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  1. Avast trying to install Chrome

    Am I mistaken or is Malware bytes a different beast? FYI I had a clear and decisive opt out feature...
  2. good free games

    WOT will inform you of iffy sites... has some simple but addicting games.
  3. LoL Removal is not the issue, controling it is the true contest...
  4. Questions about plugin-container.e X e

    R.A.D is gnash real? I looked into and all I see is it seems to be just pipe dreams for coders... did I miss something?
  5. Questions about plugin-container.e X e

    Flash kill {a foxy add-on} allows just on Gnash is a stand alone? so howdoes that work... I will check this out... TY
  6. Questions about plugin-container.e X e

    Any tips/tricks in this forum of yours GB? Again I seek to limit, not kill it.
  7. Questions about plugin-container.e X e

    F.Y.I. I run either Fox, or PaleMoon browsers... Limited add-ons
  8. Questions about plugin-container.e X e

    Sorry if this is in the wrong spot, but it crosses different OS'es so... I searched the net for a why to tame/restrain Adobe flash player. All I can find are ways to kill it. My problem on several machines and different OS'es is the plugin-container {which houses Flash} runs un checked causing CPU to max out. kill flash and things go back to being all happy and jolly. Unforunatly flash is needed , so any ideas?
  9. Free Game... Fun... Addicting -4Fran/Frazz

    FRee games fun!
  10. Finally! More people use Windows 7 than XP

    I have a seven machine, and it seems to me, like a kid hopped up on sugar... fast yet unpredictable... They need to just revamp XP...
  11. Finally! More people use Windows 7 than XP

    7 is to clunky, fast yes {except when relying on adobe} but clunky. XP may be slow but she has always gotten the job done.
  12. Grave Animations

    Thanks Peggy, I shrunk a gold cross, yeah it could be brighter or something. Did you like the cat?
  13. Grave Animations

    This not animated, butif you all think it should be... My cat Toby caught red pawed torturing the local canine population... LoL being that the dog is a chiwowa {spelled wrong} I thoght he needed a cross necklace.
  14. Glitter Graphics

    Good show mate, one can also use... Glitter Text Generator A simple and free app.
  15. How to Batch Rename Files in Windows.

    Also one could use a third party app such as Advanced Renamer Which I use...