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  1. A heck of a walk to school:

    That beats the 2 mile one way walk me and my little sister used to make to parochial school in Lincoln Nebraska as kids. No bus service to parochial schools. Wind, snow, rain or shine. We never missed a day. I'm impressed with those kids, r.a.d.
  2. Don't miss the goody in the corner.
  3. Roks Music

    Old Folks still Jamming.
  4. Picture of the Week......Gypsy

    Post 6.
  5. Daily picture

  6. Aunty Acid

    Plead self defense from a stray dog in the neighborhood. I beat a speeding ticket once where I stated my brakes locked up and I was driving fast to break them loose. The cop let me go.
  7. MAY Desktops

  8. Caption Contest #141

    Frito bandidos from hell.
  9. Weather 5-18-16

    Cold front and wet here $ inxi -xx -W 79772 Weather: Conditions: 52 F (11 C) - Overcast Wind: From the North at 10 MPH Gusting to 17 MPH Humidity: 92% Pressure: 30.21 in (1023 mb) Time: May 18, 9:48 AM CDT
  10. Useless Facts

    I use vinegar for removing calcium on motorcycle parts. Lots of salt in the sand in the desert kalichi <limestone base>. So it makes sense that pearls. Made of calcium. Would dissolve also.
  11. Believe it or NOT

    Salty Skate. Yum yum.
  12. Political Cartoons

    Dystopian rules and tools are the norm now. In this modern world.