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  1. Bogus Emails

    Possible but I use the same password on both or I won't get emails from Comcast's server. I found that out when I changed the password on the Visa computer. I had to change to the same thing on their server so I'd get emails on both Vista and the W7 computer. Something has to be different thought, I agree.
  2. Bogus Emails

    What I find difficult is why all those spurious emails are not showing up on the Visa computer downstairs...same Comcast server, same email client.
  3. Bogus Emails

    Last week around 8:45 I started getting hit with a barrage of bogus emails with 4-5 different languages to include English from all over. It wasn't your usual spam from somewhere you may have bought something from, but I had never heard of or done business with any of these places. I watched as it got up to over 700 and then it kept going. I got frustrated and just shut down. By next morning there were over 1500 bogus emails in my inbox. I called Comcast/Xfinity and told them the problem as I looked at their server and saw all the same ones I seen on my Windows Live Mail email client. Long story short they took care of all those and by afternoon I rechecked their server and all were gone. I went through the laborious process of eliminating them on my end and while all that helped considerably, I'm still getting them nearly a week later although not the quantity I was getting...more like 20-40 per day. My question is how did this happen and what can I do to attempt to stop all this stupidity. I'd be here till next month setting up filters so that's pretty much out. Is there some software I could use to help stop this? All the tiome I've owned computers this is without a doubt the worse case I've seen. I had a similar problem back around 2003-2004 but nothing as bad as this. The problem is on t he W7 computer upstairs. Those emails do not show on the Visa computer downstairs although I'm using the same Comcast email password and same Windows Live Mail client.
  4. Ff Profile Move

    Hmmm...this could be chancy from what he wrote at the top. " MozBackup is not being developed anymore. There are known issues and there is no time on my side to fix all issues and develop new features. Use MozBackup only on your risk. Thanks for understanding. Source code is available on GitHub. "
  5. Ff Profile Move

    I decided I may want to change the look of FF on the W7 computer more like the one on Vista. I copied the FF profile on the Vista computer on a flash drive and dropped it into the profile of the one on the W7 machine. Problem is I don't know how to direct it now to point it to the one I want as the default. Easy way to do that? I'm hoping it'll work.
  6. Malwarebytes Not Functioning Properly

    There's an ongoing problem many people have with this last version me included. I've went back and froth with them via emails but nothing so far has worked. They wrote me a few days ago and asked if I had the latest build, which I figured was but; they added another pair of numbers and told me to install it over what I had. The version they gave was It worked temporarily until restart then the same old scenario all over again. I asked if it would work if I installed it on the Windows 7 computer and Ron said there should be no problem, "if it turns out to be an issue we can look and see if it's something easy to fix or not." I think I'm going to let well enough alone. I had enough problems with Vista and not going to th row a monkey wrench into the other computer. This is been going on months so, sayonara, MBAM.
  7. FF Crashes

    Earlier today I went to MBAM website and it seems a host of folks are having trouble as I have been. They need to get this straightened out. I did run t he FlashPlayer debugger but nothing showed up as being out of the ordinary.
  8. FF Crashes

    What puzzles me about this is no problem with the W7 computer upstairs using FF...no crashes and it's the same version of FF.
  9. FF Crashes

    This was the last one shown... https://crash-stats.mozilla.com/report/index/0a378192-bc7c-42c1-9a86-4205e2170325
  10. FF Crashes

    I tried again today. I got to the website but again, when I tried the Search it crashed again. I hit F12>Console and this is what came up... This is a browser feature intended for developers. Do not paste any code here given to you by someone else. It may compromise your account or have other negative side effects. root_library.js.9136ab7f6d2c266874361b66d84e3af8.js:15:824 This came up after leaving ConsumerReports and back to the forum here... Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience. For more help http://xhr.spec.whatwg.org/ root_library.js.9136ab7f6d2c266874361b66d84e3af8.js:2:90359
  11. FF Crashes

    I didn't try searching for anything on CR's website, just to the main page, this is what I got using Vista today. Using FF on the W7 computer there's no problem. I didn't understand the Facebook Pixel Error-I wasn't on FB-not sure why that even showed. SyntaxError: expected expression, got '<'[Learn More] 1214646704@x14:1 SyntaxError: expected expression, got '<'[Learn More] 1214646704@x97:1 Facebook Pixel Error: Duplicate Pixel ID: 1656956127856744 fbevents.js:1:4063 Wootric: Warning: Created at invalid, expecting 10-digit Unix timestamp in seconds. beacon.js:4:8649
  12. FF Crashes

    I decided to see if I could access the site using the W7 computer upstairs using FF...no problem at all. Go figure that one. After I signed in typed in "Kitchen Ranges" and it took me right to it. With the Vista machine I never saw at the top of their site a place to sign in but I doubt that had little to do with it.
  13. FF Crashes

    I got this back from them..."We’re very sorry about the broken link within our Ranges report, and would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused for you. Please be assured that I have already notified the appropriate members of our Online Technical Staff about the broken link, and they are currently working toward fixing it." Then, they recommended using IE or Google Chrome. If there's a broken link I don't know why they'd think either of those would work. I'm not sure what sort of info you need, Broni but this is the link to the report. https://crash-stats.mozilla.com/report/index/21cc3c31-2def-46e5-8fea-a42572170322
  14. FF Crashes

    Nope-that didn't work, crashed anyway.
  15. FF Crashes

    Shockwave Flash you mean?