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  1. dubby

  2. cloning hdd

    Hi Smokey..I did the cloning sunday. Everything worked out good.(for a change). The instructions I used from my acronis 2015 was the same as what you posted. Thanks for your input. Dub
  3. cloning hdd

    Thanks for the comeback Ski.. I think tomorrow would be a good day for it. Dub
  4. cloning hdd

    Hi to all..Planning to clone my sata hdd to a new sata hdd,(the source hard drive is making few odd noises), using Acronis True Image 2015. Thought maybe I could get a little input from you guys & gals. Acronis instructions are pretty good, but seems like there is always some things that don't go right.(at least with me). This is my first time cloning. PC has W-8.1. Thanks..Dub
  5. wmp & wmc

    Hi Broni..With WMC it worked as you said & the post on the url that r.a.d. posted. Last nite I was trying it with WMP & it was different. When clicking properties, then advanced , it got me into an all together different window that did not have the administrator choice, so went back to the properties window, & at the top it had compatibility & some other choices. I clicked compatibility & under settings it had the "run this program as an administrator" choice. Clicked it all is good. Thanks for your come back. Dub
  6. wmp & wmc

    Hi r.a.d....It seems as tho that url is for w7. There must be a difference. There must be a fix, but as yet cannot find it. Thanks for your come back...Dub
  7. wmp & wmc

    We have these on w8.1. The only way they will open is to right click & click "run as administrator". Is there a way to by-pass this & just click on a short cut to open them. This is no biggy , but would like to be able to do it that way. Thanks...Dub
  8. Saving Photos

    Hey Bighorn...that works. Thanks ever so much..off to saving photos. Dub
  9. Saving Photos

    I would like to save some of the photos posted on SC , but when right clicking it does not give me the choices, save, etc. Are these somehow protected or am I doing something wrong?(not the first time)!!! There are some beautiful photos. I like to decorate my walls with them. Thanks Dub
  10. KB2742597 will not install

    Hi Broni..Looks as tho' you saved my bacon again. Downloaded & installed the remaining updates (except 1.1), & everything looks good. Many, many thanks again. Dub
  11. KB2742597 will not install

    Broni..Completed the path you directed me on, and so far everything looks super.. I have a few more updates to do but they are not that nasty one..Will finish in AM. My old eyes are getting tired. BTW , I have it set up for them to notify me and then I do the Custom search.. I noticed In the Control Panel that Net Framework 1.1 was not listed. In the non critical list in Windows Update it is listed. I think I will leave it there. Will let you know the final results in AM. Thanks again. Dub
  12. KB2742597 will not install

    Hi again..I used the new url , downloaded, & it done the same thing as before..I must have goofed up some time ago to get myself in this mess. It really isn't such a big thing since the PC is working well. Just irritating. Thanks. Dub
  13. KB2742597 will not install

    Hi Broni..thanks for the come back. Went to that web site and downloaded the fix. Then installed it (almost), At the end it gave me this. "The feature you are trying to use is on a CD-Rom or other removable disc that is not available. Insert the Microsoft Net Framework 1.1 disc and click OK." At the bottom was "Use Source-Microsoft.Net Framework 1.1 [Disk 1] Brouse" . I clicked Browse and goes to My Documents. where the file name was netfx and Files of type was Installation Package (*.msi). I clicked Open and got netfx.msi. File not found. Please verify correct file name was given. Error 1706. No valid source could be found for product Microsoft Net Framework 1.1. The Windows installer cannot continue. Excuse the length of this but didn't know any other way of stating my case. The original error when tried to install with normal Windows Update was Error Code 0x643.Thanks for you patience. Dub
  14. KB2742597 will not install

    Hi to all..On our XP machine KB2742597 will not install. Wondering if any of you guys & gals had that problem and if so, found a (simple) solution . Many,many hits on Google but most of the solutions didn't work for the people on the different forums, or they looked to complicated for me. Would appreciate any help. Dub