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  1. ?????

  2. Believe it or NOT

  3. 6-18-17 Shot of the DAY

    STORM'S A-COMING A supercell prepares to storm over a wind farm in Lamar, Colorado. Your Shot photographer Michael Snyder says that watching a storm morph, move, and "blast you with rain, wind and hail is a good time."
  4. ?????

  5. 6/11/17 Shot of the DAY

    LILY HARVEST In Vietnam's Mekong Delta, a woman harvests water lilies. The fertile region is home to a wealth of plants and animals, and its agricultural yield has earned the Delta the nickname of Vietnam's "rice bowl."
  6. Weather 6-11-17

    The heat is on.
  7. ?????

  8. 6/04/17 Shot of the DAY

    EAGLE TRAINING In Mongolia, a hunter named Saliukhan pauses with his golden eagle. In this region, training eagles for hunting is a skill that is passed on through generations. The eagles hunt small animals in the mountains, which in turn will be made into traditional fur clothes. Your Shot photographer Biljana Jurukovski writes that once an eagle has been captive for 10 years, the hunter releases it back into the wild.
  9. 5-15-17 Shot of the DAY

    A miner pauses in the ocher mines on the Iranian island of Hormuz. Ocher, which is naturally reddish brown, is used in products like paint, cosmetics, and ceramics.
  10. 5-09-17 Shot of the DAY

    The northern lights combine with a sunset to make a beautiful landscape photograph. The Lofoten Islands of Norway, where this shot was taken, are a picturesque place to see the lights from September to April.