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  1. Picture of the week....EGG

    Some of Ours
  2. Eyes are never happy campers and my brain sometimes only sees what it wants to see. So I guess my brain gets injured from time to time. I have bought things on ebay where after I receive the item (mostly bike parts). I re read the item description and say to myself. "Now how in the heck did I miss that?" My injuries are more eclectic than sore muscles or a crick in my neck or carpal tunnel stuff. So I guess what defines injury? Because I consider my sharpness skills are effected by reading on a computer screen. To better explain what I mean. If there was a rattlesnake in my computer screen. My brain would probably miss it and that sucker would bite me. I miss the obvious sometimes. Which is unusual for me.
  3. April Desktops

    post 7
  4. Old age

    Old age is when you find out your Hulk Hogan mind cannot over ride your Humming Bird a**.
  5. Believe it or NOT

    That is because the mortar for Giza was a custom mixture designed by their alien gods.
  6. ????????

  7. Believe it or NOT

    Wow. Only 4 degrees of separation for a sex change.
  8. Omg, she really does exist!!!

    Doppleganger. Because the dog is missing.
  9. Take Me Now!

  10. Caption Contest # 138

    Ted and BooBoo contemplate the good spot in the Universe.
  11. The picture of the week is Ducks

    Looks like dead ducks from here.
  12. Picture of the Week - Candy

    post 8. I want some.
  13. Motorcycle Shop Remodel Project.

    Will take a lot of shoe horning to fit to the scooter because different models and all. But I like the idea a whole bunch.
  14. Caption Contest #137

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