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  1. MAY Desktops

    Lake Merritt Oakland springtime
  2. MAY Desktops

    Just another bridge shot going under it on the Ferry
  3. Picture of the Week......Gypsy

    Gypsy Rose Lee
  4. Happy Birthday Michael

    Can I claim being senile? It works pretty well at home. Belated Birthday wishes and hope you had a good day. I at least remembered by sister Country Wolf on hers which was also Wednesday.
  5. Windows 10 upgrade , should I ???

    They still need to do a service pack on it to take care of install aspects. I am not going to jeopardize some expensive software for their OS. I have one install error code with 21 items it could relate to. I think that is beyond stupid. I have the retail version but will wait until after July to see if they have finally fixed it, and if not prepare my system for clean install than if I have to.
  6. Caption Contest # 138

    Put the string down and just grab a few.
  7. The picture of the week is Ducks

    Time to Vote for this weeks POTW........................... I choose #8-1
  8. Have you tried cleaning the unit? I do that every so often, just a thought, and secondarily try a different software to see if that might be the problem.
  9. Daily picture

    When I say I get a little neck ache I am not kidding.......................
  10. Daily picture

    That is a keeper.............
  11. April Desktops

    Sitting on a dock of the bay in SF
  12. The picture of the week is Ducks

    Mr. Millard and friends
  13. The picture of the week is Ducks

    Took this at a local park. I have a ton of duck shots as they are all over the place.