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  1. What did I miss

    Well, usually when a backlight bulb burns out. A flashlight will show what is on the screen. A failed power supply. Then the external monitor won't show anything on the screen I should think. Smokey may know more than I on this part though. Hence why I blame the ribbon cable. They are touchy and I would use duct tape on the back of the screen to make sure the ribbon cable would not unfasten from the plug on the back of the lcd screen. I would mount a short 2 inch strip of tape holding it down to the back of the screen so it would not move. Leaving slack at the flex point where the hinges are for open and close movement. Another oldy post of mine.
  2. What did I miss

    I don't think so, <Edit: Not dissing you Shay. Just a observation from previous experience is all>. Because the inverter works <external crt>. No signal also works. I figure you unplugged or unseated the lcd ribbon cable from the inverter behind the keyboard to the connector on the back of the lcd screen. Or. The ribbon harness needs to be replaced entirely because somehow it was tore/torn. As you can see. I have a little experience with this. I used to have to slap the screen on that Panasonic laptop to get a display. But on external lcd monitor things were fine. I ended up fixing it, by buying a used lcd cable and replacing the old one. So check the cable trig. How about the bios screen? Does it come up or still no signal message text on screen?
  3. Trump's Cabinet

    Kinda reminds you of the FEMA appointee by Bush during Hurricane Katrina. Gotta love them Formaldehyde lined Trailers.
  4. Caption Contest # 170

    Soooo! Looking cool in that outfit, girl.
  5. Believe it or NOT

    Did not work on my Chicken Pox when I was a kid though.
  6. Weather 12-08-16

    Snowing in the desert The dogs are going to be indoors, all day.
  7. Web of Trust

    I am a high school drop out with a GED . I am not formally educated. Yet I learned Tex/Mex and Linux. Your mileage may vary from mine. But to be honest with you. Linux operating systems have become easier to install and use since I 1st started when Broni and I met back at DAL Computer Help. If you can get past running a install. Youtube is chock full of install how to's. Running Linux can be just like running Windows. Especially if you have like dual core cpus <nothing real modern>, and 2 gig of ram. MXLinux (Debian based distro/distribution)or Linux-Lite (Ubuntu based distro) would be right up your alley. Your malware worry’s would become a distant memory and online banking be a bit more secure. Just think of it as converting your computer to a Mac computer. Without the costs. Now to inform you of the headaches. Linux has become very good at supporting certain hardware. But is locked out of certain hardware because it is hard to reverse engineer everything available in the IT world when it comes to hardware. Since computers, printers, scanners, are fluid environments. But. Lucky for you. You have Shay, NickAU, some others who I have not seen posting recently, plus me. To help coach you a bit in the other operating section of this forum when it comes to installing or to get things working. I for one have Linux Lite and MXLinux installed on my computers. So I can look in mine to see where you are having trouble understanding something. If you decide to try and learn something new. Like Linux. I hope you have a spare laptop or desktop that is not real critical to keep Windows on. My advice. If you don't. Pull the Windows hard drive out of your computer. After downloading a linux iso distro like Linux Lite or MXLinux. Do a Md5Sum check of the downloaded iso in Windows to make sure you did not get a corrupted iso ( We can coach you through that part). Then burn the DVD in Windows as a Image burn (another thing we can coach you through). Then boot up the dvd as live run (usually 1st menu line showing on bootloader). Run off the DVD (which will be slower than a install. Dvd drives read and write slow). See if you like it. Best way to approach this. Start a new thread in other operating systems. Just like Broni. I will show up every day to help with the hard spots.
  8. Web of Trust

    No time for me to explore this option this week. So putting this here for later so I can find it. Linux in action. Gotta love it.
  9. Web of Trust

    Use it or not. I do. Just less hassle than running no script which takes a awhile to set up the filters on web pages you visit. It is very configurable. If you run it <no script>. You will see what I mean. It is so good. You will think your operating system and browser are broken. The JS addon is just a off and on switch and preferences can be set to turn off java run time on all sites. Then turn it on when you can't navigate on that site. The internet pages are java and flash content crazy now a days.
  10. Roks Music

    Bad Santa to the beat.
  11. Indian stuff:

    post 10 pic 2
  12. December Desktops

    Local shot after it snows out here.
  13. It will only get more convoluted later on with this current administration. And. As Tech advances. Like the Chinese curse says. "May you live in Interesting Times!"
  14. West Texas shock

    That cat is as fat as my cat. Miso. Miso is a scaredy cat though. She runs off when the bike is started.