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    New landscape photos Travel the world without leaving your computer.   Stones on the beach   Tags: strone, beach, autumn, clouds Author: aiak     Frosen river   Tags: frosen river, snow, winter, trees Author: Николай Кузьмин       The house in the snow   Tags: church, house, snow, winter Author: Maksim     Morning fog   Tags: fog, river, sunbeam, tree Author: Natsa     Meeting dawn near the church   Tags: church, cupola, winter, snow Author: Иван Смелов     Golden Gate Bridge   Tags: golden gate bridge, San Fracisco, San Francisco bay, Pacific ocean
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    NATIONAL FROZEN YOGURT DAY National Frozen Yogurt Day is celebrated annually on February 6th. Frozen yogurt sales are increasing annually as people want a healthier alternative to ice cream.  The explosion of flavors and topping choices add to the popularity of frozen yogurt.   Frozen yogurt was first developed 1970 in the United States as a soft-serve treat produced by H.P Hood called “Frogurt”. Humphreys and Dannon soon followed with their own versions of the treat. Its popularity grew in the 80s, mostly due to frozen yogurts “health food” status. Ice cream manufacturers soon caught on, offering low fat options. Frozen yogurt is again making a come back as consumers have begun to prefer the tart taste of yogurt. HOW TO OBSERVE Give the following recipes a try: Creamy Vanilla Frozen YogurtChocolate Frozen YogurtCherry Cheesecake Frozen YogurtFrozen Strawberry Yogurt Use #NationalFrozenYogurtDay to post on social media. HISTORY Within our research we were unable to identify the creator of National Frozen Yogurt Day.    
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    37th day of 2016 - 329 remaining Saturday, February 6, 2016 WIN ONE FOR THE GIPPER DAY
  5. 2-06-16 Shot of the DAY

    Wintry Walkabout Photograph by Shaun Wilson Your Shot community member Shaun Wilson submitted this photo of an icy trek in the English Lake District. "We got caught on top of Helm Crag in the snow," he writes. "Helm Crag is a fell in the Central Fells." The mountains in the area, locally known as "fells," aren't imposing compared with other mountains throughout the world, but their beauty is a tourist draw.    
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    After You Read These 9 Facts You'll Sleep MUCH Better At Night   Many people know that you're supposed to get between seven and nine hours of sleep per night, and let's face it—a lot of us don't.    But when you read what happens when you lose too much sleep, you might make a greater effort to start heading to bed on time.          OK 1. Sleep deprivation can lead to a loss of brain tissue.     According to a study in SLEEP journal, just one night of bad sleep can have a negative effect on your brain tissue.         2. It can increase your risk of certain types of cancer.     Breast cancer and colorectal cancers have both been linked to sleep deprivation.             3. It can greatly increase certain emotional tendencies.     You don't want to be this girl.               4. It can increase your risk of an early death.                               5. It can affect your eating habits.     Those who have been deprived of sleep are more likely to make poor decisions when eating, or when grocery shopping for what to eat.                   6. Given the last fact, it should be of little surprise to you that sleep deprivation has been linked to obesity.                               7. It can affect the way you look.     Smeagol looked like Taylor Swift until she started losing a lot of sleep.               8. It increases your chances of contracting the common cold.                         9. It increases your chances of having a stroke.