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  1. Spyware Doctor

    I have version (to date) and have had a few problems with SWD. It's about as bad as Norton in being a resource hog. It takes forever for bootup and I went into msconfig and killed it at startup. I have enough in the background so, I decided even after just recently (January) getting this program, it's going into the archives.
  2. SD Database

    It seems SD is soaking up some CPU's itself....about 94 with System Idle at 12.
  3. SD Database

    I canned Spy Sweeper too. I hope SD is a good replacement. From all the recommendations, I think it will be.
  4. This Spyware Doctor doctor seems to be updating it's complete database each day wilth a 4-4.5mb file. That seems unnecessary to me. Seems they should just update the changes to the database and not the whole thing.
  5. Spy Banker Trojan

    Yep-I can vouch for that as well. I have to turn off IE Security in order to update Spyware Blaster every time. I'm thinking about just uninstalling SS altogether. It's disabled but still soaking up space. I don't know, dobhar as the first time I ran SD that's what it found. I hadn't run a scan with anything in a couple of weeks. It could have been a-squared or another program would have found it if I had ran them before SD.
  6. Spy Banker Trojan

    I've got BoClean myself but don't recall any warning about this or any other trojan. The only thing I noticed about that Banker trojan was the IncrediMail issue which surprised me. I'm still not sure if I want to keep SS or not. I just got SD yesterday evening and did a full scan and that's when it caught the Banker trojan. I don't know how good SD will be but, it can't eat up CPU any worse than SS did.
  7. I just pretty much canned Spy Sweeper in favor of Spyware Doctor. I still have SS installed just disabled for the time being in that I am paid up until the middle of next year on it. I ran a scan with SD and it came up with several Trojans... Trojan.Spy.Banker.ABG C:\Program Files\IncrediMail\bin\IncrediMail_Install.exe Trojan.Spy.Banker.ABG C:\Documents and Settings\myname\My Documents\incredimail_install.exe Trojan.Spy.Banker.ABG C:\System Volume Information\_restore{C4473C5E-F280-4AB6-9139-61E9CF492C3A}\RP559\A0091646.exe Since IncrediMail is my email client, this didn't make me happy and I wrote them about it. From what I gathered, this trojan likes to try and retrieve your banking info (credit cards, etc). SD put this and a few other items in Quarantine. I didn't see a way to delete them as all it has is a Restore button under Quarantine. Why would you want to restore a trojan? Didn't make sense to me. This is what I found in the "Quick Start Guide"...but, the Delete function was not available when I right clicked the file. On the Quarantine Files list: To delete one or more entire quarantined files, highlight the required files and: right-click a highlighted file and select Delete Selected Files/Remove Selected, or select a highlighted file and press the Delete key.
  8. I just checked for recent updates and this is what's available. If this is the one causing problems, glad I've not downloaded it yet.
  9. File extensions

    I transferred those .tif images to the HD and those I thought I may want to send, post, etc., I changed to a jpg file and it seems to work nicely. I've received some. bmp files from people sending me pictures and they fill up the entire screen until I resized them. The .tif file doesn't do that and tha't what I was curious about. I don't have those .bmp files so don't recall their file size. All the .tif files I have downloaded are .99MB in size and will transfer in an email but, it takes longer of course. I'm not sure if a printer can handle a .tif file or not so, If I want to make photos...say 5x7, of a given picture in that format, if printers are set up to handle a .tif or not. Can't try it now as my printer went belly up a few weeks back.
  10. File extensions

    This is a follow up on my post about Photos from DVD posted earlier. I have a CD with 46 images saved from a DVD in .tif format. If I save this to my HD I may not be able to send photos as I've heard "Do NOT use TIFF for web images. They produce big files, and more importantly, most web browsers will not display TIFFs." All the pictures on this CD are .99 MB in .tif. Should I just save it that way to the HD and change them to .jpg for better transfer or uploading later on? Will there be a loss in detail and quality if I do so? When viewing these .fif pictures on the computer, they are not all that large. Physically, when I open one up it's about a 5 3/4 x 7 inch image oon the screen. I lost my printer a couple weeks back and can't make photos of these images yet but, I plan to do so later. In the meantime, I'm taking the CD to a photo shop and get some 4x6 and hopefully some 5x7 photos made. Hope they can can do that with the .tif file. I copied a few of the files and changed them to .jpg to post some pictures on the "Pictures of Katie" subject in General forum a couple of days back and they look pretty good. I don't know how this would corrospond to trying to blow one up to say, 5x7 or 8x10.
  11. Photos from DVD

    That seems simple enough. The guy I talked with at work is in security and is a real geek. The software I have on the computer is called Power DVD but, I noticed the images on the monitor don't look near as good as on the TV through my DVD player. Makes me wonder about the qualilty of the finished product via the computer.
  12. Photos from DVD

    Looks a bit complicated but I may have to try it. someone at work told me they had a program called "Win-DVD" or something like that. He said he'd bring in the software for me to try out. I may have to end up taking the DVD somewhere and you know that'll cost.
  13. Photos from DVD

    Does anyone know how to get a photo from a DVD still frame? My ex-wife's little 2 1/2 year old pup had to be put to sleep the day after Thanksgiving and we want to get a photo of her but the only images I have of her were on Hi 8 tape. I transferred that to DVD but don't know how to get a photo that way.
  14. Windows Updates

    When I clicked on the shield there were about 8-10 updated showing-several of which didn't apply or I didn't want. There was a culmative(sp?) update I did want and clicked on it. The download didn't place an icon on my desktop for installation as it usually did and in fact, I didn't get the update until this morning., which it did automatically. Once it installed, the shield went away. I don't recall ever getting that second window before, however.
  15. Windows Updates

    I have that same little shield and select only the ones that are applicable to my system. Trouble is, when I download to my desktop and install, those reminders never go away. the boxes are still checked as if I never installed at all, but; they do appear as being installed when I check. Figure that one out.