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  1. check it out

    69 + 1947 = 2016
  2. Harvey Price Gouging

    The little chart I posted only shows 11 companies, out of that there are 49 refineries - only 7 are in Texas, I realize they are probably somewhat bigger than the rest, but evidently now is the chance to rape the public all over the US. This is so much BS. If Tesla would produce a car for ~25K, I believe he could put the oil mongers out of business, and turn OPEC back into the desert they should be. (see if they can grow corn where the oil comes from) Somebody higher up really needs to look at this fiasco.... but that will never happen - big oil controls the politicians......
  3. Harvey Price Gouging

    The biggest price gouging is going on with the oil companies! My gas started going up on Monday - before Harvey even hit. So far it's gone from 2.15 to 2.49, and this is only 4 days into it. Some points to think about - Shell posted a 72+ BILLION profit, Exxon is boasting about a 122% increase in monies.... The list goes on. Texas is a major supplier yes, but not the only supplier... Rank Corporation Barrels/Day No. of US Refineries States So WHY are our prices skyrocketing? It's a load of krap!! Anybody heard from Roky? I think he is too far south, but... 1 Valero Energy 2,062,300 13 CA, LA, OK, TN, TX 2 Marathon Petroleum 1,794,000 7 IL, KY, LA, MI, OH, TX 3 Exxon Mobil 1,706,200 5 IL, LA, MT, TX 4 Phillips 66 1,612,200 9 CA, LA, MT, NJ, OK, TX, WA 5 Andeavor[4] 1,109,615 11 AK, CA, MN, ND, NM, TX, UT, WA 6 Shell[5] 910,675 6 AL, CA, LA, WA 7 Chevron 897.271 4 CA, MS, UT 8 PBF Energy 846,000 5 CA, DE, LA, NJ, OH 9 PDV 761,240 3 IL, LA, TX 10 BP 651,000 3 AK, IN, WA 11 Motiva[5] 603,000 1 TX
  4. Caption Contest # 205

    Man, I'm horney...
  5. I don't use the laptop, it's in the garage for reference DVD's. The problem is affecting all of my machines, and the wifes IPad, and the TV's that use the network. My main concern is the MAC.
  6. This started ~14 days ago. Noticeable slow down on all my machines - 1 IMac, 2 Win10 & 1 lap Win7. Got progressively worse to the point of time outs, unable to load page, unable to locate server, etc. I have 10 tabs on the top of Firefox that I have been using for years, nothing new. They now come up, if they come up at all as maybe Yahoo, my home page, then 2 or 3 'NewTab' then a couple of 'Problem Loading Page', then maybe one tab will connect, then more of the same. The whole thing is random, some time they come up, most of the time not. If they do, a selection on a page usually gets a 'Page Not Found', took me 6 or 7 tries to get to this page. I spent about 1 1/2 - 2 hours on the phone Monday nite with some non-english speaking person from AT&T. He claims to have upgraded the firmware, and the software from his end - I have my doubts... I finally have my full compliment of tabs, to get that I had to (today) boot FF 19 times, 2 cold boots of the Mac and 1 reset of their modem. My home network is non-existent, when habib joe reset everything he obliterated the network. Now I can get the Mac to connect by both WiFi and Cat5, but the Win box doesn't see the cat5, only the WiFi and no network. I put all ethernet new cables in this week also. I hope you guys can help out some before I call these a-holes again. This time 'll keep on hanging up and calling back til I get someone that speaks english. One pissed Polack!!
  7. XELO Del Rio Texas Wolfman Jack!!! Used to listen to it from El Paso - MANY moon ago!
  8. What are these?

    I'd love to, BUT DirectTV/AT&T charges $99.00 to come to your house and repair any of their equipment. It's in their agreement, which nobody reads til after they have installed their crap and leave. I have like 8 months left on their 2 year contract. I will go without TV before I renew any type of contract for satellite TV. The last 2 weeks it has been pixilating and audio dropout every 10 - 12 - 15 seconds. Annoying enough to where I've almost blown my 60" away with numerous guns. The first 90 days, I kept a log... lost signal enough to ruin the program, or force us to watch a DVD instead or just go to bed 63 times. That's where I found out about the 99.00 and that essentially we were f@#$ed for the next 2 years. Stay away from satellite anything, at least in Flolrida. Ski
  9. What are these?

    Don't have a separate modem. It's all the one box supplied by AT&T.
  10. What are these?

    I'm OK now after changing themes. Hafta reinstall my avatar I guess. Also, my internet has slowed over the past few days to lower than dialup. If I get to a page and make a selection, majority of the time I get 'Page not found' . My tabs at the top of the browser page randomly show 'New Tab'. AT&T, my provider (the slowest on the planet) says there are no problems on their end, Malwarebytes shows nothing, I've reset each computer (3) and the router - still no speed. Just wondering if I am the only one with this prob. Recently there was an "internet slowdown' provided by some clowns somewhere. Could that still be in effect? Ski
  11. What are these?

    Will change the skin
  12. What are these?

    Just went and erased the cookie for here, Lost all of my personal settings, but also lost the giant emote things. Signed in and everything was back including those things..... still no avatar.
  13. What are these?

    Since yesterday. these have appeared at the bottom of every post, old or new. The screenshot below shows the actual size. How do I get rid of them? IMac 27 Late 2013 16GB Ram Posts Report · Broken Club Posted 1 hour ago Swirls, etc Neat Photos .. Thanks Haha Confused Sad Like Report · Shay Also, just noticed, what happened to my avatar??