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  1. Boy

    Might I suggest
  2. Good morning!

    My wifes alarm system
  3. Good morning!

  4. I remember

    Sounds like it did if ya don't remember. Musta been 10 G or so.
  5. Weather 4-27-17

    Nothing New till Saturday harry@biker:~ $ inxi -xxx -W 79772 Weather: Conditions: 85 F (29 C) - haze Wind: From the SW at 28 MPH Gusting to 36 MPH Humidity: 13% Pressure: 29.66 in (1004 mb) Location: Pecos TX (US) Altitude: 787 ft Time: April 27, 12:11 PM CDT Observation Time: April 27, 11:55 AM CDT
  6. That counts

    Yep. My 6 foot 7 inch frame has been a slave to fashion my whole life.
  7. It works.

    Like I said. I love kid logic.
  8. Caption Contest #190

    Well, after piggy backing off of BC's post. Here would be my original. "Twilight Zone Caption" Little do they know. The Tsunami is 5 minutes away and non of them are wearing life jackets.
  9. 1 + 2 = 3

    I love kids logic. I try and keep mine in place still.
  10. April Desktops

    I told ya. So if this offends. Let me know. Or Fran can step in with her broom. My tastes on scenic scenery run a bit different than other members here. My feelers wont be hurt if members disapprove of my Desktop. I got broad shoulders and can take it. PS. My wife like it.
  11. Caption Contest #190

    And who farted? Now turn this dang boat around and get that Ice Chest. I got cold apple cider in there!
  12. Monuments

    Well Fran. The way I look at things like this. Example below. One of the statues your cartoon is referring to. That you disagree with. Is like have a statue like that at Pearl Harbor. With Admiral Yamamoto. overlooking the Arizona. Or Adolf Eichmann statue. Overlooking a Arlington cemetery. But I am just a ignorant scooter tramp. What I feel means nothing.
  13. Weather 4-26-17

    Windy and coolness for a change. Then back to normal hot hot hot.
  14. Monuments

    Yep. Just like the nazi death camp memorabilia and pol pot pile of human skulls memorials. North Korean monuments. Stalin statues. Or are we talking double standards here. One is not erasing history. But glorifying some thing wrong, it is another thing entirely. You might feel different if their wiped out 90 per cent of your kin. Like in one of the examples I posted above did to my family. I could post some really gruesome pictures of burnt hanging human beings with grinning folks standing around enjoying the show. Men ,women, and children. But then. I would be chided for being honest and truthful and also a little crude. This war, was not a pretty, honorable, civil war. Having said all of that. I own and fly some confederate and Texas state flags at my campsite when I go for a motorcycle run. But only to show where I am from. Not to glorify a flawed idea.

    Come to the dark side, cuz we have the secret sauce.