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  1. Paintings

    One of my photos I turned into a oil painting using Topaz symplify.  
  2. February Desktops

    Took this shot yesterday at the park. Just a flower and a bug  
  3. Today's Donald Cartoon

    Just keep going until your out of sight and out of mind..........
  4. February Desktops

    Valentines is a few weeks away.  
  5. January Desktops

    l like #19
  6. So I got fedup with the freebie and all the problems I had with trying to install it so have the retail full version home windows 10 and don't see much on installing it just the freebie. I will give it a go in a few days. Will either make it or will be complaining.  
  7. Lizards

  9. January Desktops

    Morning heading to my city by the bay.  
  10. Lizards

    I rarely take shots of lizards but here are a few I have managed to capture.  
  11. January Desktops

    From my front yard a Albino Squirrel roaming around.
  12. January Desktops

    My windows 10 desktop on the laptop  
  13. I have a Kindle, Ipad 2, laptop, and desktop. Could use the phone as well but hate them.
  14. December Desktops