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  1. Trump

    Not many entries this week, but I like Post #2.
  2. Ebay/PayPal Fiasco

    That is just too much! I'll bet you've spent the day changing passwords, etc. The computer gremlins were busy giving you a bad time. Good to see you here though sorry to hear of your problems. How is Bubba doing?
  3. Ebay/PayPal Fiasco

    I think you are lucky they caught it so quickly. Just imagine the damage if it had gone on for any length of time. So glad you got it straightened out, David!
  4. Monuments

    Oh my, I just realized how many sites in our state have Spanish names! So as to avoid offending anyone, I suppose they will have to be renamed. Our lovely Raton Pass will have to become plain old Mouse Pass!
  5. Ebay/PayPal Fiasco

    Good lessons there, David! Change passwords often. I don't use either of those sites, never have and never will...
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