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  1. POTW Megaliths

    Roky, with the letter M, I had already started looking for photos of motorcycles! Now I have to start all over again....
  2. POTW Lights (all kinds)

    One member voted for a post without indicating which photo, which may have skewed the vote. But it is clear that Roky's Post 4, photo #3 wins this week's contest. The next letter is M.
  3. For Prince

    I'll let you know when I learn what it is to be. We have had our flag stolen off the pole a couple of times, but he already had solution to that problem. Can't imagine what it will be--the flag goes up the pole or comes down. The pole itself is an antique wooden pole from his old family home. We also have an old stone hitching post in our front yard that came from the same place.
  4. For Prince

    He is currently working on some sort of device for our flagpole. He has been at it for days--I have no idea what it will do, but I hope the flagpole will be available for the 4th of July!
  5. Wonders

    Last week when we drove to Estes it was blooming all over the place. It's very pretty...but I didn't get a whiff of its scent.
  6. For Prince

    Oh my! I don't dare show him or he will build one--there goes a perfectly good laundry basket and we'll have to pay if the squirrel is hurled into some neighbor's window....
  7. Wonders

    We have a lot of purple penstimon blooming in our hills. It looks similar to lupine.
  8. 6/25/17

    Anthony Bourdain currently has a travel show on CNN. I recently watched his trip to Antarctica. He had good words for the cooks who feed the scientists and crews who work at the bottom of the world.
  9. He's New!

  10. Health Care

  11. Education

  12. Marathon

  13. Bull