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  1. I heard many, many users were having issues
  2. guns and repond to some of the chat views

    I was referring to what can be done to prevent this from happening again, what goes on in peoples home and how they teach their own we can not control. Both the 1st and 2nd Amendments protect us from tyrannical government and any restriction on these Rights limits our freedom and defense against a far more menacing threat. The bill of rights trumps what people think is right.
  3. guns and repond to some of the chat views

    Things can be done for sure, the first step is saying, this will never happen again at schools where our children are. It can be done, I am positive it could.
  4. guns and repond to some of the chat views

    I agree with you
  5. guns and repond to some of the chat views

    The argument to go after just AR holds no water, what you really want is a complete ban on all guns, because that would be where it would go. Remember Chicago and how well "zero gun" laws are working
  6. guns and repond to some of the chat views

    This ad was from 1959, 10 rd mags and available for sale, except for the M1, that would be a 5 rd "clip".
  7. guns and repond to some of the chat views

    Chicago has one of the most strict gun laws and have a look at the stats there. There is a direct link between medication and these shootings, if the kid walk in that school with an old style rifle with a 10 rd clip and took out 10 kids and reloaded, is that much better? You have to start at ground zero and that is the schools, this can not happen again, people on these meds should not be allowed to purchase or own guns and we need a functional FBI that can focus on things they should be focusing on and not the corrupt heads tell them to be focused on.
  8. malwarebyets

    oh shoot, It hit me yesterday, first I thought it was a virus because I couldn't get my scans to complete, then I pulled my computer apart and cleaned all the dust out of it (fan heat sink was full) slapped it back together and it worked fine and was much faster, also, I was able to complete all scans. Computer is much faster, maybe it was a little of each?
  9. Avast vs. Malwarebytes

    I have Malwarebytes premium and just booted Avast, I got tired of Avast being so bloated and their pop ups and BS. Life is good right now
  10. Farewell, Shay

  11. NY Terrorist Attack - Halloween

    He should go directly to Guantanamo Bay, waterboard him and let him rot until another Obama POTUS lets them free again to kill more of us, just like they have done already.
  12. NY Terrorist Attack - Halloween

    Not in liberal NY, to the liberals, he can be rehabilitated
  13. I just switched to uBlock

    I am running FF as well
  14. I just switched to uBlock

    I have it for months, no problems