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  1. Caption Contest # 138

    Put the string down and just grab a few.
  2. The picture of the week is Ducks

    Time to Vote for this weeks POTW........................... I choose #8-1
  3. Have you tried cleaning the unit? I do that every so often, just a thought, and secondarily try a different software to see if that might be the problem.
  4. Daily picture

    When I say I get a little neck ache I am not kidding.......................
  5. Daily picture

    That is a keeper.............
  6. April Desktops

    Sitting on a dock of the bay in SF
  7. The picture of the week is Ducks

    Mr. Millard and friends
  8. The picture of the week is Ducks

    Took this at a local park. I have a ton of duck shots as they are all over the place.
  9. Picture of the Week - Candy

    Time to vote for this weeks POTW, topic Candy. I choose #6-1 great post.
  10. Daily picture

    That is a beauty, thanks for sharing.
  11. I thought I was beta testing it on installation and they put out a new release with more bells and whistles. Of course if you cannot install it as I can't than I guess this new one is not that important.
  12. April Desktops

    Sycamore Grove Park, squirrel watching me watch him................
  13. Windows 10 error code is a nightmare

    Thanks Smokey and Shay I appreciate the input. I can do that just don't know if I want to. Way too much work for a new OS. I generally don't care on doing a clean install, but with the many photo filters that I use to process photos it is a pain to reload all of them and each one requires loading to two photo editing programs getting the license key re-accepted and than testing to see if they function correctly. I know I can do a clean install with my retail version but that is not going to happen unless I absolutely have to. Everything works great in windows 7 and it just does not seem worth it. I will mull it over and I saved the information if I get that adventurous. Really do appreciate the input, was hoping for simple...................
  14. Windows 10 error code is a nightmare

    I have three external drives, so plenty of places to put it if it would successfully download. I reiterate I want upgrade only but no joy. I have 667GB open space on my current C drive no errors per SFC, per Update repair, per everything, and yet one error code with 21 possible errors. I am not going to work through that mess to find out. They need to fix it. I have lost my patience with a incomplete OS rushed out without proper beta testing.