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  1. Caption Contest # 155

    Ah,Nooooooo. I said move the cast of the biggest loser to the aft of the airship.
  2. Caption Contest # 155

    Captn! The Viagra flux capacitor kenna handle the load!
  3. Things that are Underground

    With it getting hotter every year or living in Tornado alley. Underground living is the way to go.
  4. Go Comics

    Just a site that might be useful to the fun stuff authors heres.
  5. POTW Taste

    post 5 pic 1
  6. Easy peasy to remember. Thanks.
  7. Caption Contest # 154

    Hey . Am I doing this scrub facial technique right?

  9. August Desktops

  10. Today's Campaign Cartoons

  11. Save a file to computer

    1st I convert phone call voice to a .mp3 file here <upload my file> Then download the converted .mp3 to my phone. Then mail .mp3 to my gmail account. Then download .mp3 from gmail to my linux computer. Then I can open and play the .mp3 in my preferred Linux media player <eg: xmms, audacious,vlc,smaplayer, etc....> Read the format on the recorded voice file on your phone after the period/dot to make sure your recorded voice file is supported. But no big deal if you don't. Because if it is not supported. The site will probably inform you it cannot convert the file to .mp3
  12. POTW Taste

  13. Save a file to computer

    I do mine through my gmail account. I save photos from my phone that way also. That way. Gmail has gigs of personal storage available for me. I can then download from my email account any thing I upload to gmail from my phone.
  14. POTW Taste

    Taste is like opinions. Varied and personal. Here is some of mine. Both my younger brother and I both married red headed girls with freckles and are bikers. It must be a gene pool thing I guess. Like I said. One can never tell when it comes to tastes.