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  1. Caption Contest # 163

    So I was delivering the mail to roks house and the new female pitbull puppy sees me. Then proceeds to try and bury me.
  2. Cabins

    Small is good, post 3 pic 2.
  3. This year's versus last election

    Whats a Windows computer? Kidding aside. Where was all this so called fake outrage when Bush and Cheney torched documents on their private server?
  4. Mutts

    Because. 7 8 9
  5. Out To Lunch

  6. Believe it or NOT

    On welfare, of course, Fran.
  7. Aunty Acid

    My motorcycle's all have that feature.
  8. Right

    I'm never wrong or never right. But big enough to back up the fight. Don't ever wag your finger at me and scoff. Unless you are my wife. Then all bets are off.
  9. Caption Contest # 163

    This "Slim Fast" diet plan really works!
  10. Roks Music

    Last one for tonight
  11. Aging

    Except in Hollywood. Your mileage may vary
  12. Roks Music

  13. Another Political Cartoon

    Seems so to me as far as local election TV advertising goes.
  14. Today's Trump Cartoon

    In your dreams.
  15. Caption Contest #162

    What the hell, 2