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  1. Who will help us

    jram , you have a RIGHT to boil !!
  2. In my opinion that pastor ,should have asked his congregation , to help him make this decision. NOT by doing it on his own . I have a problem with MAN-made religion . I probably should not have said that on this site , but I"M known to be a little different . I think the people in his congregation , if morally , would have volunteered to help keep the grave site , and offered to pay . Remember it was the one who couldn't answer , that should have been honored , funerals are for the living , and not for the dead , I hate to say that . I just cannot see how that would have went the other way , the pastor was wrong , if i was a follower of his. I still don't understand people who are religious , who do and say what they do are right and end up doing the opposite .!! As you know , I don't have a profile , I"M not an atheist ,but I have a problem believing in man-made religion . Look in the history , wars were created , etc :: I do somewhat believe in a supreme being , but he or she is a nice one and believes in love and equality for all
  3. It's time for sanity NOW

    Very interesting topic , Jram started , I'm from a very rural area , and i hunt , so you can't take my guns away !!! This my view somewhat , but look down further ! But I do understand Jram , Fran's , and Shay's point , and i do respect Roky's view , his are like my friends views. . I would like to know Mike's and Broni's view on this also , cause I do respect them . First lets agree we have to have a drivers license to drive and also provide insurance . Second we have a right to protect our self and family , but their has to be some requirements !! But lets look at the whole picture , we have , crime , drugs , assaults , and murders !! WE all want to be able to live a good and peaceful life for our family . I say we have to look at this logically .The programs that took care of some of these problems lost their money , next the training of our law officers lost the funding . Unqualified people were put in place . Because of budgets restraints . WE have to learn to Pay a higher TAX in order to fund this stuff . I'm trying to tell you high taxes can be good . The cost of living good will reflect and come to what is good for all . Where Rocky lives compared to where Fran lives also needs to be understood . guys I"m only using you this from example from what you have gave . And I hope rocky didn't mean what he said , ( I"m done in boiling point )
  4. Seagate Update

    It has always been recommended in the computer world , never do a bios or firmware update , UNLESS needed . But I have heard the new motherboards are better at it , some even say with a loss of power .
  5. Installing 10 comment vs linux

    Thanks for the imput . Ubuntu does handle vmware and virtual box pretty good , was just wondering about antix etc:\ Virtual who is looking here , just want to mention , it is great , just a click and you are running the other system entirely by itself within the system , very impressive !!
  6. Broni

    If you don’t mind there are a few things I would like to run by you.

    First, I think I once even asked when you did the “FRST” thing ,if you just

    typed in the find option , and typed “Att” to get what you needed .

    But Later on I realized , (after copying every fixlist you gave. And

    not realizing it was also there in the beginning of the fix when ran ) . Most of the time I understood the first and last text and in between somewhat .


    When I said somewhat , I realized some of the in between ment nothing

    to me , then I looked a little deeper in to it . I read some in other sites like

    bleeping computer “ and some tutorials at “Britec” !


    Anyway I realized you were looking at the whole thing , which impressed me

    such as “ one month files , one month modifies files . Application errors

    system errors , etc , etc .


    My next comment , I get some people that are , Will my computer is slow and not responding , I’ll just get a new one . I TRY to explain to them , they would probably have the same problem with the new one , the fix Is in YOU .


    Then I have the ones that cannot afford a new one and need help .

    Those I try to help .


    The site you have here , I just can’t say enough , I wish I could

    give more , I haven’t gave hardly anything, I feel bad on that , I just wish you would charge something , but I do like seeing I’m a supporting member .

    But Broni that was while back and only on what I though the subscription

    price was at that time . Time as passed and I have not paid any more ,but

    I do like seeing “ supporting member “ But I feel guilty !!!


    What do you think the future will do here , I would like to see you doing what you do , which is great , but also the future , such as the new money

    thing on about id threat , id thing will be bigger in the future , in my

    opinion .




    I’m hoping you are independently wealthy and can continue this site

    Or you have people like JohnT , Jram, and Peggy , and administrators

    that are excellent and moderators with great

    people like FRAN and MIKE and ROKY .

    THAT keep this site up and running .


    My next comment is to tell you , I do not do this for a living , but

    I do sometime charge $20 , with that they get me to pick up their

    computer and spend multiple times to fix their computer whether

    it be hardware , software , or malware .

    I usually lose on that cause I guarantee a fix

    Now you have to remember I spend the time either to pick it up or

    do an online work, but not just then , I stay with them to try to fix why they got there in the beginning ,

    I also give them this site and ask them to go there and contribute .

    But not only that I will show them how to run your utilities and

    do the copy and paste thing to get their computer fixed , but they

    also learn how to use their computer .And I don’t want their money



    1. nodsh


      I misunderstood , I thought I was just responding to Broni

    2. Broni


      hmm...i'm not totally sure what you wanted to say :)

    3. nodsh


      Sorry , I didn't totally realize the workings of the site , since I've haven't used all of it ??

      When you had the new upgrade of the site ,years back, ,  I'm still stuck in the old one <S>.

      Didn't realize the green rectangle little box <S>  .  I'm not one to dive in some stuff , which i probably should.

      I haven't dove in here and used and tried all the improvements and changes also I type faster than i think and am somewhat

      dyslexic .

      What i ment to say , I realize now , you do look at the whole thing , and it not just a click fix , I also realize the method and order

      of your fixes and the utilities that you run and the order that you run them have a order for a reason !!

      I'm impressed and I just wanted you to know that i felt guilty not showing the appreciation with a donation .

      Also I guess I kinda of wanted to know , how secure the site is , I would not be able to handle it if i thought financially

      things went sour , and I took advantage of it without doing my part .

      Broni , sorry  ,  I do sometimes have a problem to communicate .


  7. Murphy's Other 15 Laws

    Nick the last one really got me <S>
  8. Installing 10 comment vs linux

    I haven't tried a virtual with anitx , yet , would like to know if possible . I mean Antix main os !!
  9. Installing 10 comment vs linux

    Rocky , I have that issue sometimes , but i do like and i think it works good is "Vmware" which i like better then "virtualbox " But the free version was harder to locate , everything worked good network , usb ,etc: I have a special scanner , that had no drivers that would work unless xp , my ubuntu main laptop with vmware and xp handles it perfect . Also a map program I have and a autocad program same thing . Vm is the way to go , If you guy or gals have tried others that work good also , i would like to hear the feedback
  10. I have made many remarks about how i hated to install windows , esp Vista , and how Ubuntu and Antix x and other linux compared to doing a install . What i meant was not so much doing the install , but the updates and necessary stuff to get it up and running good . I have to admit 10 was easy , with very little input needed , and leaving on over night , most major updates happened . This has been pretty straight forward on the number of clean install, on the ones I"ve done recently . But I do have issue with , some of their major updates happen when you need to do some thing and the resource is just not there , I have proved this by the calls i got , when hey, MY computer , locked up , or is not responding , or acting very slow , I check the time when these issues happened , and it was always the time a certain update occurred , I do have an issue with them on that . The upgrade version allows you to control that !! w
  11. SuperAntiSpyWare

    Years ago I used I think they were called "Adaware , and Spybot S@D " I think that what is what they were called . When Malwarebytes came out , that has been the one and only for me , It has fixed and cured so many computers that ,i ask all , to get it . If it doesn't do the job , I mention to them about here and follow Broni or at least go to "Bleepingcomputer" The help that Broni provides is just , "I can't say enough" , and to have sites like "bleeping computer ," I'm hoping that malwarebyte continue , but i'm guessing that in the future it will be all pay like a good av years ago , was . They allowed free use until bugs were fixed and then charged a somewhat high price ?
  12. Friends computer lost all audio after update.

    BC Lets start at the beginning and kind of forget about the update of ff. Is this a desktop with external speakers ? Do they know or has it been verified ,they work ? How about headset ?? Anything show up in device manager ? I did one for a senior a couple months ago , even after everything ,even drivers etc ; still couldn't get to work . She had a spare tv / monitor in kitchen . I did the hdmi out and she has sound , the motherboard for that particular brand was very expensive so she decided to use that instead and things are still working fine .
  13. Friends computer lost all audio after update.

    A firefox update and then NO audio at all , none , I would look back in audio settings on output and see if a possible change happened , by a playback missup etc; Haven't seen to many sound cards lately , always been onboard type , even on the later game machines . another possibility, just a coincident ,with ff upgrade . Start at the beginning and go through the basic first . You won't believe how many i've helped that just changed output to digital or hdmi to watch movie and forgot to go back and change it back , or someone else did the change ??
  14. Bitcoins

    Roky , thanks , i believe he mentioned that one the day i visited .
  15. Bitcoins

    Yes on both first two , I'm sure he will remember , Keeper was in the back yard so to speak , and maybe him and mike would have become friends , and i have to say , I miss keeper , he progressed real fast in the beginning of computers so to speak , I'm talking when things were moving fast and some people picked it up quick . especially with no experience at all in the beginning . But that is another story which i should not say any further . I have already said too much . Fran i was lucky enough to see very impressive people in the beginning of this computer thing, remember i keep saying i'm impressed with you on the job you do , I remember the clubs i belonged were young nerds back then , you still impress me . !! And i have to say Broni is the guy , and I when i look back here , it hurts me the seniors i try to get to join here are not doing it , , I just can't say enough about this site and Broni , I will keep trying .