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  1. Today is

    My preferred way
  2.   "It’s the message that spells doom and will render your handset worthless if it’s been repaired by a third party. But there’s no warning and no fix. ""
  3. Roks Music

    local oregon band            
  4. Roks Music

  5. Caption Contest #128

    Yeah. Monday through Thursday can be the pits. But then TGIF. You can get a piercing. Bang a hooker. Go bar hopping with a giraffe.
  6. Weather 2-04-16

    cold Weather: Conditions: 28 F (-2 C) - Clear Wind: From the WNW at 8 MPH Humidity: 61% Pressure: 30.46 in (1031 mb) Wind Chill: 20 F (-7 C) Location: Pecos TX (US) Altitude: 836 ft Time: February 4, 8:55 AM CST Observation Time: February 4, 8:35 AM CST  
  7. I'll blink my lights twice when we come to low over passes. OK?
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    My kind of girls.
  10. Happy Birthday NickAu!

  11. Weather 2-03-16

    cold all day Weather: Conditions: 48 F (9 C) - Clear Wind: From the NNW at 9 MPH Gusting to 17 MPH Humidity: 27% Pressure: 30.19 in (1022 mb) Location: Pecos TX (US) Altitude: 836 ft Time: February 3, 4:28 PM CST Observation Time: February 3, 4:15 PM CST    
  12. Running "rm" command has always been a dangerous command on Linux systems since the beginning of gnu/linux. It is as old as bash is in linux.   Only experienced users like me who know a bit of command line syntax should ever need to run such a command. We never have a reason to delete the whole root folder which is what NickAu's link is referring to. More info on what Nicks command does can be found in the man page in a Linux terminal. man rm A gui/gtk point and click linux user will never come close to using a command like this. If a online site suggests "rm" this or that. My best advise. Ignore those site instructions. sudo and su should be used cautiously in Linux. Only when you understand what you are doing is best. Fortunately. There are windows like gui screens that do that work for you. Like software centers and Synaptic Package manager. For now, you dont want to rm -rf / your Linux system if using modern UEFI hardware. My question is. Why would you want to erase your root folder in the 1st case. This sounds silly as hell to this experienced linux user. To translate for Windows Users. This is like opening your "C" drive. Then select all. Then hit the delete button. Now you understand why I say "silly".