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  1. Antenna for wireless card

    This the one I use. I dIdn't see it mentioned
  2. onion pi
  3. I use vmware workstation for installing other operating systems. I don't know why you are limited to 4 partitions? I have never been limited that way as long as your hard drive is large enough. When I install ubuntu and other linux o.s. I always let the linux os do the partition's But using vmware I'm able to run multiple os without that opredictament. There are free virtual clients like vmware player and virtualbox but I have found that investing in vmware workstation works better for me. Hope this helps!!
  4. Routers and Thunderstorms

    I live in Florida and FPL has offered surge protection at the meter for around $ 12.00 per month which I have then ups protection at my computers and routers. I never shut my equipment off during storms. Of course that's just my personal experience.
  5. Try this link from google Ron
  6. Windows 7 - first look

    Nice job Broni
  7. Windows 7 - first look

    You have to download the bitorrent file.
  8. Windows 7 - first look

    Windows 7 Build 6956 VHD has been released.
  9. New Service Pack

    I let Microsoft download this service pack on 5 computers without problems. 4 are XP Pro and 1 XP Home.
  10. Vista icons

    Tweak VI for Vista Try this