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  1. rokytnji added a topic in Caption Contest of the Week   

    Caption contest #106
    $un of a B!@#ch

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  2. rokytnji added a post in a topic Switching between headphone and speaker mode   

    Good question. Cuz in Linux I it does just that.
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  3. rokytnji added a post in a topic Believe it or NOT   

    Well MJ. Where else could you pen up a crocodile down under?
    I don't think animal control has a pool that is 3/4 empty?
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  4. rokytnji added a post in a topic Blame   

    I just think people do not think things through too well sometimes.
    Falling for the hype instead of using common sense. I have a narrow view on certain things.
    If like in this recent cop killing case today. If these dudes get caught. Plus. We know for a fact they did it.
    Then they have lost the right to be treated as a human being. My outlook is they have become mad rabid dogs.
    I shoot rabid mad animals here in the West Texas desert. Sleep well also after doing so.
    That makes more sense to me than banning guns. I feel the same way about Hispanic gang and Biker gang culture also.
    You want to act like a mad dog. Take the consequences. I hate paying taxes on court appeals and life long support sentences.
    But I am not a cuddly type of person when I see wrong done. Our guns protect us from the nasties that would have guns anyway
    even if guns were outlawed. Mexico is proof of that concept. Guns and bullets are illegal there. But.
    My time is past. But my life has been spent around some pretty low life human beings who only understood to leave me alone because of fear. Any sign of weakness and I would have been toast.
    There is nothing like seeing a girl defending her man with a 9mm out of her purse while the douche bags are concentrating on rat packing  the big mean looking biker. All of sudden. Politeness reigns.
    it is not a boiling point issue for me. Just a thought for the day. Plus. I am a strange thinker I guess.
    The 50 most dangerous cities in the world
    Rank City Country Murder rate
    (HTIs*, with 2011 figures in brackets) 1 San Pedro Sula Honduras 187 (159) 2 Caracas Venezuela 134 (99) 3 Acapulco Mexico 113 (128) 4 Cali Colombia 83 (78) 5 Maceió Brazil 80 (135) 6 Capital District Honduras 79 (100) 7 Fortaleza Brazil 73 8 Guatemala City Guatemala 68 (75) 9 João Pessoa Brazil 67 10 Barquisimeto Venezuela 65 (55) 11 Palmira Colombia 61 12 Natal Brazil 58 13 Salvador Brazil 58 (57) 14 Vitoria Brazil 57 (68) 15 Sao Luis Brazil 57 16 Culiacán Mexico 55 (74) 17 Ciudad Guayana Venezuela 54 (59) 18 Torreón Mexico 54 (88) 19 Kingston Jamaica 53 (47) 20 Cape Town South Africa 51 (46) 21 Chihuahua City Mexico 50 (83) 22 Victoria Mexico 49 23 Belém Brazil 48 (78( 24 Detroit USA 47 (48) 25 Campina Grande Brazil 46 26 New Orleans USA 45 (58) 27 San Salvador El Salvador 45 (57) 28 Goiânia Brazil 45 29 Cuiabá Brazil 44 30 Nuevo Laredo Mexico 41 31 Manaus Brazil 43 (51) 32 Santa Marta Colombia 42 33 Cúcuta Colombia 42 (56) 34 Pereira Colombia 40 35 Medellin Colombia 38 36 Baltimore USA 38 (31) 37 Ciuadad Juárez Mexico 38 (148) 38 San Juan Puerto Rico 37 (53) 39 Recife Brazil 37 (48) 40 Macapá Brazil 37 41 Nelson Mandela Bay South Africa 36 42 Maracaibo Venezuela 35 43 Cuernavaca Mexico 35 44 Belo Horizonte Brazil 35 45 St Louis USA 34 46 Aracaju Brazil 33 47 Tijuana Mexico 33 48 Durban South Africa 32 (31) 49 Port-au-Prince Haiti 30 50 Valencia Venezuela 30    
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  5. rokytnji added a post in a topic Australia: Archaeologists Unearth Ruins of Viking Trade Center   

    Well. The site I grabbed it from is on par with the Enquirer and Star rags here in the USA.
    So it is just click bait after all.
    I really need to fact check what my friends in New Zealand email me. Being a gullible Texas desert country bumpkin and all.
    Betcha they are grinning at this clueless Texan. Sorry folks.
    I am gonna hafta fire my online psychic because he/she did not warn me about this crap.
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  6. rokytnji added a post in a topic Australia: Archaeologists Unearth Ruins of Viking Trade Center   

    Crap. Might turn out to be a fake/hoax. If so. My Bad.
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  7. rokytnji added a topic in Headline News   

    Australia: Archaeologists Unearth Ruins of Viking Trade Center
      Derby| Archaeologists excavating on the site of some recently discovered ruins on the northern coast of Western Australia, may have just made the greatest find in the history of the country: the remains an 11th century Viking settlement.
    The scientists, associated with the Department of Archaeology of the University of Sydney, were called of the site after some locals discovered what looked like the foundation of an ancient building in July, near Derby.
    The archaeologists, directed by Professor Allison Fletcher, were expecting a site from the early colonial period, but they rapidly realized that they were dealing with something completely different.
    They have unearthed the foundations of three larger buildings which were identified as houses, and two smaller workshops identified as a carpentry, which was also used as a boat repair area, and a smithy, containing a forge and iron slag.
    The type of construction and the items found on the site are very similar to the various Viking colonies discovered in Groenland and Iceland.
    The scientists have also unearthed a total of sixteen tombs, including these warriors who were buried with their weapons and treasure.
    The archaeologists have discovered a large quantity and variety of artefacts on the site, including a few weapons and blacksmithing tools, some bronze and silver jewelry, four ivory combs, a few stone oil lamps, a dozen iron rivets and a bone knitting needle.
    While most of the items seem to be of Norse origin, a few of the items suggest that the inhabitants of the site were either conducting piracy in the region or they were part of an extended maritime trade network.
    Two broken pieces of porcelain, a bronze vessel and a jade ring from China were found in the tomb of one of the women, and some semi-precious stones from India and Sri Lanka were found in the tomb of one of the warriors. This proves that the Vikings had some form of contacts with the Asian continent, but the nature of these contacts remains uncertain.
    This large bronze vessel, found in the tomb if a Norse woman of high status, was manufactured in Southeastern China in the 9th or 10th Century.
    Professor Fletcher believes that the Norsemen could have chosen this site for its natural harbor, the availability of eucalyptus wood and the region’s abundant iron ore.
    It’s a long distance from the site of any known Viking settlement, expedition or raid, however, and it remains unclear how the Norsemen actually reached Australia.
    The Vikings were a seafaring people who raided and traded from their Scandinavian homelands across wide areas of northern and central Europe, as well as Russia, during the late 8th to late 11th centuries.
    Using their advanced seafaring skills and their famous longships, they are known to have created colonies and trading posts throughout the North Atlantic islands, navigating as far as the north-eastern coast of North America.
    The Vikings are also known to have raided North Africa and some Mediterranean islands, but this is the first time that any trace of their presence is found in the Indian Ocean.

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  8. rokytnji added a topic in Thought of the day   


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  9. rokytnji added a post in a topic Chama in Chama   

    Good poser shot . Been there (Chamas) trout fishing and camping back in the 90's. Train rides also but not as nice as Durango to Silverton run. Faster train though (Chamas).
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  10. rokytnji added a post in a topic September Desktops   

  11. rokytnji added a post in a topic Caption contest # 105   

    Post 2
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  12. rokytnji added a topic in All other computer issues   

    Learn to search SmartestComputing the smart way.
    Lets say you are having a problem and wish to search the forum for previous answers to your problem.
    Just substitute Window 10 for lets say Mic, Apple, Linux, blue screen  or Windows 7 or whatever your question is.
    It will save you a lot time and probably teach you something along the way.
    You can even bookmark this in your browser in a folder named "Search" if you wish.
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  13. rokytnji added a post in a topic Happy Birthday Sven!   

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