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  1. Stuff , just stuff.

  2. Daily picture

    Pretty Siberian Husky. He needs a lot of room to run in this Pecos Texas Desert in 105F summers.
  3. Maxine

    I can relate. Procrastinate.
  4. Date

    And the appetite of a Turkey. Gobble gobble gobble.
  5. Sentence

    In dog years?
  6. Another Political Cartoon

    i'm busted!
  7. Paintings

    post 8 pic 1
  8. Today is

    My preferred way
  9.   "It’s the message that spells doom and will render your handset worthless if it’s been repaired by a third party. But there’s no warning and no fix. ""
  10. Roks Music

    local oregon band            
  11. Roks Music

  12. Caption Contest #128

    Yeah. Monday through Thursday can be the pits. But then TGIF. You can get a piercing. Bang a hooker. Go bar hopping with a giraffe.
  13. Weather 2-04-16

    cold Weather: Conditions: 28 F (-2 C) - Clear Wind: From the WNW at 8 MPH Humidity: 61% Pressure: 30.46 in (1031 mb) Wind Chill: 20 F (-7 C) Location: Pecos TX (US) Altitude: 836 ft Time: February 4, 8:55 AM CST Observation Time: February 4, 8:35 AM CST  
  14. I'll blink my lights twice when we come to low over passes. OK?
  15. PMS