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  1. 10-22-16 Shot of the DAY

    Gridlock In Thailand The tents of a large night market align in a sprawling grid bright with light and color. Photographer Prasad Ambati writes that it’s a lively venue, where shoppers can purchase antiques, have dinner, and enjoy live music.
  2. Weather 10-22-16

    Still raining here..
  3. ????????

  4. 10-20-16 Shot of the DAY

    In the Wind This shimmering oasis isn’t in a dry, isolated desert. In fact, it’s in Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, located just off of the Atlantic Ocean on Brazil’s northern coast. “Between the sea dunes, you have the sensation of floating between white sheets hung in the wind,” writes Your Shot photographer Donatella Bucci.
  5. 10-19-16

  6. Welcome Pankin8r