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  1. POTW Dancing

    Post 6 Pic 1
  2. April Desktops

    Post 7
  3. Caption Contest #190

    Well, after piggy backing off of BC's post. Here would be my original. "Twilight Zone Caption" Little do they know. The Tsunami is 5 minutes away and non of them are wearing life jackets.
  4. April Desktops

    I told ya. So if this offends. Let me know. Or Fran can step in with her broom. My tastes on scenic scenery run a bit different than other members here. My feelers wont be hurt if members disapprove of my Desktop. I got broad shoulders and can take it. PS. My wife like it.
  5. Caption Contest #190

    And who farted? Now turn this dang boat around and get that Ice Chest. I got cold apple cider in there!
  6. Hello all!

    Howdy and Welcome. I have a brother-in-law outside of Birmingham I was lucky enough enough to visit once and spend some quality time with him and his family. I am a fly by the seat of his pants linux user. So don't get your hopes up on my skill set. I am a life long rude crude tattooed scooter tramp that your parents warned you about. Like Fran said. Jump into the POTW, Caption Contest, Polls, whatever. Settle right in and be neighborly. I am so neighborly. I can be be a pain in the butt.
  7. POTW Dancing

    Dancing. Good for the soul and keeps good marriages together. I still need some learning. I have 2 left feet.
  8. EUFI Boot Problems Ubuntu

    Yeah. A inxi report is good. If wanting to learn Linux but keep windows around. Instead of dual boot on internal hard drive. \ Run a Persistent USB Ubuntu linux install instead.
  9. POTW Carousels

    post 2 pic 2
  10. Caption Contest #189

    Quit teasing and let me sniff your butt.
  11. EUFI Boot Problems Ubuntu

    Moved your question to it's own topic. Stickies are not for problem solving. I gave it a good title so it shows up on google and forum search. Did you md5sum check your iso download? And that laptop is? Got a link to a review or something describing your laptop?
  12. Caption Contest #188

    I'm voting early. Busy out door day scheduled for me and I find myself going to bed early after a hard day out in the sun. My vote is post 7
  13. POTW Carousels

    I'm tied up in Honey Do's B.C. I thought of doing what you suggested. But I'd rather let someone else do the hard preparation. Spraygunning is easier for me.
  14. POTW Carousels

    Going to schedule a sand blaster and refurbish some 1950 American Steel Kitchen floor cabinets for my princess. She wants the exterior painted in hammered copper. The carousel cabinet is the hardest to clean the rust off of.