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  1. Downloads are interesting and one or two just may solve my problem, but where can I find a description of the downloads before installing them? I am looking for something that would correct a BIOS problem with a Gateway Solo 2500. Windows 2000 installed. The latest BIOS 017 was successfully updated but the problem remained, I can only change the date and time and cannot enter any of the other 6 pages using Alt+p. The download titles Bootcheck and Bootkit Remover may apply to my problem but just not sure with out a description.
  2. Vista Service Pack 1 known issues

    I'm sorry I do not remember the Microsoft site I found the Vista updates for. I Googled to find the answers.
  3. Vista Service Pack 1 known issues

    This pinned message needs updating. I downloaded Vista SP-1 and SP-2 both 32bit and 64bit from Microsoft today. Also available were Vista Server SP-1 and SP-2
  4. Using Word 2003 I keep setting Tools/Options make text boundaries visible but the next time I load Word the text boundaries are not visible. Using previous releases of Word, visible text boundaries would remain the default. Could not get the answer using Word help. If you know the answer to make text boundaries as the default please advise.
  5. Detecting Motherboard Failure

    Broni, I was not booting from the hard drive but from an XP Memory test CD. I wanted to remove any possible problem with the HDD. Problem solved - The power supply was tested with a power supply testor and checked ok. As a last resort I substituted the Power Supply and ran 40 memory tests with no failure. (about 2 hours) Conclusion: Even though a PS tests OK on a tester an intermittent problem could still exist. Suggestion: Try a substitute power supply
  6. Detecting Motherboard Failure

    Hope there is someone reading that can advise me. I have an Aopen motherboard AX79-400VN that appears to shutdown intermittently. When running a memory test from an XP bootable disk a click or two is heard coming from the motherboard and the test freezes or sometimes reboots. Tested power supply with a power supply tester. Exchanged DVD drives (Disconnected one then the other) same failure disconnected floppy (same failure) removed modem (same failure) connected another hard drive (still starting with xp memory test disk) exchanged memory chips with different chips. (two ddr400 256mb) reseated cables Is there something on the motherboard that could be causing this problem? Is it possible the CPU is running too fast? (I have not changed anything) If so how do I check for the withing range speed? My gut is now telling me either the processor or the motherboard is failing. No dust and all fans running normal.