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  1. Password

    What I just did was start over and ticked the box again, untick it to be able to "Apply" and changed whatever passwrod was there and used the one I did to get in this morning, rebooted and it started normally. I hope it will do that once I shut down and reboot as well. I'll give that a shot and see what happens...thanks. I'd sure like to know what got all this started. This is the first time it's happened.
  2. Password

    I attempted to burn that disc and did so on a CD as well as a flash drive but it won't work with W7 and the Dell XPS 8700 in that the window that comes up only specifies the four drives built in to the front of the tower...the CF, SD, etc dries. I can't burn a copy on those cards if no other reason I have no spares on hand. It won't let you use the CE or the Flash drive. so, I abandoned that idea. These are the drives available for the password reset disk...Well, that didn't work The file I tried to attach was only 18kb and a popup message said I could only upload 0 MB? That made little sense. At any rate, the disc I burned did no good.   OK-went the way of Flickr and got it. Those four drives you see greyed out are the only ones they give me for using the password reset disk. That's why the CD and the USB connected flash drive won't work. They tell me it's the wrong disc.   ScreenHunter_02 Jan. 29 21.07 by David Fincher, on Flickr   Broni-I got the same scenario this morning as yesterday. Booted up, message was "Wrong user name or password". So, I had to put in the password I remembered from yesterday and it let me in. Still trying to figure what I need to do to stop that.
  3. Password

    OK-I just had a brain storm and remember the old pass word and it finally let me in. I went back to check if that box was unticked and it was so I hope that's the end of it.
  4. Password

    Well, I shouldn't have done that. Now I'm back to square one again with it asking me for a password again. I followed the instructions, went into User Account, ticked the box so I could get the Automatically Login Box then unticked it, hit apply, got the Login Box up and changed the password to something I'm familiar with. I then rebooted and was prompted for a password. I put in that password and it was wrong so, I've gained nothing.
  5. Password

    I just decided to do a system restore and that fixed the problem whatever started it. Now, I need to figure where I need to go in W7 to stop them from asking for a password or I'll have to do this again, maybe at next boot up.
  6. Password

    Hmmm...got to be an easier way than that. I don't know what started this. That's what I need to fix.
  7. Password

    I tried making a disk from a flash drive and also from a CD but it wouldn't accept either as the drives shown on the Microsoft windows Password Key I burned to needed to be either in a USB port or the CD/DVD drive. Those weren't shown. Only a CF/SD card drive was selected as being the one...this is totally stupid.
  8. Password

    No, this was weird. It must have gotten triggered with some updates several days back as before that I didn't never see anything about a password. I've forgotten how to do a restore point it's been so long.
  9. Password

    Hey guys, have a little problem loggin on to the W7 computer today. I don't use it every day but decided to check for updates and couldn't loggin. It prompted me for a password, something it hadn't done since I first got it and I thought I stopped that a year ago but it's come back. I couldn't recall any password so I tried to reset it but it brought up a "Password Wizard" that wanted me to insert the "Password Reset Disk"-something I never had in the first place. So, how do I bypass all this stupidity?
  10. Strong-Arm Tactics

    I think I'm going to let well enough alone. Why fix something's that not broke? :)
  11. Strong-Arm Tactics

    From what I've read the change over wouldn't affect Nikon CNX2, which is the software I use for post processing photos.
  12. Strong-Arm Tactics

    I could live without the games. I'm concerned about what it may do to my post processing software and if it would still work, keep my photos and emails, etc. Of course, if I thought MS support and updates for my W7 machine would end next year I might go ahead with the W10 upgrade while it's free.
  13. Strong-Arm Tactics

    I don't have their latest Skylake processor(Dell's) so I'm good to go till 2020 on W7. I have the XPS 8700 and I think the 8900 does have the Skylake chipset. I have mixed feelings about the upgrade.  
  14. Strong-Arm Tactics

    I don't know...is it of the touch screen variety? I never liked touch screen in a computer. My Smartphone is different. :) did you read the EULA before giving them your W7 or W8 key?  
  15. Strong-Arm Tactics

    That article mostly tells how to get rid of the sys tray icon. If you have a less than 2 year old computer with Windows 7 on it what would you do?