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  1. Today's Hillary Cartoons

    Beats making the donuts.
  2. Another Political Cartoon

    Just goes to show. Good things happen to bad people.
  3. Today's Trump Cartoons

    Is it because I live on the border? Because I realize that Mexicans are some of the best tunnel makers on the planet. You can build walls till you are blue in the face. One tunnel will pay off construction costs in one day of illegal immigration. These things open up into empty warehouses like Wrangler or Levis along the border. Empty because of free trade. They. The smugglers. Rent these warehouses for that purpose. I guess if you do not live along the border like I do. You can be a clueless loser. At least on border policy making.
  4. Caption Contest # 155

    Ah,Nooooooo. I said move the cast of the biggest loser to the aft of the airship.
  5. Caption Contest # 155

    Captn! The Viagra flux capacitor kenna handle the load!
  6. Things that are Underground

    With it getting hotter every year or living in Tornado alley. Underground living is the way to go.
  7. Go Comics

    Just a site that might be useful to the fun stuff authors heres.
  8. POTW Taste

    post 5 pic 1
  9. Easy peasy to remember. Thanks.
  10. Caption Contest # 154

    Hey . Am I doing this scrub facial technique right?

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  14. Save a file to computer

    1st I convert phone call voice to a .mp3 file here <upload my file> Then download the converted .mp3 to my phone. Then mail .mp3 to my gmail account. Then download .mp3 from gmail to my linux computer. Then I can open and play the .mp3 in my preferred Linux media player <eg: xmms, audacious,vlc,smaplayer, etc....> Read the format on the recorded voice file on your phone after the period/dot to make sure your recorded voice file is supported. But no big deal if you don't. Because if it is not supported. The site will probably inform you it cannot convert the file to .mp3