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  1. Been a Independent for almost 20 years, find both parties disturbing as they both worship at the altar of the almighty dollar. Not much selection and currently stuck with a complete Idiot, rather sad state of affairs.
  2. June Desktops

    Went back to Los Vaqueros Reservoir for my Birthday, it was quiet and pretty as usual.
  3. Happy Birthday John T

    Thank you everyone for your kind wishes, I was out pretty much all day having a great day with the wife.
  4. Insects

    Praying Mantis
  5. Insects

  6. Insects

    Thanks everyone the new topic is Insects
  7. May Desktops

    Looking across the bay from Oakland to San Francisco.
  8. May Desktops

    Quail Lake Stockton ca.
  9. Picture of the week HORN

    This is Lurch he has the biggest horns in the world they weigh about 100lbs each.
  10. Navy Seals

    I love civilians that ask inane questions.................
  11. April Desktops

    Lake Merritt today cloudy.................
  12. April Desktops

    Desktop from Easter deco.
  13. April Desktops

    Springtime Coyote Hills Park.
  14. March Desktops

    Moon going down this morning around 7:00am a hill about two miles away from me.
  15. February Desktops

    Raining my way and all week.