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  1. POTW Leaves

    A few photos I have taken of leaves.
  2. February Desktops

    Coyote Hills park
  3. February Desktops

    One of my valentines wallpapers I made a few years ago.
  4. I had post awhile back that my desktop was not working very well with a antiquated ATI Radeon 4250 integrated graphics card, which goes back to October. Well I managed to still use the tower but every now and than it would freeze up or a blank screen. Got a windows update today and now everything is working normal. Go figure. Video: Meltdown-Spectre: A reminder to the IT industry that security is not a mirage Microsoft has released build 16299.214 of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to bring yet another round of bug fixes. This release marked the third cumulative Windows 10 version 1709 update in January, and includes the fix for older AMD processors that became unbootable after installing the January 3 Windows update with its patches for the Meltdown and Spectre attacks. That update preceded the usual Patch Tuesday the following week. Microsoft on January 18 released build number 16299.194, which resolved the issue stopping AMD processors from booting. For those who already manually fetched that from the Microsoft ...
  5. Daily picture

    Love it; You mean that is all I get?
  6. POTW Homelessness

    #3-4 Great photo
  7. POTW Homelessness

    Oakland California.
  8. January Desktops

    Seeing my team is still in this thing they are my desktop for the week.
  9. 13 Things

    I leave my Politics on Facebook and it is none too friendly there. Here No comment...................
  10. January Desktops

    Oakland San Francisco bay bridge from the SF side.
  11. December Desktops

    Tonight is the night..................Happy New Year to all.
  12. POTW Doughnuts

    Just another doughnut
  13. diplay freezing on computer

    nodsh thanks for the input. I may get this solved one way or the other. Today it has worked all day long without a problem and I am on it right now, than on other days I get the blank screen until I reboot a few times.
  14. diplay freezing on computer

    That was my screwup never paid attention to the Graphics card aspect and should have. Was more interested in RAM and processor.
  15. diplay freezing on computer

    Not a bad idea at all. I will look into the board info I only know it is a ASUS with AMD processor. At least that is something to go on. As I had this computer built locally I may talk to the shop and see if they have and idea on video board change out. Very Much appreciated. Just don't want to revert back to 7 unless I have to. Either way I have retail versions of 7 and 10. The board is a M5A88-M https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/M5A88M/specifications/