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  1. 38 inch monitor

    Talk about big screens, I am just thinking of upgrading to a 27'", you guys got me beat.  
  2. F is for Fish

    Just a Koi fish
  3. E is for Elephants

  4. November Desktops

    Arriving in San Francisco on a Ferry prior to sunrise yesterday. Turned out to be a real nice day.  
  5. E is for Elephants

    Just a couple of shots I took at the Oakland Zoo.  
  6. Firefox for iOs

    Have not put it on the Ipad yet, how is it working vs Safari?  
  7. Weather 11-16-15

    Sunny and breezy my way  
  8. Down to only 297GB on hard drive "C"

    I checked it out and that is part of the system restore and was eating too much space. I reduced it to 15% so I now have 722GB on my C drive. Thanks for the help that software helped Identify what was eating up, very much appreciated.  
  9. Down to only 297GB on hard drive "C"

    Mine shows being eaten up by system volume information Can I deleted this or some of it?  
  10. D is for Ducks

    I like 6-2
  11. November Desktops

    More Turkey stuff  
  12. Down to only 297GB on hard drive "C"

    I have never turned on Hybernation, don't use it, and did not find it per the site you sent. I have all folders showing nothing hidden.
  13. Down to only 297GB on hard drive "C"

    I have CCleaner so it is cleaned out all the time. I also do a system cleanup as well.  I will get the  WinDirStat tool, thanks for the info.
  14. I am trying to figure out why data has eaten up my hard drive. I have external hard drives so I don't store, photos, and documents on my C drive. Anyone have a idea where there could be some hidden data I am not aware of? This was a 1TB drive down to 297 which means 634GB is gone.