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  1. POTW Zapped

    Here we go now.
  2. FF Crashes

  3. Yes indeed.

  4. For sale by owner.

    Mines a control freak also.
  5. Still true

  6. Weather 3-26-17

    Lets just call it hot and leave it at that.
  7. Believe it or NOT

    "To No A Vale"
  8. Yellowstone

    post 10 pic 2
  9. Caption Contest # 185

    Clean my ear please?
  10. I guess I have evolved into Linux geekdom. Oh the horror. A jock scooter tramp with tattoos is a computer geek. Because I got a big kick out of this.
  11. FF Crashes

    Well was worth a shot. I guess running Firefox in safe mode in Windows was tried?
  12. You got it

    Reminds me of that DMX song. "Up in Here" Warning: Curse words in Lyrics.
  13. She got her wish

    Change "taught" for curse and you have me and my Mom.
  14. Brings new meaning to pack a umbrella.
  15. FF Crashes

    I went there . I notice it is a flash heavy site with graphic switching auto-matically. Try turning off flash in addons for a short time and see if the crashes go away. The flash heavy part of the page is where the guy and gal are looking in the oven.