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  1. I was avionics crew chief on ch-53's on west pacs. Been to subic bay and have eaten baluts. Chasing them down with San Miguel beer. The world has changed since then. My dad, sis, sons, were all air force vets. I was the only jarhead. My mom loved my looks after I came out of bootcamp. She would lift my shirt and brag to all her friends.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving

    Went into a coma. But I am fine now. Just picking through the good stuff now.
  3. Former Marines are good guys. I should know. I am one.
  4. Did you know ?

    Daaaaaaaamn. I can't even imagine the mind set of the dude that faced his fears. Talk about a nightmare. Some stand up people showed up on that ship during the most stressful time of peoples lives. I salute them.
  5. Thanksgiving

    Good luck, Larry!
  6. Believe it or NOT

    I know that. Burp. But they skated away anyways. Limitations were still a factor. So they beat out the statute of limitations which has no statute of limitations for murder. Confusing stuff. Huh. How I am feeling tonight
  7. Looking for a small help forum!

    All I gotta say is I am hungry my wife told me. Probably between 2 or 3 pm. Everything is ready and just needs to be served.
  8. Weather 11-23-17

    Yeeeeeee Haw and Cow Patty.
  9. Believe it or NOT

    Looks like Zacharys killers beat out the statute of limitations to me.
  10. at the nursing home

    I don't care who you are. Now that is funny.
  11. Thursday Pictures of the Day

    Picture 1 looks almost like it was taken from a plane seat.
  12. Dang cows.

    Now that is different.
  13. Shoe has the answer

    My fetal position is my main stay. Being a kid at heart and all that.
  14. Looking for a small help forum!

    Might try toning down your temper and try and not be offended so easily. Because even on a small forum. bad tempered members are not tolerated. You are on one of the easiest going , tolerant, Windows, Mac, Linux forums on the planet earth. I am hard to take sometimes with my loosey goosey ways. Being the class clown and opinionated to boot. I have tried smaller forums. Usually started by users in Great Britain. Be prepared to get your feelings hurt there also. I don't have anything against you. I am just expressing my thoughts and commenting like you ask. Being a full time Linux user now. I fell out of using Windows forums. This is the only one I still belong to because I love the members here sooooo much. Even the ones who disagree with me. We have personalities like any other forum. Usually the abrasive ones fade away because members start to ignore them. I might suggest you learn how to ignore the things that have upset you. I know I can do that. But then. I am a 6 foot 7 inch giant of a man secure in his manhood. Living in the desert. Surrounded by neighbors that hate me for my skin color. But guess what? I am a happy camper cuz life is good and I have this forum to just kick back and respond like I please. Without personally insulting members like a bully of course. I hate bullys. Even online ones. You have a wonderful thanksgiving day also. Mine is a banquet. The wife has been cooking all night. Here is my thanksgiving that linux members gave me a thumbs up for posting. Hope I pulled you out of the DolDrums. Leave the Drama in the past. Might wanna give this online tea a try. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/toby-nwazor/6-natural-tea-remedies-fo_b_10619928.html
  15. Women

    I find this so funny. Since a woman posted this thread.