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  1. Weather 6-26-17

    Nice enough to mow the yard. Weather: Conditions: 70 F (21 C) - Overcast Time: June 26, 9:53 AM CDT
  2. POTW Megaliths

    I felt I needed to be un-predictable for a change. Sorry Fran.
  3. POTW Megaliths

    These guys Built this in the Golan Heights of Israel
  4. POTW Megaliths

    Been A busy evening for mua with motorcycle meets and and setting my place up for visits from a rider from Michigan visiting me next tuseday. I'll be absent from next friday till when ever. Maybe a week or 2. Bosnia Ural Mountains Mexico Turkey Japan Yukashima Siberia in the USSR ? Have fun with this one.
  5. POTW Lights (all kinds)

    post 2 pic 1
  6. Crumb

    My cat uses that system.
  7. Mutts

    I'm a expert at that.
  8. Epidemic

    Ban Subliminal Messaging.
  9. Hunter

    Outa Here.
  10. Today's Democrat's Cartoon

    Good Grief.
  11. Health Care Debacle

  12. Weather 6-24-17

    Cooler out. Weather: Conditions: 71 F (22 C) - Clear Wind: From the NE at 13 MPH Gusting to 17 MPH Humidity: 68% Pressure: 30.12 in (1020 mb) Time: June 24, 8:15 AM CDT Time to go inspect local damage from the storm yesterday and patch up what needs patching.
  13. New computer

    Wanna Laptop or Desktop new computer. Being a full time Linux user. I won't be much help with Windows either. I was kinda impressed with Link to HP on Ebay
  14. Stoned????

    When it is available.
  15. Weather 6-23-17

    Gonna just be 111F today.