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  1. 2/21/17

    1613 Michael Romanov was elected czar of Russia, beginning the Romanov imperial line. 1878 The first telephone book was issued (New Haven, Conn.). 1916 Battle of Verdun, the longest and one of the bloodiest engagements of World War I, began. 1965 Black nationalist leader Malcolm X was assassinated. 1972 President Nixon became the first U.S. president to visit China. 1995 Steve Fossett became the first person to cross the Pacific Ocean solo in a balloon. 2012 Eurozone finance ministers reached an agreement on a second, 130-billion bailout for Greece to help with the country's debt crisis. **************************************************************************************************DAILY EXTRA*********************************************************** 2002....................It was confirmed that Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was dead, allegedly murdered by Islamic militants. Daniel Pearl, 38, Wall Street Journal foreign correspondent, was kidnapped and murdered in January in Karachi, Pakistan, where he was researching a story about alleged “shoe bomber” Richard Reid. British-born Islamic militant Ahmed Omar Sheikh, a leader of the National Movement for the Restoration of Pakistani Sovereignty, was sentenced to death in July after being convicted of kidnapping and murdering Pearl. Three others were given life sentences for their role in the slaying. DNA tests confirmed that a body found in May was indeed Pearl's.
  2. 2/21/17

    Nationality American Born on 21 February 1962 AD Sun Sign Pisces Born in Pasco, Washington father Fred Palahniuk mother Carol Palahniuk Married No education University of Oregon awards: 1997 - Oregon Book Award for Best Novel Charles Michael ‘Chuck’ Palahniuk is a low key American author and freelance journalist, renowned for his award winning novel ‘Fight Club’. A very humorous, imaginative, thought provoking and gifted writer, he labels his writings as transgressional fiction. His early works that encompassed satirical and dark writings, hardly garnered any success. He gained popularity with his 1996 novel ‘Fight Club’ which was later made into a film in 1999 by ‘20th Century Fox’. The film starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt shot him to fame. His other novel ‘Choke’ was also adapted into a feature film. His works include fictions like ‘Survivor’, ‘Invisible Monsters’, ‘Lullaby’, ‘Diary’ and ‘Haunted’; short fictions like ‘Negative Reinforcement’, ‘Loser’, ‘Phoenix’, ‘Cannibal’ and ‘Zombie’; and non-fictions like ‘Fugitives and Refugees: A Walk in Portland, Oregon’. According to him, he is inspired by the writing style of authors like Denis Johnson, Tom Spanbauer, Mark Richard and Thom Jones. His writing has earned him the repute of a nihilist. He rebuffs such remarks reiterating that since his works convey ideas that do not adhere to others beliefs, he is marked a nihilist. He considers himself as a romantic. Personal Life & Legacy He is a regular member of the rebellious ‘Cacophony Society’, reflection of which finds place in both his fictions and non-fictions including his most remarkable novel ‘Fight Club’. Palahniuk’s father and his father’s girlfriend Donna Fontaine were murdered by her ex-boyfriend Dale Shackleford in May 1999. Palahniuk helped in determining Shackleford’s death sentence. He is gay and lives in Vancouver, Washington, with his partner of over twenty years, whom he met during his ‘Freightliner’ days. Humanitarian Work While struggling in his early career he voluntarily worked with a shelter and a hospice. He used to serve as an escort to terminally ill patients during their transportations and brought them to support group meetings. However, when one of the patients with whom he developed a close bond died, he discontinued his voluntary service.
  3. 2/20/17

    1809 The Supreme Court ruled the power of the federal government is greater than that of any individual state. 1895 Frederick Douglass, abolitionist, author, and orator, died. 1962 John Glenn became the first American to orbit Earth. 1998 Tara Lipinski won the Olympic figure skating gold medal. 2003 A fire in a nightclub in Warwick, R.I., killed 100 and injured over 150. *******************************************************************************************************DAILY EXTRA****************************************************** 1792.......................................President George Washington signed the Post Office Act, establishing a permanent Post Office Department. postal service, arrangements made by a government for the transmission of letters, packages, and periodicals, and for related services. Early courier systems for government use were organized in the Persian Empire under Cyrus, in the Roman Empire, and in medieval Europe. Private systems operated sporadically but were gradually abandoned or incorporated into government services. The English postal service, an outgrowth of royal courier routes, was established in 1657. Reforms proposed by Sir Rowland Hill were adopted in 1839; they provided for universal penny postage prepaid by an adhesive postage stamp or an official envelope. The first organized system of post offices in America was created by the British Parliament in 1711, but as early as 1639 there was a post office in Boston. The mails were carried over a system of post roads; the New York City–Boston service was established in 1672. Postage stamps were first used in the United States in 1847; other developments were the registering of mail (1855), city delivery (1863), money orders (1864), and penny postcards (1873). Special-delivery service started in 1885, rural delivery in 1896, the postal savings system in 1911 (discontinued 1966), and parcel post in 1913. Mail was transmitted to the West Coast by the pony express of 1860–61. Mail service by railroad was instituted in 1862, and airmail in 1918. In the United States, postal service is under the direction of the U.S. Postal Service, having been reorganized in 1970 from the old Post Office Department. It is governed by an 11-member board, who choose a Postmaster General; since the reorganization, the Postmaster General is no longer a member of the cabinet. A separate five-member commission is charged with reviewing and approving rate changes proposed by the board. The U.S. Postal Service operates as an independent, self-supporting agency within the government. The Universal Postal Union (UPU), which facilitates the exchange of mail among nations, was established after the International Postal Convention of 1874; the UPU is now a specialized agency of the United Nations. Many governmental postal services have special divisions for serving stamp collectors (see philately). Since the early 1970s in the United States, private shipping services, such as Federal Express (now FedEx) and United Parcel Service (UPS), have competed for special services, and by the 1990s electronic services such as fax (see facsimile) and electronic mail also cut into the postal service's business.
  4. 2/20/17

    Nationality American religion Jewish Born on 20 February 1901 AD Sun Sign Pisces Born in Kuressaare, Governorate of Estonia, Russian Empire Died on 17 March 1974 AD place of death New York City father Leib Schmuilowsky mother Bertha Mendelsohn siblings Sarah, Oscar, Spouse/Partner: Esther children Nathaniel Kahn education University of Pennsylvania awards: 1971 - AIA Gold Medal - RIBA Gold Medal 1972 - Royal Gold Medal - Twenty-five Year Award Louis Kahn was one of the most revered architects of his time. He worked in various capacities for several architectural firms and founded his own business soon after. Kahn continued practicing as an architect and also became a professor at Yale School of Architecture and at the School of Design in the University of Pennsylvania. Most of his designs were colossal and extremely avant-garde, way ahead of the time in terms of design and styling. He was honored with a number of medals and at the time of his death, Kahn was known to the world as 'America's foremost living architect'. Some of his grandest and most iconic projects include the 'Urban and Traffic Study', 'Yale University Art Gallery', 'The Salk Institute', the 'Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad' and the 'Center of Philadelphia'. Trivia When this renowned American architect was 3-years-old, he was fascinated by the light emitting out from the coal burning in the stove. He put on an apron and put some coal in the apron which caught fire and eventually burnt his face. The scars of these early burns remained on his face. Some of his last architectural works include, the 'Phillips Exeter Academy Library', 'Kimbell Art Museum', 'Yale Center for British Art', 'Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park' and his last work, which was completed in 1979, the 'Flora Lamson Hewlett Library'.
  5. 2/18/17

    1546 Martin Luther, German leader of the Protestant Reformation, died. 1564 Michelangelo Buonarotti, Italian painter, sculptor, and architect, died. 1885 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain was published. 1930 Pluto, the ninth planet in the solar system, was discovered by American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh. 1953 The first 3-D movie, Bwana Devil, opened in New York. *******************************************************************************************DAILY EXTRA****************************************************************** 2001..........................FBI agent Robert Philip Hanssen was arrested and charged with spying for Russia. Robert Philip Hanssen, senior FBI agent who specialized in counterintelligence, was indicted in May on charges of spying for Russia. For 15 years, he allegedly handed over to Russia highly sensitive, classified information in exchange for about $1.4 million. In July, as part of a plea agreement, he pleaded guilty to 15 counts of espionage and conspiracy, thus avoiding the death penalty.
  6. 2/18/17

    Nationality Austrian Born on 18 February 1906 AD Sun Sign Aquarius Born in Vienna Died on 21 October 1980 AD place of death Vienna children Hans Asperger Jr., Maria Asperger-Felder education University of Vienna Austrian paediatrician Hans Asperger identified Asperger’s syndrome as a mental disorder. This disorder is seen especially in children. He, for the first time, provided a clear description regarding autistic psychopathy. He conducted research on 400 psychically abnormal children with such problems for his work on autistic psychopathy. As a child he himself displayed features of the very condition named after him. He was lonely and had difficulty making friends even though he was gifted in the languages. He grew up to study medicine at the University of Vienna and eventually became director of the special education section at the university children’s clinic. After the World War II he published a definition of autistic psychopathy but died before his work on mental disorders became widely recognized. Medical science acknowledged his contribution after his death when his works were translated into English. Besides pursuing valuable research work in medical field, he also acted as a soldier in Croatia in the later part of World War II. Asperger's syndrome remains a controversial and contentious diagnosis due to its unclear relationship to the autism spectrum. The World Health Organization's ICD describes Asperger's syndrome as "a disorder of uncertain nosological validity", and there is majority consensus to phase the diagnosis out of the American Psychiatric Association's diagnosis manual. He got married in 1935 and had five children. Hans Asperger died on October 21, 1980, in Vienna at the age of 74. His birthday, February 18, has been declared International Asperger’s Day by various governments.
  7. 2/17/17

    1600 Italian philospher, alchemist, and Copernican theory advocate Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for heresy by the Inquisition. 1801 The electoral tie between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr was broken by the House of Representatives who elected Jefferson president. 1817 Baltimore became the first U.S. city lit by gas. 1864 The Confederate submarine Hunley, equipped with an explosive at the end of a protruding spar, rammed and sank the Union's ship Housatonic off the coast of Charleston, S.C. 1904 Puccini's opera Madama Butterfly premiered in Milan. 1972 President Richard Nixon left on his trip to China. 2008 Kosovo declared independence from Serbia. ***********************************************************************************************************DAILY EXTRA************************************************** 1996................Chess champion Garry Kasparov beat the IBM computer, Deep Blue, winning the six-game match. Garry Kasparov Born: Apr. 13, 1963 Chess Azerbaijani who became youngest player (22 years, 210 days) ever to win world championship as Soviet in 1985; defeated countryman Anatoly Karpov for title; split with International Chess Federation (FIDE) to form Professional Chess Association (PCA) in 1993; stripped of FIDE title in '93 but successfully defended PCA title against Briton Nigel Short; beat IBM supercomputer “Deep Blue” 4 games to 2 in 1996 much-publicized match in New York; lost rematch to computer in 1997; finally lost world title to Vladimir Kramnik in 2000.
  8. 2/17/17

    Nationality American Born on 17 February 1889 AD Sun Sign Aquarius Born in Illinois Died on 29 November 1974 AD place of death Dallas father Haroldson Lafayette Hunt mother Ella Rose (Myers) Hunt Spouses/Partners: Lyda Bunker, Ruth Ray children Margaret, Haroldson, Caroline, Lyda, Nelson Bunker, William Herbert, Lamar, Howard, Haroldina, Helen, Hugh, Ray, Helen, Swanee, Ray Lee education Southern Methodist UniversityChildren: Nelson Bunker Hunt Ray L. Hunt Lamar Hunt Swanee Hunt Helen LaKelly Hunt Net worth $1 billion Haroldson Lafayette Hunt Jr., popularly known as H.L. Hunt, was an American oil tycoon. He was also a political activist who used his own radio program to promote his conservative political views. He can be called one of the most talented businessmen of his era because he created his huge financial empire from a very small initial investment in oil in Arkansas and later on founded Hunt Oil Company. Hunt also became of the largest independent oil producer and gas supplier of the country. Apart from the oil business, he expanded his wings and invested in producing canned goods, health products, and cosmetics. His fortune was estimated to be between two and three billion dollars at the time of his death, with a weekly income of more than one million. However, despite his success, he was embroiled in various controversies throughout his life, including allegations of being involved in John F Kennedy’s assassination. Trivia Hunt was believed by people to be quite pretentious and eccentric. While he was introducing himself to strangers, he would sometimes proclaim, “Hello, I am H.L. Hunt, the world’s richest man.” Though he became one of the richest men in the world, there is no published biography available of him.
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