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  1. Women

    I find this so funny. Since a woman posted this thread.
  2. Wizard of Id

    My pigeons have been drunk for a couple of days now.
  3. Crumb

    Funny how some beggars think they have the right to be choosy . Reminds me of a time when a biker asked for a beer out of the ice chest. Then said, " I don't like this brand of beer".
  4. Wizard of Id

    Roughage makes dragons fart flames? I wonder if I am right on the too gross part.
  5. Race

    They are scary to hit on my motorcycle.
  6. Definition

    I musta cheated off his desk while growing up.
  7. Manson

    Could not have happened to a nicer mad dog kind of dude who had a crappy life while being raised. He wanted to be a player. Well? Now play.
  8. Tax Reform

    Trump has boobies?
  9. Charity

    Probably because the roads are too short at the Vatican.
  10. Thanksgiving

    #2 sounds about right.
  11. Sold it

    Wondering if paypal covered the refund?
  12. Maxine

    And hatchets.
  13. Brilliant

    Outdoor and indoor pets at my place just use The material used to make these have withstand the dry and sunny conditions in the desert. Everything dry rots when exposed to the sun. Lasts about 1 year.
  14. If women ruled the world

    Sadly. Minority Penis cancer is a real deal. I won't post pictures.