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    Palouse Sunset ~ another winter favorite, this one from the Palouse, near Steptoe
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    Wish a lot of our experts had to eat their words when they were wrong? A lot of experts on CNN and FoxNews would not be able to talk anymore they would be so full/
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    This comes from 2 math teachers with a combined total of 70 yrs. experience. It has an indisputable mathematical logic. It also made me Laugh Out Loud. This is a strictly ..... mathematical viewpoint... and it goes like this:
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    Japans Beautiful China fog I think People pigging out
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    That is like when I take my younger brother out to eat at a all you can eat buffet type of restaurant He will pick up the whole stainless steel dispense dish of lets say, " General Tsao Spicy Oriental Chicken" . Sitting under the lamp on the food cart. Take it to the table and eat the whole thing. Just to screw with the minds of the owners of a oriental restaurant. My brother is more of a attention getter than I am. Which is saying a lot.
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    Just goes to show. Some folks have more cents than sense.
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    Funny how some beggars think they have the right to be choosy . Reminds me of a time when a biker asked for a beer out of the ice chest. Then said, " I don't like this brand of beer".
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    Fran, had a professor in college accounting, years ago, that used to say, " When all else fails, read the instructions."
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    The ship needed over 600 tons of coal per day to keep the enormous engines powered, so it left Southampton with over 6,000 tons of coal. That coal was shoveled into large boilers that had three furnaces. The employees, called firemen, shoveled coal into the furnaces in extremely hot and dirty conditions. Footprints Of Time South Dakota - Deadwood, in 1877 The Titanic’s bellboys were as young as 14, and they moved passengers’ luggage and performed other basic tasks. All of the bellboys died when the ship sank
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    I guess religion and politics do mix.
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    That's when I always say BACKUP :)
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    See how happy syphilis made Al Capone before they put him in Alcatraz. Picture 1 makes a good global warming photo.
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    I'd cut a door in that muffler and reheat burritos/chimichangas in it. Being sure to keep exhaust fumes from tainting the taste.
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    There are already so many guns out there and our nation has become so polarized on so many issues that nothing will be done to prevent these disasters. Shortly we will be back here having the same discussion after the next massacre and nothing will be done then either. We will continue to mourn the victims and become so used to such news that we will scarcely react. Just another mass shooting!
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    No one should ever have access to such a weapon, except Law Enforcement and the Military! I have always felt safe in our community and super market, but maybe I need to rethink my vulnerability. Mass Shootings are coming closer and closer--first Columbine, then Aurora Theater, and now Thornton WalMart--getting too close for complacency! Could our super market be next? Don't worry--there will be no gun in my purse....
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    Love the fact at least someone is making a effort to do something about these weapons. I agree with Fran I don't see the Politicians doing anything, until we get rid of the majority of them and start over. Being a Independent I am non discriminatory, both sides need equal butts kicked out.
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    Yep. had one and found out I had colon cancer. Two operations in 2012. 40% colon removed. If its still clear in December that will be 5 years. Then it will be once a year check instead of twice.
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    Puerto Rico 100 years ago Yellowstone National Park Speaks for itself A solider feeding a child
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    Now now. Dead is a whole easier than being put in General Population. Spoken by a dude that has worked in the prison system.