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  1. Manchester

    Imagine If we were as crude, rude, and tattoed. As they are.
  2. Vlad's Treats

    Borsht with a spoon of sourcream is quite good actually. Caviar I never had a taste for it. Must be the peasant in me.
  3. Mutts

    Sounds like my Lulu in my motorcyle shop. Something gets drug out every day.
  4. The Ainu, also known as Aynu, are an indigenous people of Japan and Eastern Russia. According to recent research, the Ainu people originated from a merger of two other cultures: the Okhotsk and Satsumon, one of the ancient cultures believed to have originated during the Jōmon period on the Japanese Archipelago. In the 13th Century, the Ainu of Ezochi (modern-day Hokkaido) began active contact with the ethnic Japanese of the mainland, called the Wajin. The Ainu group consisted mainly of hunter-gatherers and made a living by hunting, farming, and fishing. This society was underpinned by a religion based on natural phenomena. a-group-of-ainu-people-between-1863-and-early-1870s a-group-of-sakhalin-ainu-c-1903 The full-blooded Ainu usually had more body hair and fairer skin than Japan’s Yamato people. There were early claims suggesting that the Ainu had Caucasian ancestry, but recent DNA studies have not shown any similarity with Europeans. However, back in 1893, anthropologist Arnold Henry Savage Landor described the Ainu as people with “a Typical European eye shape and deep-set eyes, large brow ridge and ears, hairy but prone to baldness and with prominent cheek bones.” Ainu-groups-Japan One group of Ainu inhabited the northern and central islands of Japan, while the others were distributed as far north as the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia. ainu-man-circa-1880 ainu-people ainu-traditional-ceremony-circa-1930 A bear’s foster mother. Ainu Culture was very different from the Japanese. The men had full beards and mustaches, as after a certain age they would never shave. The Ainu women tattooed their mouths at a young age with a spot on the upper lip that would gradually increase with size. Ainu-women-on-Sakhalin ceremonial-round-dance-resembles-the-japanese-bon-odori group-of-ainu-people-1902-photograph john-batchelor-took-a-picture-of-this-ainu-man-who-batchelor-said-had-body-hair-completely-covering-his-body married-Ainu-couple Traditionally, the Ainu are animists or worshippers of nature: they believe that everything in nature has a spirit of a god within it. The Ainu are also bear-worshippers, believing that the animals are sacred. They also believe in the bear deity, Kim-un Kamuy. sacrifice-of-a-bear Sakhalin-Ainu-men-photographed-by-Bronislaw-Pilsudski In 2008, the Ainu people were recognized as indigenous to Japan “with a distinct language, religion, and culture,” urging an end to the discrimination of this group. Like I mentioned before. I learn a little something something every once in a while. Like Japanese with lots of hair. From here:
  5. Sample time

    I want that back when you are done with it.
  6. UH OH forgot

    Damn Physics. Always ruining a good yarn.
  7. Weather 5-23-17

    Too bad. I got previous plans/commitments for memorial weekend.
  8. Weather 5-23-17

    Hell, if you're in TX. I outa drop by for a look see. Bug ya for a day. Scarey?
  9. There is hope for spring this year.

    Monsoon season helps that.
  10. Seems I learn something new at least once in while. Personally. I am so disgusted with the status quo that I have no favorite druthers when it comes to politics anymore. There is no favorite " Football Team" , as a analogy. That I can look at and say. I'd like that as a neighbor. Poor Bernie. The public are suckers as P.T. Barnum predicted in the past. Democrat. Republican. Libertarian. Gimme a break already. I'm not boiling. Kinda sad really.
  11. Flooding where I live

    Winter is coming in Nicks neck of the woods. I hope the crib is comfy cozy by then.
  12. Picture of the week Geography

    post 7 pic 1