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  1. Happy Birthday r.a.d.

    Happy Birthday r.a.d.
  2. And Another

    Well. Converse and Nike make work boots. I guess those store shelves did not stock any. Or they would be gone also.
  3. Froze again

    I guess he did not learn from the 1st snafu.
  4. Froze again

    Sounds Logical. Don't it?
  5. POTW Yellow

    post 7 pic 4
  6. Buyout

    That reminds me what my Mom told me as a kid what "Trust Me" actually meant in Jewish.
  7. Elderly Banking :

    We gave up on banks long ago. Credit Union is how we roll from now on. Just better service for us in my area. More personal and everything. Glad I don't live in the impersonal big city either. Though I guess it is fine for those that prefer it. Thanks for the morning grin B.C. Nice letter. I think it cruel/out of meaness, though, that the womans full name is in the New York Times submitted by that bank manager also. It should have been left out. Just another example that proves my point in my previous statements.
  8. Caption Contest #159

    I specifically told the escort service, penguin. Look what I got instead.
  9. Immigration

    No XXXX sherlock.
  10. Caption Contest #159

    Peacock taking his human to the "Preening Peacock" bar.
  11. one TB card

    No problem for me, Plus I've fixed software corrupted sd cards before while keeping all the previous acquired data on them while using Linux tools. Now hardware failures. That is a different story all together.
  12. one TB card

    It would fit nicely in my Acer Chrome Book.
  13. Image credit: Swapnil Bhartiya Do you have an HDMI-enabled dumb TV sitting around that needs a dedicated set-top box or game console to be used? Are you planning to buy a new smart TV? Stop. Here is a tutorial that will turn your current TV into a great Android Linux powered smart TV. At most, you have to spend $30 on it. What you need $29 Pine64 (2GB model) 32GB or 64GB micro SD card Ethernet cable (Bluetooth/Wifi module if you want to play games, or need wireless connectivity) A keyboard+mouse (I recommend getting a bluetooth keyboard with built in trackpad). There are many small keyboards available on that you can try. A 5v power adapter with micro USB (a cellphone charger will work) HDMI enabled TV Now download Android from the Pine64 official page. Make sure to download the version for the size of micro SD card that you’re using. Next, unzip the compressed file to extract .img image and use the dd command to write the image to the SD card: sudo dd if=/path_to_.img of=/path_to_sd_card bs=1M Once the card is ready, plug in the card, connect the HDMI cable to your TV, connect the Ethernet cable, and plug in the keyboard/base. Then, connect the power supply. If everything went well, you will see Pine64 boot screen on your TV, and then the familiar Android 5.x. Original article is here.