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  1. September Desktop

  2. POTW xylophone

    This will be fairly easy, all kinds of them out there. xylophone
  3. Water

    Sacramento River, Whiskeytown Lake, Shasta Dam and Lake Shasta, And Muir Woods creek
  4. September Desktop

    Alameda Creek in Sunol Park
  5. Water

    The water of San Francisco Bay
  6. Water

    A few of my personal shots of water. First one is a water drop coming off the roof, Second shot is a drop of water on a plant, next is rain pouring down out front of my house, and last is a small water fountain in San Francisco.
  7. Happy Birthday Broni

    Wow I missed your Birthday but I think you were to busy to notice. Hope you had a great day, looks like the kids (young adults) kept you busy.
  8. August Desktops

  9. August Desktops

    Had quite a few Hummingbirds this year, these two were playing chase me.
  10. Things that are Underground

    Shasta Caverns, close to Redding Ca.
  11. BART Embarcadero station
  12. POTW Taste

    My idea of taste involves food, a few things I have made over the last year, believe it or not two are sugar free.
  13. Spiders and/or Snakes

    A few shots of spiders from my backyard and on the house.
  14. August Desktops

    My daughter's cat Mikey........