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  1. Monuments

    I agree they should be in a Museum not on a gloating display. History is too important to destroy even if it is negative.
  2. That is why there are other Operating systems as Microsoft should never be the only game in town. I have my Apple Ipad with Os 10.3.3 I have my windows 7 one one machine windows 10 on another and my Android Marshmallow version 6.0 on another tablet. I still have a retail version of 10 I have yet to load because frankly I find it a little slow.
  3. Trump

    The Trumpster, Trumpmeister, Trumpman, Trummpleorange,
  4. August Desktops

    Five Hummers at he front feeder unusual .
  5. Daily picture

  6. POTW Pies

  7. POTW Pies

    Pumpkin pies the wife makes for me every year, apple pies I make.
  8. Things that are Oval or a Ornament

    Mack Truck ornament
  9. Making this easy two choices Oval items or Ornaments
  10. July Desktops

    Glenn Ellen Park
  11. Our 4th Of July

    We should never take for granted what we have, and not to tolerate oppression, greed, and any political tyrants regardless of party.
  12. National Pride

    Lincoln Memorial
  13. National Pride

    Vietnam Memorial Wall
  14. June Desktops

    I like #4