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  1. 13 Things

    Jram , You brought up some interesting points , I will have to check out your facts . I thought crimes and abortions were dropping because of some earlier program etc; by the way some of those programs don't exist or lost their funding now . Fran I'm sorry , and i do remember very well what happened before , So I will tone it down some , Maybe because of Thankgiven dinner we had a rule not to talk politics , cause you wouldn't belive the split that has been caused by this administration even in a close family <S>
  2. 13 Things

    I'm also a Republican , but reading your list , makes me think your are , the expression ,"walking on both sides of the street at the same time" Your list conflicts with your beliefs , YOU need to look at it outside of the box , so to speak !! Let me just mention a few . Put "God" doesn't correspond with at least almost half of what you mentioned . Freedom or Religion was one of the reason this great nation was created ! Next I have never seen a fellow Democrat not honor our Military , Not agreeing with the wars like last three doesn't mean you disrespect the military , it means you disrespect the higher up decisions made . AS far a honoring the flag , I somewhat agree with you ,and wished they all did , but you have to also remember those battles were fought to allow them to do it !! You want to have Hillary held accountable , why not Trump held also for his wrong doings .?? And looking at actual facts I cannot see where Hillary was as bad as his propagandize portrayed . You need to do a actual research on Trump and then you might see the difference . You might be the victim of "cognitive dissonance " or you might be in the "Dunner Kruger" effect . I shouldn't have stated that to you , but all my friends love this guy and even when he does something wrong they can't see it or have an excuse for him !!! I want to repeat , and repeat , don't be "bios " and do a fact looking up research MY 2 cents
  3. Win 7 No Sound

    Just a note , BC , I thought it was mentioned ,to try them on something else to see if the speakers were bad . In a previous post ? Speakers go bad , but just as much the connection , just a wiggle or a twist makes a difference sometimes . I have repaired a lot of speakers, or have thrown them away . Sometimes it is just a pot or the switch . What really gets me is all the free printers i get , That could have been fixed just by unplugging them and trying again . When i get them most work fine , I just give them away !!
  4. Win 7 No Sound

    Like Broni stated , or maybe need to go to device manager or the specs of the computer and see what drivers are needed and reinstall for the sound card you have . But like he mentioned , not by a unknow , go to the site that is legit !! You do have a choice of installing a live linux and see if your sound works, this will tell you it is ok with the hardware system ,and is a "OS" problem .
  5. firefox quantum

    I kind of like the new "Firefox" . seems to be faster and better presented . One flaw is could not get "Silverlight" . But could not get it to work on "Edge" either , had to use "IE" to get around . I wish they had it working cause of a goverment assessment database site i go to see parcels, and to see the map view silverlight is required !!
  6. firefox quantum

    I'm wondering if he confused "top sites" as bookmarks like i kind of did at first , since my first page had all the recent sites i used i just clicked on them instead of bookmarks , caused these were what i used regular anyway . But the "Bookmark " still had all mine , but the first page with the top sites were different until i used them again , you can also move your mouse on the top site section and click edit and show two rows instead , makes it more like before . Will have to research what Broni said about the "addons"
  7. firefox quantum

    For the change of bar , Menu "customize" on the bottom pick "themes , choices are light , dark , default " You just need to rest the mouse on them to view
  8. firefox quantum

    I don't know if this is the right categorize ., but I'M kind of liking the new version , anyone else have any imput on the "Firefox Quantum " ??
  9. NY Terrorist Attack - Halloween

    Nick ,that was a good one !!
  10. Win10 OS 1709 upgrade came out

    John , I agree with Shay on this , Windows 10 does have some updates that happen even when your trying to use the computer and a lockup occurs or you just can't use the resources , I 've mentioned this here before , I have proved it by checking the time and the freeze up or slowing to that particular time of the update on many .This alone makes me mad cause it can happen at the time you need the computer or those resources to run . I notice you mentioned "CCleaner and Hitman Pro " , This tells me that you are already having other issues , because i don't recommend them to regular users , so I"m assuming you are not a novice when it comes to computers .
  11. I checked no , but I"M ashamed to say that ,cause I would advise others to have it done , Shame , shame on me !!!
  12. NY Terrorist Attack - Halloween

    I have to agree with Roky on this , I do believe this man doing what he did , probably expected to die . Maybe his living until they do the death call or solitary is more punishment , then death . We are not like them , we have to do the judicial procedure . and let him learn that the virgins aren't there for him ?? With that knowledge and wait , maybe more punishment in his mind . This is a hard call , I would like to see him live and be punished in the only ways he knows first !!
  13. Who will help us

    jram , you have a RIGHT to boil !!
  14. It's time for sanity NOW

    Very interesting topic , Jram started , I'm from a very rural area , and i hunt , so you can't take my guns away !!! This my view somewhat , but look down further ! But I do understand Jram , Fran's , and Shay's point , and i do respect Roky's view , his are like my friends views. . I would like to know Mike's and Broni's view on this also , cause I do respect them . First lets agree we have to have a drivers license to drive and also provide insurance . Second we have a right to protect our self and family , but their has to be some requirements !! But lets look at the whole picture , we have , crime , drugs , assaults , and murders !! WE all want to be able to live a good and peaceful life for our family . I say we have to look at this logically .The programs that took care of some of these problems lost their money , next the training of our law officers lost the funding . Unqualified people were put in place . Because of budgets restraints . WE have to learn to Pay a higher TAX in order to fund this stuff . I'm trying to tell you high taxes can be good . The cost of living good will reflect and come to what is good for all . Where Rocky lives compared to where Fran lives also needs to be understood . guys I"m only using you this from example from what you have gave . And I hope rocky didn't mean what he said , ( I"m done in boiling point )
  15. Seagate Update

    It has always been recommended in the computer world , never do a bios or firmware update , UNLESS needed . But I have heard the new motherboards are better at it , some even say with a loss of power .