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  1. Racing

    Not complicated https://www.rbracing-rsr.com/nhraxtreepro.html
  2. Wizard of Id

  3. Systems Analyst

  4. Sewing Machine

  5. Baby costume

    Too Kewl for Skewl. Me likey.
  6. POTW Underwear.

    Post 3 pic 1 makes me grin.
  7. Weather 10-21-17

    Wind: 7 mph ↑ Humidity: 61% Dew Pt: 56˚ UV Index: 3 Visibility: 10+ mi Pressure: 1011 mb 70˚ Clear. Breezy starting this afternoon, continuing until this evening. clear Now1pm3pm5pm7pm9pm11pm1am3am5am7am9am 70°77°82°82°77°71°64°61°57°52°47°50° No precipitation throughout the week, with temperatures peaking at 83°F on Thursday. Today 57˚ 82˚ Sun 47˚ 73˚ Mon 46˚ 83˚ Tue 48˚ 68˚ Wed 44˚ 75˚ Thu 48˚ 83˚ Fri 45˚ 64˚ Sat 38˚ 57˚

    Scarey on how believable that joke is.
  9. Friday Photos of the day

    If you are dropping by. PM me and give me a hollar. I'll keep the light on.
  10. Friday Photos of the day

    No. The new forum layout can be a PITA to login into. Which kicks you out after so many failed login attempts. I needed to change my password 3 times to get in. And I am admin. . \ He is on this list now.
  11. Friday Photos of the day

    That is because I unblocked him before taking my screenshot. He was on the list before I did my admin work.
  12. Friday Photos of the day

    If you notice the spoambots hitting our new site. Shay got caught up in the spam filters. I just unblocked you again shay if you decide not to wait.
  13. I agree 100%. Silent Majority don't cut the mustard with me. Point fingers at the ones you are protecting if not happy on how you look to the rest of us. I realize cholo mindsets don't rule a religion. But people please. Wake the f__K up. Edit: Realize this poster here thinks all big time religious organizations are twisted when it comes to their bylaws. Not just Muslims.
  14. Who will help us

    You get what you vote for. Since I can't vote. Never mind.
  15. Friday Photos of the day

    Then there is this new forum work load I am dealing with today also. Just fixed shay from being blocked.