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  1. Old age

    Old age is when you find out your Hulk Hogan mind cannot over ride your Humming Bird a**.
  2. Believe it or NOT

    That is because the mortar for Giza was a custom mixture designed by their alien gods.
  3. ????????

  4. Believe it or NOT

    Wow. Only 4 degrees of separation for a sex change.
  5. Omg, she really does exist!!!

    Doppleganger. Because the dog is missing.
  6. Take Me Now!

  7. Caption Contest # 138

    Ted and BooBoo contemplate the good spot in the Universe.
  8. The picture of the week is Ducks

    Looks like dead ducks from here.
  9. Picture of the Week - Candy

    post 8. I want some.
  10. Motorcycle Shop Remodel Project.

    Will take a lot of shoe horning to fit to the scooter because different models and all. But I like the idea a whole bunch.
  11. Motorcycle Shop Remodel Project.

    Went to Odessa Texas Thursday. Bought this and extra motorcycle parts for what it would of cost me just for a used motorcycle engine. Cost less than some computers also (Mac?). I have a weakness for redheads and freckles. The paint job is metallic cherry pearl and looks black at night. It has a switch under the seat that lights up the engine in a blue neon light glow for night riding. I am going to be unavailable for a bit as I enjoy my new ride this weekend. Took it for a test ride before I posted this. She's tight! She will fit right in with the other girls in the stable. Now time to go raise hell with her this weekend.
  12. Toshiba Sound Drivers

    If that is all there is. The tinstall (owl not on the branch that looks like it was goosed) is what I would start with. But before that. How about a link ? Instead of So Shay and others here can see for sure you grabbed the right stuff? That is the weirdest screen shot I have seen for a windows driver in my experience. So I recommend touching/installing nothing till Broni or others check out what you downloaded.
  13. Windows 10 error code is a nightmare

    JT. You are not the only one. On my Compaq cq56 laptop. I have done clean reinstalls. Ran repair tools till blue in the face. Windows 10 errors out no matter what I do. I decided to quit wasting my time and keep that laptop Windows 7 in a bag. Then I pulled my drive because I was sooo mad. And installed another drive and put Linux on it. I don't waste no time on that laptop since then. Just letting you know. My error is not exactly like yours. But Windows error codes are like a ash tray on a motorcycle to me. Totally useless and just time wasters searching the net for solutions that do not work in every case. But then. I feel about Windows like Windows users feel about Linux. If this was a Linux problem. I'd have fixed it. But Windows does not allow me full control of their drm operating system to fix their snafus. I do not consider mine to be a operator error. I have a feeling a corrupted microsoft install from the factory, (laptop bought from walmart black friday sale), is the cause of all my problems with it upgrading to Windows 10. Your problem may be different than mine. Just letting you know. You are not alone.
  14. Picture of the Week - Candy

    Started working at the age of 6 for penny candy. Now as a grownup. See's candy stores are one of my favorite stores. Also, when I travel on my motorcycle. I make stops in custom shops like the one below