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  1. 4-11-17 Shot of the DAY

    PENGUIN PARADE A group of gentoo penguins cross the beach at sunrise on Saunders Island, the fourth largest island in the Falkland Islands.
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  8. 3-26-17 Shot of the DAY

    BACKYARD BEAUTY The long winter nights of Lapland, Sweden showcase the stunning northern lights in Your Shot photographer Johannes Kormann's backyard.
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  11. 3-22-17 Shot of the DAY

    SURFERS AT SCHEVENINGEN" The winter cold combined with the freezing waters of the North Sea are not a natural environment for surfers. Then again, maybe that is why they [surfers] are so cool" says Your Shot photographer Amir Cengic about this scene in front of the Pier of Scheveningen, a landmark of The Hague, Netherlands.
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