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  1. Mini Liva PC with Ubuntu 16.04 already installed

    The thumbdrives i make are bootable with kodi on laptops . or desktops live bootable no install
  2. Mini Liva PC with Ubuntu 16.04 already installed

    Roky , look like a real good deal . I have to make a comment , I thought all those "XP" generation computer sold with low end hardware , I could give away with linux,so some could have a good computer experience , That worked OK , but the other's I planed on making media centers out of . I installed "kodibuntu" and gave it a shot . It did work , but on most units hd above 720 did work , but with a little extra config each time , I ended giving up on that project . It gets me that I have a thing not much bigger then a deck of cards , running an android os and working perfect , to where i can watch 1080 , and see things i thought i would never see !! Check out , "openelect" , made these , wow , sure gives choices !!! Wanted to add , I think it was more the processors then onboard graphics not up to par ??
  3. Acer Chromebook C710

    quick search Your right about Shay !! , other then "crouton" , this is what i found on a quick search , When i come across one I will give it a shot https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-install-any-linux-distro-on-a-chromebook <S>
  4. FAREWELL JRAM (John Ramsay)

    When Broni put the face book link , by the way , I'm don't have a face book account , but since he was well liked and respected here , I went there to see for myself . The image of him is just what i expected . I feel for his family , and I feel for this site , because they just lost a good person . What a lost , What more can I say . I'm starting to feel like I better get a facebook account , and a smart phone , which i've been holding off to do , but after seeing his facebook , I'm starting to realize what I'm missing . SORRY for this lost
  5. Fran just a comment on your statement , "The sending of thoughts and prayers ". When has that solved a situation , It may make the person or people , feel better, that some are thinking of them . I did not send "thoughts and prayers " but I did think of them and did feel for them , and I hope they get through this terrible situation !! So I guess you can say I did send "thoughts" I think I might have overstepped my boundary's , by saying that and also by getting involved in that chat session . I try to be unbiased on other's view and try to feel why they do , If i offended anyone , I apologize
  6. Problem with internet speed on one computer.

    Glad you got it working good , my curiosity is you had a fix , but what may have created the situation , did you install, or change a setting , or maybe even a virus to have made the difference , and where did you get the info for the fix ???
  7. Roky , I cannot imagine ,what you have went through and experienced , I am from a rural wooded area , with a small population in my home town , its 15 miles just too get to some of what i can call shopping . Since i was only 5' 10" and less then 160 . I took years of Karate and many years of use of a gun . I was one who wanted to be in control of any situation . Boy, was I in for a lesson . Just a further comment , now still the same height , but older and overweight !!! I have spent a day in the one of the worst streets , in Cleveland for a necessary reason , and a day in one of the worst streets at night in Pittsburgh , not far from the main bus station , around midnight , and a day in NY city Talk about the one movie that was popular with the couple at that city . Believe , i now know ,why ?? I was followed by group a couple times demanding money , I was lucky , maybe it was because i stared them in the face and said no ?? Just too mention that happened in all those cities i mentioned . The one time I was asked or should I say demanded , I turned and looked at them and said , I'm in need of some money how about you guys giving me some , they were in disbelief and i think they left me alone , thinking i was crazy . I did forget Erie Pa.. One incident i had my Nunchaku , The cops found them in my car , I did not use them ,but they still detained me, I remember mentioning good thing I didn't have my gun . They took my custom made Nunchaku , which i made , and said if i had a gun in the car , I would never leave . So ever since then I decided not to carry a weapon of any sort , but maybe a baseball bat or cane. Now in my life I only had these , what i can call very stressful situations , that i can probably count on one hand . I just cannot imagine anyone living in that environment and if they do , they have my total respect if they can handle it . I have to admit each of those that i mentioned , , I was SCARED of the unknown , and I did not fill in control . I had to live in one section of Pittsburgh for a while , I couldn't wait to get out of there , Maybe you handle that life cause it is normal for you , but from where i'm from ,people say hi , can I help you , have a good day . P.S I thought , when I was a bartender for band' nites at a popular bar, where I had to deal with situations and throw some out , that was nothing compared to the feelings I had when being alone in those city's under those conditions . Roky . I think i know why you say , what you say , I know nobody knows unless they are in you shoes , I"m kinda of glad I"m not in yours >>
  8. Problem with internet speed on one computer.

    You have my interest , on this one , You were getting good with the other's , yet they still replace the modem and drop line ??? So in other words it was only your computer that was an issue , I agree with Broni on the nic card , but did you try a another cat cable . What was the distance of that cable ? did you just for the heck try it at the location to the one that was good .
  9. Peterc I believe those ads were there , but in my earlier years of hunting and helping a gunsmith sighting guns in , these were not out in the general population , like they are now . Either they cost too much , or just weren't available as much or just plain not popular for the time . As far as your mention of the city , You are right , bad people will always have ways of getting guns . Poor and unhappy people will do drugs and need money , Like Broni mentioned earlier , drugs and being unhappy leads to bad things . I believe the city had more then just a gun problem , if guns were'nt available ,they would find something else to use . You must have misread my comment , I want my guns , and i don't believe some restriction will lead to a complete ban !! Further more arming everybody to stop , violence , there are many people I wouldn't trust with a gun let alone a knife . Even cops with good training cannot control themselves in risky situations
  10. apparently you didn't get my main message . those were not available back then like they are now , and you have to have had the time . MY friends did not have a 10 clip , please tell me the rifle that had that then , and if so , was it bolt action , which still makes it single shot
  11. Need Dual Monitors for Job Now! Please Help!

    Mostly what card will work is what motherboard will handle it , as far as the power rating , it would help to what card you are looking at , and if you have that standard power supply that came with your computer or if you added an upgrade
  12. I need to let off some steam , first of all I want my guns , but i also realize it is not to keep my government in control . That would be kind of foolish with that thought .With the military we have now , I would not stand a chance !!!! Next to say this did not happen years ago , I say there were incidents , but where i live when i was a kid , we usually only got local news and had no idea what was going on the other side of the state. But , and I say But , it was not massive or multiple like we see now . Let me repeat that , it was not like today ,or this time period . My gun as a kid was a single fire , break open or bolt action . Revolver's were either single action or "double action" , They both created a time or accuracy factor , which i will try to explain later . Yes i did go to school , with a gun rack holding a single break open shotgun or single shot to go hunting after school , but i was lucky cause i was one of the few that had a vehicle, other then the "well to do" family's . ( Before I go any further , I will say when i was fourteen , I was working two jobs , and the reason I had a vehicle was to get to work on one of them at the age of sixteen , , I was helping my mother who with seven kids and divorced . I was poor then , and by standard now , I'm poor now !!) What I'm trying to say , those things didn't happen back then (massive shooting) , you're right ,but there are reasons !!! This is a terrible thing to say , but if an idiot came into class with a six shot , or a single shot , me or one of my friends would have jumped him or .to be fair. to say her , or at least time to run , before more were killed , or ourselves ! To Broni statement's , I also believe everything he said is right , about drugs , and i agree this needs to be looked at . Times are different now , It has been shown "ROAD RAGE" with a gun involved death :, with no gun " bloody nose or cracked rib " but you lived !!!! I think Broni was trying to point out more than just a drug issue , if i can go further , I think Broni was right on people needing something because of just wanting to feel good , but not being able too , because of situations out of their control and happy people don't do this stuff . WE do have issue with the family , both parents have to work , kids expect, and parents give, cause they didn't have it , which is bad parenting . What is the answer , I like what Fran said earlier in chat ,but I also understood and felt for the other's . BUT , for the life of me , I cannot see the reasoning behind a young kid who could not vote or drink , or GET a handgun , but could get an ASSAULT rifle . PLEASE give me the reason
  13. Dell with Windows Vista

    You have to remember a new install of windows , does have issues for a while , updating and all the other crap can take a week or more , also some of the drivers might not right or up to date etc; It may take a few days to get things stable , that is one thing i hate about doing a new install , even though a new install sometimes is the best thing for your fix . You should do a hardware check first , first step , i mentioned is what i learned to do from experience and talking with many tech's . One thing is do a memory test , all you need is a cd or usb , and know how to boot to it . One of the first things to do, are no boot,or no monitor ,or no sound , erratic behavior, etc; is too reseat memory. That is my word or reset , remove ram and reinstall . You just cannot believe how many cures were fixed . Boot to a live linux disc and see how the hardware is handled , or actually install a light one and use it , remember you can fdisc and reinstall the windows again.
  14. Dell with Windows Vista

    I'm thinking they must have somehow skipped the step of showing another windows install and allowing you to to delete and do a fresh install , which is what should have been done . Sometimes window esp dell provide extra tools and utility that may disrupt the system , if that is the case , just get a boot disk like ubuntu , and run a live one and do the "gparted " thing and get the drive ready for a clean install . I just mentioned that way , but there are numerous ways , even in dos to do this . He can boot back up with the windows disc and do a delete and then install , that step they must have been missed .!!! Another issue , some dell is set up with to many primarys , like i mentioned before , tool , sytem utilities , etc : THAT is why some who try do a dual boot with linux , will not work , because of the 4 primary rules which are being used!!! Remember the rule , partitions = Only 4 primary's or three primarys plus an extended one !!! Dell and other manufacturers had hidden ones . This was one of the main complaints when i had someone try a duel boot system , they had to delete at least one of the ones like tools , or recover or utilities , I think think the manufactors did that on purpose to stop dual booting to a good system and maybe likeing it ?? Either way i may have gave you too much info , but remember the hard drive manufacturer also had utilities to also help prepare your hard drive for a new install . When you miss the windows way .
  15. Chatbox issue

    your right , there is something wrong