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  1. August Desktops

    Had quite a few Hummingbirds this year, these two were playing chase me.
  2. Things that are Underground

    Shasta Caverns, close to Redding Ca.
  3. POTW Taste

    My idea of taste involves food, a few things I have made over the last year, believe it or not two are sugar free.
  4. Spiders and/or Snakes

    A few shots of spiders from my backyard and on the house.
  5. August Desktops

    My daughter's cat Mikey........
  6. July Desktops

  7. Caption Contest #150

    Took a sharp turn off the I-95 and almost crashed, just a little antler foliage but nothing permanent.
  8. Anyone! Walmart Dot Com Help

    I buy often from and never had a problem, the site is certainly more useful and friendly than they are in the store. I use Firefox, works fine.
  9. July Desktops

    Country road in the summer
  10. Night Photos

  11. Night Photos

    A few of my moon shots at night of course
  12. July Desktops

    July 4th wallpaper
  13. Freedom

    Try the utube downloader you can save it as a mp3
  14. July Desktops

    Heather farms park summer 2016