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  1. ?????

    New landscape photos Travel the world without leaving your computer. Melnik 1 Tags: panorama, mountains Author: Jirko Movement of the sea Tags: surf, sea, rocks Author: Kotenko Aleksandr Morning by Dnestr Tags: grass, sky, animals Author: igorartmd Fairytale Tags: infrared, trees, water Author: tbj 1 comments The balance 27 Tags: morning, pathway, park Author: ardmi Zmeiny island
  2. 1-19-17 Shot of the DAY

    THE LOOK IN YOUR EYE In the Azores, an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Portugal, a curious blue shark decides to get a close look at Your Shot photographer Mike Harterink’s camera. This “curious,” metallic-colored shark got as close as it could to its human observer, bumping into the camera with its snout. “Just after he touched the dome with his snout we looked each other in the eye for a brief moment,” Harterink writes.
  3. 1-18-17

  4. ?????

    New landscape photos Travel the world without leaving your computer. Mystical Tags: night, river, fog Author: Vadim Trunov After the fishing Tags: boat, people, lake, silhouette Author: c-man Going up the crossing Tags: mountains, panorama, valley Author: permenovdg Winter's whims 1 Tags: winter, hoarfrost, river, snow Author: Angel_ch Alaska Tags: mountains, panorama Author: Litvak.I Sunset by Alushta
  5. 1-12-17 Shot of the DAY

    THEATER IN THE FIELD Wearing a mask that represents a character from Hindu mythology, this dancer in Purulia, a city in West Bengal, India, performs a Chhau dance. The dancers play out scenes from mythological events, often performing at festivals and special occasions. In Purulia, the dance form “exhibits the spontaneity of folk art,” writes Your Shot photographer Sarmistha Bera. “This dance form is sustained and developed by the people of Purulia.”