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  2. 3/27/17

    1794 Congress authorizes the construction of six frigates, including the Constitution (Old Ironsides), for the U.S. Navy. 1866 President Andrew Johnson vetoed a civil rights bill which later became the 14th amendment. 1884 The first long-distance telephone call was made, between Boston and New York. 1917 The Seattle Metropolitans became the first U.S. hockey team to win the Stanley Cup. 1958 Nikita Khrushchev became Soviet premier and first secretary of the Communist Party. 1964 A 9.2 magnitude earthquake hit 80 miles east of Anchorage, Alaska, killing 117 and producing a 50-foot tsunami that traveled over 8,000 miles. 1977 Pan American and KLM Boeing 747s collided on a runway in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands. The 542 people killed is the highest ever for an aviation disaster. ***********************************************************************************************************DAILY EXTRA************************************************** 2001.........................A federal judge ruled that the University of Michigan’s affirmative action policy was invalid, a ruling that later would be reversed in an appeal. In Grutter v. Bollinger, a case similar to the University of Michigan undergraduate lawsuit, a different judge drew an opposite conclusion, invalidating the law school's policy and ruling that "intellectual diversity bears no obvious or necessary relationship to racial diversity." But on May 14, 2002, the decision was reversed on appeal, ruling that the admissions policy was, in fact, constitutional.
  3. 3/27/17

    Nationality American Born on 27 March 1963 AD Sun Sign Aries Born in Knoxville Personality Type ESFP Grouping of People Native Americans, School Dropouts father Tony Tarantino mother Connie Zastoupil siblings Tanya Marie - Ronnajean Tarantino Murphy - Edward Tarantino, education Narbonne High School awards 1994 - Cannes Film Festival award for Palme d 1995 - Academy Award for Best Writing (screenplay) 1995 - BAFTA Award for Best Original Screenplay Either an individual grasps Quentin Tarantino’s films, or doesn’t. Those who do understand his movies, relate to his craft of making a daring fusion of thrillers, neo-noir, and non-linear films. Those who do not apprehend his films, pass them off as mere art-house cinema material. Nonetheless, Quentin Tarantino has grown to become one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Not only has he managed to gather a cult following for his films, he, unlike his previous generation of filmmakers, has understood in entirety, what ‘kind’ of films get the audiences flocking to cinema halls. From the famous ‘Pulp Fiction’ to ‘Inglorious Basterds’ and ‘Reservoir Dogs’ to ‘Natural Born Killers’, he has come a long way from working in a video rental store to one of the most legendary director-screenwriters of all time. Through most part of his life, he juggled as the multifaceted actor, director, screenwriter and producer and in the latter part of his life, decided to stick to doing what he knew best - direction and production. One would be able to spot a Quentin Tarantino classic from a mile away. His films are pregnant with dissimilar traditions, gangster violence, Blaxploitation themes and accented language. Trivia This famous American director and screenwriter considers Uma Thurman from the ‘Kill Bill’ fame as his ‘muse’. This famous American director of the ‘Django Unchained’ fame displays ‘Rio Bravo’ for prospective girlfriends as a test for their compatibility.
  4. Windows 7 updates not working

    I don't like the set up of the start menu and anything that has to do with. I like how Windows XP was, simple. Always having to search for what I want to do.
  5. FF Crashes

    Please try what Broni suggested. I have tried it several time and doesn't work mine still crashes. It's them and not you and I do not see them fixing anything.
  6. 3/26/17

    1827 Composer Ludwig van Beethoven died at age 56 in Vienna, Austria. 1945 The battle of Iwo Jima ended; about 22,000 Japanese troops were killed or captured in the fighting and more than 4,500 U.S. troops were killed. 1971 East Pakistan proclaimed its independence, taking the name Bangladesh. 1979 In a ceremony at the White House, President Sadat of Egypt and Prime Minister Begin of Israel signed a peace treaty ending 30 years of war between the two countries. 2000 Vladimir Putin was elected president of Russia. *****************************************************************************************************DAILY EXTRA******************************************************** 1982.....................Groundbreaking ceremonies for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial took place in Washington, DC. Vietnam Veterans Memorial, war memorial in Washington, D.C., built 1982. Designed by the American sculptor and architect Maya Ying Lin, it is a sloping, V-shaped, 493-ft (150-m) wall of highly polished black granite that descends 10 feet (3.05 meters) below grade level at its vertex. Often called simply "The Wall," it is inscribed with the names of the more than 58,000 Americans killed or missing during the Vietnam War. The austere, abstract nature of Lin's design, which was selected after a nationwide competition, at first made it a controversial way of memorializing the war's casualties. In the years since its construction, however, the simple, evocative, and starkly dramatic wall has become a national shrine, drawing more annual visitors than the Washington Monument or the Lincoln Memorial. Two nearby sculptures also honor those who served in the war; one is of three soldiers by Frederick E. Hart (erected 1984), the other of three nurses and a wounded soldier by Glenna Goodacre (erected 1993).
  7. 3/26/17

    Nationality American Born on 26 March 1968 AD Sun Sign Aries Born in Knoxville father David Chesney mother Karen Chandler siblings Jennifer Chandler Spouse/Partner Renée Zellweger education East Tennessee State University, Gibbs High School Net worth $42 million Hobbies Golf, Movies and Reading awards 2008 ; 2007 ; 2006 - Country Music Association Award for Entertainer of the Year 2004 - Country Music Association Award for Album of the Year - When the Sun Goes Down 2012 ; 2007 - Country Music Association Award for Musical Event of the Year - Feel Like a Rock Star ; Find Out Who Your Friends Are Kenny Chesney is an American country music singer and songwriter. He started his career in 1994 with the release of his debut album ‘My Wildest Dreams’. By 2014, he has sixteen hit albums to his credit. Among these, twelve have been certified gold and two have been certified platinum. Worldwide he has sold more than 30 million albums. In addition, he has produced more than forty singles, which have reached Top Ten Chart on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs. He has also found time to go on 14 musical tours. ‘The Big Revival Tour’ undertaken in 2015 attracted 1,358,026 audiences and grossed $114,094,584 in ticket sale. His ‘No Shoes Nation Tour’ undertaken the previous year was also a great success. In all, he has won the Billboard Touring Award for Top Package Tour for five consecutive years between 2005 and 2009, and again in 2011. Chesney has also won numerous awards for his albums and has been honored as ‘The Entertainment of the Year’ consecutively from 2005 to 2008. In addition, he has also produced a documentary on his favorite football star Condredge Holloway Jr. On May 9, 2005, Kenny Chesney married actress Renée Zellweger. However, the marriage did not last long. The couple announced their separation on September 15, 2005 and the divorce came through in the end of December of the same year. Although there was a rumor that the marriage did not last because Chesney was gay, he later clarified that he was straight. Me and You’, released in 1996, was his first gold certified album. ItS two songs peaked at number 2 at Billboard County Charts; they were the title track, ‘Me and You’ and ‘When I Close My Eyes’. Another song ’Back in My Arms’ also did very well. ‘Hemmingway Whiskey’ is another of his major work. It sold around 183,000 copies in its first week. It has since been certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association. ‘Everywhere We Go’ is also another platinum selling album.
  8. Yellowstone

    Post 10 Pic 6
  9. Yellowstone

    LOL......I don't know Fran, it could be. I don't know anything about out west, just found pic on google.
  10. Caption Contest # 185

    Can you hear me now?
  11. 3/24/17

    1603 Queen Elizabeth I died at age 69 after ruling England for more than 40 years. 1882 Robert Koch announced the discovery of the tuberculosis bacillus. 1949 Laurence Olivier's Hamlet became the first British film to win an Oscar. 1958 Rock 'n' roll star Elvis Presley joined the U.S. army for two years. 1989 In one of worst oil spills in recent history, the tanker, Exxon Valdez, ran aground and released 240,000 barrels of oil into Prince William Sound. 1999 NATO begins launching air strikes in an attempt to force Serbia to cease hostilities against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. 2002 Halle Berry became the first African-American actress to win a best actress Oscar and Denzel Washington became the second African-American actor to get the best actor award. *******************************************************************************************************DAILY EXTRA****************************************************** 2004........................The notorious Bird family's more than half-century stronghold on the nation of Antigua and Barbuda came to an end when Baldwin Spencer won the post of prime minister in the general election. Antigua's Prime Minister Lester Bird, has conceded defeat in a general election which took place on Tuesday. It marks the end of a political dynasty which has dominated Antigua and Barbuda since the 1950s. Excited islanders took to the streets as preliminary results showed a win for opposition leader Baldwin Spencer. Mr Spencer is a lifetime labour activist who has promised to end the corruption endemic in the eastern Caribbean nation. Corruption claims Mr Spencer had told the BBC's Caribbean Service that despite a series of scandals, successive Antigua Labour Party governments had done nothing to prevent corruption. The new prime minister repeated his pledge to stamp out corruption early on Wednesday, after Mr Bird conceded that preliminary results showed the opposition United Progressive Party had "won overwhelmingly". "Yesterday, the soldiers of the people's crusade delivered the only judgment fit for the Antigua Labor Party's crimes against the people of Antigua and Barbuda," he said. "Crimes committed against the people must be punished. We will let the chips fall the way they may." The outcome became clear after the opposition won three out of the first four seats in the lower house, known as the House of Representatives. The Electoral Commission is expected to issue the final results later on Wednesday. Long running reign Mr Bird denied his defeat was linked to allegations of corruption against him. In an earlier interview with the BBC's Caribbean Service Mr Bird said that his party had laid down strict anti-corruption guidelines, following a 2002 inquiry into the national medical insurance scheme that led to fraud charges against seven officials. Mr Bird said the people had just wanted a change. "Elections were not contested on issues but on the basis of a time for change," he said. The governing ALP had been seeking a seventh term in office. Politics in the twin-island nation have been dominated by the Bird family for more than half a century - the family has held the post of prime minister since independence from Britain in 1981. Mr Bird has been prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda since 1994, when he took over from his father Vere.
  12. 3/24/17

    Nationality Canadian Born on 24 March 1936 AD Sun Sign Aries Born in Vancouver Grouping of People Atheists father Kaoru Carr Suzuki mother Setsu Nakamura siblings Marcia, Geraldine, Dawn Spouses/Partners Tara Elizabeth Cullis, Setsuko Joane Sunahara children Severn Cullis-Suzuki, Sarika Cullis-Suzuki education University of Chicago, Amherst College, London Central Secondary School Founder/Co-Founder David Suzuki Foundation., Quirks and Quarks. awards 2006 - Bradford Washburn Award 2009 - Right Livelihood Award David Suzuki is an eminent Canadian science broadcaster and environmental activist. Born into a third generation Japanese-Canadian family that suffered greatly during World War II, he came to appreciate nature and man’s dependence on it. Conservation, according to him, is a necessity for humankind’s own survival. Through his radio and television programs, he has tried to educate the layperson. Thanks to him, people all over the world began to realize the need to co-exist with nature. Renewable energy, global warming, toxic pollution, climate change, carbon footprint became matters of national policy of many governments across the globe. As a genetic science scholar, he voiced his views on the benefits and also on the ethical problems arising from it. His books on genetics have been prescribed as textbook in the U.S. He has been outspoken on many national issues in Canada including the immigration policy, which he described as xenophobic, and the rights of aboriginal people. He also used the print media to espouse the need to maintain a balance between technological progress and sustainable ecology. A winner of many awards and honors, this broadcaster cum environmentalist is a big celebrity in his country. His foundation has been championing many of the issues that are close to his heart. Trivia This famous broadcaster and environmentalist declared, ‘We’re in a giant car heading towards a brick wall and everyone’s arguing over where they’re going to sit’. This famous environmentalist admires Rachel Carson, the American marine biologist and conservationist, and Nelson Mandela, the South African anti-apartheid revolutionary and former President of South Africa.