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  1. guns and repond to some of the chat views

    I think Russian Bots started that . https://www.npr.org/2018/02/20/587375771/russian-bots-are-spreading-false-information-after-the-florida-shooting I am pretty particular about the Koolaid I drink.
  2. POTW Leaves

    Took awhile to catch on. I'm usually the culprit but was patient on this one.
  3. Congress

    It is not just them 2. Being from Texas. I should know. All the Southern States and right wing states have a say in this.
  4. POTW Leaves

    Living in the desert. I figure other members have better foliage than I do. Salt Cedar leaves Cottonwood Tree Leaves Pink Trumpet Leaves
  5. School Shootings

  6. Farley

  7. Estate

  8. Mutts

    Mine does that when the food bowl is empty.
  9. Mutts

    Miso does not care either. She was raised with the dogs and thinks she is one.
  10. Crumb

  11. Infrastructure

    That is because of no toll booths MJ. We gotta pay extra for that.
  12. Koalas and Kangaroos

    post 2 pic 3
  13. guns and repond to some of the chat views

    Hell. Our own govt. don't even follow their own laws. http://www.jgspl.org/u-s-arms-exports-mexican-war-drugs-violation-arms-trade-treaty/ https://top5ofanything.com/list/34e8f588/U.S.-States-that-Exported-the-Most-Guns-used-to-Commit-a-Crime-in-Another-State
  14. guns and repond to some of the chat views

    Guess no one heard of these either? Been made since 1911 As I said before. Nobody here lives in gang country like me. Clueless citizens with busy body agendas will piss me off if they limit me but not them < the gangs > . Times are different now. Period. There is no fix for over population. So the rats are turning on themselves. What's new? Try being civilized with a hard core tattooed former prison convict as a neighbor. Or meeting one while walking a major metropolitan city side walk. I was lucky it only escalated into a street fist fight. Cops are worthless when it comes being over whelmed by social problems. Lucky for me I was born a jock and I stay fit and can still kick ass when needed. I pity you poor unarmed clueless suckers when your car breaks down like in Lawndale Chicago or Segundo Barrio El Paso and you have to walk the side walks. Hell. I've been accosted by crack addicts thinking they could rob me at a grey hound bus station in Dallas Texas, Kentucky, Philidelphia, New York, etc....... If you traveled like I do. You would see it. But in the comfort of your living room. Only on TV or the computer. There is no answer for this predicament. Just try to survive is the best one can do. Don't count on 911. You will be dead or cripple before they respond to you. Beating ones breast over spilt milk won't change things either. Making gun restrictions make me laugh. Like MS13, the Crips, The Hells Angles, are listening. Edit: That kid who shot up that school would have rolled his eyes and said "whatever" also to gun restrictions. When there is a will. There is a way.
  15. Spam to a stranger from my Number

    Prove it is what I would say and do. I get spam calls all the time. I just block em when I take the trouble to do so. No voice mail? Huh?