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  1. Untrusted Sites via FF

    I guess the certificate expired and/or they are under new construction.
  2. Untrusted Sites via FF

    Yep, it did.
  3. Untrusted Sites via FF

    It sure looks different than what it did before. I looked again and at the top it says, "Website in Testing Mode. No online orders filled at this time".
  4. Untrusted Sites via FF

    I'm going to let it alone. I just wanted some info on the sight adjustment on the vernier tang sights. I can probably find it elsewhere.
  5. Untrusted Sites via FF

    I came upstairs to the Windows 7 computer and got the same thing. I don't know what's going on there.
  6. Untrusted Sites via FF

    I tried IE but as usual it never would connect after watching the little wheel go round and around for two minutes...sorriest browser ever created.
  7. Untrusted Sites via FF

    I tried going to MVA's(MontanaVintageArms) website last night and got a warning about it being an untrusted site. I've been there many times but not in a while. This is one of the most trusted businesses I can think of. Anyone into shooting black powder cartridge rifles go there to order sights and other related items and they've been around for years. I'm using Firefox and have a wireless connection via a Netgear router. I think FF is full of it. I ticked I Understand the Risks and this is what I got.
  8. What a Rip Off

    I don't know why either. You don't get real time protection with the free version for whatever that accounts for. Vista for me has been far and away better than XP ever was. The computer upstairs is Windows 7 and I'm liking it a lot better than the both of those.
  9. What a Rip Off

    Yep, I overlooked it for sure. I'm awaiting a call/email from them. If I don't hear back by next Thursday looks lie I'll just have to go to the bank, cancel the card so they can't get their monthly $6.95 and get another one. this was part of the email they sent me. I got one from SuperAntispyware for that purchase an another email from Sammsoft.com about the Extended Downloads and Data Backup... "Extended Download access and Data Backup by Support.com is a monthly service. Therefore, you will be charged a non-refundable fee of $6.95 each month until you cancel. To access your purchased products, you must maintain an active subscription. For questions about your order or to cancel your subscription, call 1-866-761-7638" I called that number twice and never did get to talk to a human being so, I sent an email but did leave a message that I wanted it cancelled.
  10. What a Rip Off

    I don't mind being charged what I ordered. It's that sneak in at the last moment thing I didn't like. I've called the bank and they said wait to see if I got a response in an email I sent or a phone call. If not, she said they'd stop my card from being hit every month for the $6.95 but I'd have to get another card and that's gong to be a hassle since other places I deal with have that card number and I'd have to go through all that again setting up a new one.
  11. What a Rip Off

    They sent a separate email for the download for the Extend Download and Data Backup and did indicate at the bottom that if you wanted to cancel the subscription to call the number given. I did that but got no one to talk to so, I had to leave a message as to my order number and that I did indeed want to cancel it. The automated message said they'd get back in 24 hours so, well see. I went online to my bank and noticed the charge is there but in a "null" state which means the merchant hasn't gotten their money yet. I didn't mind paying for what I asked for but not the Extended Download part.
  12. What a Rip Off

    I've been using SuperAntiSpyware for about a year and decided to buy the "Professional" version last night. The way it read you could get the CD also and I thought that meant you get the download and a back up CD for $12.95. That was a wrong assumption. The CD alone was $12.95 plus the cost of the download at $6.95. Then at checkout they totaled it up and added the Extended Download Service with Data Backup for $6.95. I ticked no boxes to indicate I wanted that it just showed up in the final cost. Moreover, they charge you that same price every month for that service! I was incensed. I tried to call them this morning and got no one but the usual automated message. I left a message about canceling but who knows when I'll hear back from them. I wish I had never bought it.
  13. Malwarebytes

    Good info there-thanks.
  14. Malwarebytes

    Is Malwarebytes worth the $25 they're asking for the premium version?. I was notified my trial version ends in two days.
  15. Which to Choose

    Yep-did that.