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  1. Bubble Gum

    Believe it or not. I did something like that in a NYC gas station after it was robbed and the clerk was tied up and gagged behind the counter. I was about 10 years old, and Dad and I was going to Canada to visit with a guy he had escaped a concentration camp with as a teenager. I asked for change for the candy machine. Then pulled down the gag. The clerk of course said, " I have just been robbed, so I don't think the cash registrar has any change left in it". I was a pretty clueless boy growing up in the Midwest.
  2. Caption Contest # 163

    Voting early, post 6 for me.
  3. Broom ride

    I want some of those tires!
  4. Today's Trump Cartoons

    Silver Spoon rhetoric.
  5. Fran new

    Nope. Try site info (CTRL & f key to use find? No. That just brings up your russian word in this thread.) Better still One of your plugins in your browser may be fubaring stuff for you. Try running in Safe Mode.
  6. Diners

    Thanks folks. This week is Diners, since we all like to eat. Living in Mexican territory.
  7. Caption Contest # 163

    So I was delivering the mail to roks house and the new female pitbull puppy sees me. Then proceeds to try and bury me.
  8. Cabins

    Small is good, post 3 pic 2.
  9. This year's versus last election

    Whats a Windows computer? Kidding aside. Where was all this so called fake outrage when Bush and Cheney torched documents on their private server?
  10. Mutts

    Because. 7 8 9
  11. Out To Lunch

  12. Believe it or NOT

    On welfare, of course, Fran.
  13. Aunty Acid

    My motorcycle's all have that feature.
  14. Right

    I'm never wrong or never right. But big enough to back up the fight. Don't ever wag your finger at me and scoff. Unless you are my wife. Then all bets are off.