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  1. POTW Quiet Places

    Biggest thing I liked living and raising my kids at the ranch in Esperanza Texas was the peace and quiet. Interrupted once in a while with a great horned owl hoot or the bats flying around my light pole at night catching bugs.
  2. Karma is a bitch. Seeing as you were a kid once also. At least payback has not been a medivac,
  3. How do you

    My wife. Who is the Iphone member of our family. Kindly pointed out to me Android phones coming out this year are from 700 to 900 dollars. But since I run Linux. It behooves me to avoid apple and stick with android. My Chromebook likes this arrangement better also. Face it. When one buys a phone. The number one thing is the camera. Phone is kinda secondary. I kinda like this feature
  4. Speedo

    Luckily. For everyone concerned . That'll never happen. Ha Ha. Me in speedo. Imagine that. You will notice I almost as tall sitting down as the dude standing up . He is 6 feet tall. Scare the ladies? My head is as big as my friends head and beard. Combined. I make motorcycles custom. Just because of my size. Speedo?
  5. Zebus , Picture of the week..

    Post 2 photo 2. Just because of the look on the guys face. Like as if the wife bought a extra Zebus and he can't do nada about it.
  6. Speedo

    I saw speedo. Then saw MJ's reply good idea. Then rushed over here . Speedo in my mind means motorcycle speedometer. So you can imagine my reaction.
  7. Wildfires

    Unknown (not cached)
  8. Maxine

    Still picking out thorns from the last mishap.
  9. Harvey Price Gouging

    Bernie Sanders never looked so good. On my trip back from Dallas Texas back to Pecos Texas. Gas prices fluctuated drastically between small towns like Ranger vs large cities like Abilene. Small town prices had not put the gouging price hikes up yet. But the major cities were quick on the ball on raising prices left for Dallas. So I filled the truck up to top off the tank. The next day. Gas had jumped up 50 cents a gallon across town. Good thing I mainly ride motorcycles, I guess. Capitalism at it's finest! What's to bitch about? Now back to more pressing issues. Like prescription opiate abuse. A non issue if I ever heard one.
  10. September Desktops

  11. Me? No. Wife? Maybe? < My vote > She is happy with her Iphone7 but ya never know what the future holds. She might drop hers or something.
  12. Happy Birthday, Broni

  13. Trump

    post 6 picture 4
  14. Roks Music

    Part of my Travel Music on my phone when I leave for Dallas Texas tomorrow Morning.