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  1. Xeriscapes

    very nice
  2. Oh YEAH!!!!!

  3. 'Tiny Trump'

    Look what the great "speakers" have done over the years, I am tired of the talk, the deeds are what is important to me.

    Happy & healthy New year
  5. looking for an all in one laser .

    when you are dealing with all in ones under $300.00, they all are about the same, they are throw aways. What I can tell you is to pay close attention to the yields of the toner, that will be key. HP, Canon are good, if you want photo quality, stay with inkjet, if all you need is business color, go with toner vs ink..
  6. Some of my fish photos

    An upside down Catfish, a Tetra and a Pearl Gourami
  7. Some of my fish photos

    beautiful! I am still with a 10 gallon tank :)
  8. Screen/driver questions

    I have this same issue going on with my windows 10 PC, Started about a month ago intermittent, PC is only a year old.
  9. sounds like a low number, should be around 35% all the time.
  10. Critical Error

    I guess they have an issue I see.......
  11. Critical Error

    Hi everyone, I did the fist update since windows 10 came out and yesterday and today I get this message upon starting. I signed out and back in under admin and regular user but still I get this message. I need to physically power down the computer and reboot to make this go away. Are there any bugs on this out? ERROR: Critical Error start menu and cortana arent working. We'll try to fix it the next time you sign in. (sign in and out)
  12. [RESOLVED] Administator rights

    Yes and the article pointed out another tip. Admin account should not be the everyday account as it can cause havoc if the computer gets infected, the article points out that always have two accounts and use a standard account for 90% of your tasks this way if you get infected, it will only have limited access to your computer files.
  13. [RESOLVED] Administator rights

    Thank you very much Broni, I created another Admin and made my account into a standard. I also reverted all back to before testing. I really appreciate your patience and expertise here. I am also sending a donation to the forum. Thanks again
  14. [RESOLVED] Administator rights

    That worked Broni, it configured windows 10 with two users, my original one an now a new administrator, once I used the new Admin account, I was able to run the cd. What does this mean for my original account? what do I need to do now?