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  1. POTW Dancing

    From LA La Land Lovely Night
  2. April Desktops

    Lake Merritt today cloudy.................
  3. April Desktops

    Desktop from Easter deco.
  4. April Desktops

    Springtime Coyote Hills Park.

    Best regards you Newlyweds, and many more to come.................
  6. March Desktops

    Moon going down this morning around 7:00am a hill about two miles away from me.
  7. February Desktops

    Raining my way and all week.
  8. January Desktops

    Oakland SF bay bridge at sunrise
  9. January Desktops

    Seagull fly by at the Pacific Ocean
  10. January Desktops

    Just a single leaf I took about three months ago and put a filter on it.
  11. Adobe Flash crashing Firefox solution

    Yes I did that in the beginning, did a uninstall and reinstalled than tried the fix.
  12. Adobe Flash crashing Firefox solution

    Facebook seems to be most of the problem, but videos in Firefox and slimboat do not work except Utube. I tried the fix did not work.
  13. Malwarebytes Anti Exploit

    There is a free version
  14. Windows 10 upgrade , should I ???

    Update is fine on laptop got their anniversary update yesterday and it was no problem; Still have not updated desktop, someday no hurry.........................
  15. Anyone! Walmart Dot Com Help

    I buy often from and never had a problem, the site is certainly more useful and friendly than they are in the store. I use Firefox, works fine.