.
  19. Genetics

    Jeanetic engineer?
  20. Nuclear

    Glow in the dark makes night golfing easier. Just ask B.C.
  21. Topic du Jour

    Remember the old days. When " Arnold Schwarzenegger" was known as the " Gropenator ".
  22. Thanksgiving

    Cold War / civil war .
  23. Firefox 57

    Mystery cleared for me.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Firefox 57

    Peggy. You need to create new topic in malware removal forum. You're simply infected.
  26. Believe it or NOT

    Wish a lot of our experts had to eat their words when they were wrong? A lot of experts on CNN and FoxNews would not be able to talk anymore they would be so full/
  27. Firefox 57

    Hi Thanks for your reply. Are you saying the POTW was your idea, and now I see you have left the discussion . I have sent you another PM. It's probably better to discuss this with PMs. It seems all the old members think I'm trying to take @Broni spot and cause you problems, and that really hurts this old man. Hopefully Peggy didn't respond to the ransomware and she will be OK. I wanted her to respond so I could tell her not to respond to the attack ,and maybe have Broni check things out. PS No one could ever take my friend Broni place in the malware field, and I would never give it a single thought to do so.
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