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  1. Believe it or NOT

    Some cities just get it. I liked Boise Idaho bike paths and skate paths distributed all through the city.
  2. A Dinosaur

    I use pill boxes for storing screws. Goodwill is chock full of them I have some hours in disassembling and reassembling computers in my motorcycle shop. Edit: watched the whole video. I was hoping he would show replacing the female power socket for the a/c adapter. I did mine on my panasonic cf-48 laptop as well as changing the lcd inverter cable from inverter to back of lcd screen. Just take your time Lewis. Don't get frustrated. I hope smokey weighs in with what he knows on hardware fixes for these things.  
  3. Hello from India

    Howdy and Welcome  
  4. Weather 2-11-16

    Another good work day outside. Just breaktime for this post. Weather: Conditions: 66 F (19 C) - Clear Wind: From the NW at 15 MPH Humidity: 19% Pressure: 30.20 in (1023 mb) Location: Pecos TX (US) Altitude: 836 ft Time: February 11, 12:11 PM CST Observation Time: February 11, 11:55 AM CST  
  5. Cartoon of the DAY

    They say lead in water is in more places than just Flint Michigan. So Jack and Jill were on to something.
  6. Political Cartoons

    Love the strainer helmet.
  7. Useless Facts

    No wonder Sarah Palin can see Russia from her back yard.
  8. Happy Birthday rokytnji

    The best beer for desert dwellers like us. To everyone else. Having a ball moving stuff , (trailers, vehicles, building materials, shop contents),  around. Getting ready to extend my shop building and install a new elevated concrete floor inside.  So when it rains. My floor stays dry.  Also going to build some animal pens to make money as a pet day car center. I am busier now than when I was working regular like.  This retirement stuff is not for wussies.
  9. Weather 2-10-16

    sweating outside   Weather: Conditions: 76 F (24 C) - Clear Wind: Calm Humidity: 14% Pressure: 30.19 in (1022 mb) Location: Pecos TX (US) Altitude: 836 ft Time: February 10, 4:59 PM CST Observation Time: February 10, 4:35 PM CST  
  10. Large rabbit!

    The jackalope legend out here is due to those breed of rabbits that were popular pets out here and then released into the desert where they thrive locally. Harvey rules in Roks neighborhood.    
  11. Happy Birthday rokytnji

    Cake and Ice Cream for dinner. I turned down a Beer and BBQ invite from a good local friend. Thanks for the yells. Been a good day with lots of needed things accomplished. Happy Happy Joy Joy.
  12. Stuff , just stuff.

  13. Daily picture

    Pretty Siberian Husky. He needs a lot of room to run in this Pecos Texas Desert in 105F summers.
  14. Maxine

    I can relate. Procrastinate.