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  1. [RESOLVED] Updates Not Downloading

    Works fine, Broni-thank you kind sir.
  2. [RESOLVED] Updates Not Downloading

    Is this for W7 or Vista...or does it matter. I have issues with that download on both computers.
  3. [RESOLVED] Updates Not Downloading

    Well, after getting all my doctor appointments done, fighting a sore and knotted shoulder from a flue shot, getting Bubba back and forth to the vet I finally got around to reading all this. In the interim, someone told me to try and go to the Control Panel under Systems and Maintenance and change the setting to "Install Updates Automatically". I had it set to Download but let me choose whether to install them". For whatever the reason, that seemed to work in part and it did download and install most of them. It still won't download/install the .Net Frame Work 4.5.2 on either Vista or W7. Guess I'll have to let those slide.
  4. [RESOLVED] Updates Not Downloading

    Good grief, Michael...is there not an easier way than going through all that? There must be 50 command prompts to go through.
  5. Hey guys-I wonder if I could get someone to aid me in determining why I can't get any Microsoft Updates to download in Vista. I've tried several times over the past week or so and each time they fail. You can check in 10, 30 minutes or two hours and nothing happens and no progress. All it says is "Failed". I tried several of the six then tried only one...same thing.
  6. Going Phishing?

    While I'm thinking about it, I did go directly to Xfinity to see if that email had showed up on their server and it did. You'd think that email would have been a red flag and they would have either deleted it or alerted me to the possibility of it being a scam. Maybe they need better filters before allowing certain emails of this nature to come through. After all, it was supposedly sent by Comcast.
  7. Going Phishing?

    When the email came in first I did nothing with it. Something just didn't look right so I left it in my Junk folder for about a week or so. I finally went back and re-read it again. I foolishly did click on the link but as I mentioned, nothing happened at all. I got curious and that's why I wrote Comcast with the pasted header for them to give a yes or on as to if it was a scam or not.
  8. Going Phishing?

    When I clicked on that link, nothing happened. There was nothing about a password indicated. I wouldn't have given that out had they asked, needless to say. This kind of person that has noting better to do in their life than try to steal out to be put on the medieval rack and stretched 1/4" daily for about a month.
  9. Going Phishing?

    Since there was no information requested I have to wonder what the intents of that email was. I'd never give out info about accounts, SS number and that sort of thing.
  10. Going Phishing?

    You'd think I'd know that by now...moment of seniorism, I guess. I just recently got an answer to my email to Comcast. I did ask them about it and sent the entire header.This is what they said... "Thank you for contacting Comcast Customer Security Assurance. It has been confirmed that the email you submitted was a phishing attempt and will be processed accordingly. Information about the email will also be added to our Alerts page." Since I was dumb enough to click on that link I don't know the ramifications of it yet. I ran anti virus scan and scanned with Malewarebytes but nothing turned up.
  11. Going Phishing?

    Maybe I should delete that and just type it in...thanks.
  12. Going Phishing?

    I got a strange email supposedly from Comcast recently about "Email Deactivation" that read... "In regards to our routine email server software maintenance. Our Domain Name System server (DNS) indicated your account has exceed its allocated memory usage, hence your outgoing and incoming mails will not be delivered. "UPDATE YOUR EMAIL STORAGE HERE" To avoid deactivation and deletion from our mail server. Kindly follow the above instruction to avoid technical issues on our server and avoid deactivation of your email account. Thank You, Support Team" Sounds a bit "phishy" to me. What do you think"
  13. User Account Blocking Startups

    It's for Windows 10-will it still work with Vista? OK-it doesn't work. When you open it the only option that's not greyed out is to remove it from your computer.
  14. User Account Blocking Startups

    I couldn't get any of that to work. The Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit is no longer supported. I tried the Task Scheduler but couldn't locate the Program/script they asked for.
  15. Hey, guys-the pest is back...UAC. It seems this happened several years ago but I don't recall how I fixed it. During boot each day it blocks two of my startup programs that heretofore it didn't. I have no idea what I could have done that perpetuated this. I went into the control panel and stopped it from doing that but now I have a popup that tells me my User Account Control is off and leaves an icon in the system tray-a red shield with a white X inside. Ideas as to how to fix this?