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  1. Malwarebytes, Free Version

    I believe the 14 day trial is part of the download. After 14 days it reverts to the stripped down free version - I think... I hope anyway.
  2. Navy Seals

    My son retired last year May with 27 years as a SEAL, I was just a lowly Army puke for some 22 years.
  3. My Doc would probably like it, but not me!
  4. Just checking. My machine keeps annoying me to install the upgrade. I am somewhat hesitant.... I installed 12.10.3 and it took me near a week to get my HD and most of my programs back.
  5. Multnomah video

  6. Prime Rib. Paula Deen's dumass (Ski) proof recipe! Stick a seasoned to taste 4 - 6 rib roast in the oven @450 for 45 min., shut oven off, leave it closed for 3 hours, turn it back on for 30 - 45 min. Almost don't need a knife. (I think the times are right? See I don't need to be in the kitchen!)
  7. Staircase

    The Grand Staircase of the ill-fated Titanic
  8. Is this why last weekend, my home page - Yahoo - wouldn't let me get to my Yahoo mail saying something to the effect 'the certificate is no good'? I logged off and back on and the Mac wouldn't even let me get to the home page saying the same certificate thing. Win 10, on the same machine with Parallels had no problem. To my knowledge, I don't have or can't find WOT. Is it something that I would have electively installed, or was it auto installed be FF?
  9. This year's versus last election

    Those political ads really need to be limited to 60 days!
  10. Going back to a flip phone. Got a pair of Virgin Mobile Alcatels we'll be selling real soon for cheap..... Too complicated.
  11. Be aware of Seagate return policy

    When I worked... I usta get all the returned drives. Sometimes 3-4 a week. The 'folks' we dealt with would only accept a new drive as a replacement, no remans, no RMA's, new only. I would email Seagate/WD/etc and usually got an RMA#. I always paid 1 way shipping. Some of these drives were literally weeks old, but I always paid to ship it out. Always had a closet full of 'new' drives for friends & neighbors - cost at the time was a 12 pak. No money. I kept the boxes tho - all the drive makers require a drive box or some super packing material.
  12. WiFi & Streaming on w10

    It's strange that when the w10 box turns the WiFi off, I lose the signal. I need to point the TV's at the router for WiFi, that way it shouldn't matter if the WiFi is turned off or on at the computer. The computers are hard-wired to the router. This seemed to start when we had ATT/DirectTV installed a couple of months ago. New modem/router and I never rechecked the parameters after they installed everything. Maybe... The home-network SSID is the same, so why does the TV lose it when the computer WiFi is off, the computer is still hard-wired to the router? Think maybe I'll turn the WiFi off on the computers and then try to force the TV to connect some other way.....
  13. WiFi & Streaming on w10

    All equipment is DLNA, and for the most part all of it is <18 mo old, cept this IMac - Late 2013, & the lap is near antique. I don't use 'cast to device' . The TVs and all the other stuff all have their own IP addresses, and are recognized by the router. I use one of the drives connected to the w10 box as a 'server'. The TV's, when working correctly allow me to watch a movie by WiFi. When everything is 'turned on' I essentially bring up the w10 movie directory on the TV and make a selection. All equipment involved has built it WiFi - no dongles. There are no 'never' settings on media streaming and WiFi - WiFi has an 'automatically connect' setting, which obviously doesn't work. Streaming has a check box - allow or not. All the equipment is just about within eyesight of the ATT router. Their router is mandatory, which sucks!! When it works - its great - real PIA when it don't.
  14. WiFi & Streaming on w10

    We have 2 smart TV's, the others are just dumb! When it feels like it, the w10 box will let us watch a movie that is stored on one of the drives. If it don't feel like it, there doesn't seem to be much I can do. It constantly turns off WiFi, and media streaming to all the devices. I go and physically turn both back on, and again if it feels like it, it will give us access to the drive that some 60 or 65 movies are stored. The IMac sits right next to the win box, but again, try as I may, I can't get it to talk to anything... 2win machines, a laptop (win7), 2 cel phones, and even an IPad, if it would, I'd hook one of the multi TB drives to it. The reason for all this concern is we made one of the worst decisions ever, in my opinion, by going with AT&T & Direct TV just to save a few bucks! Every time it clouds up, let alone rain, God forbid storm, we lose TV. Had cable for 16 years prior to this and NEVER lost TV! Lost electricity for 15 days during the '04 storms, but with a generator we had uninterrupted TV & phone. /rant off Anyway, any ideas on how to make one of these boxes do what I would like? Thanx Ski