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  1. guns and repond to some of the chat views

    They said that last night Nick .. Never seen such well educated kids for their age .. That must be some school..
  2. Honoring our troops

    Wow , for that kind of money I'd get a caddy and turn the headlights on ..
  3. February Desktops

    Pretty Girl ..
  4. guns and repond to some of the chat views

    They're talking about arming the teachers.. Really ? And you guys are running the country ? Not really , Big Money for your campaign .. They need to clean out the vermin in Washington , and vote in new members ..
  5. Alarm

  6. Weather 2-20-18

    75 here tomorrow .. 70 today, then 40 on Friday ..
  7. POTW Leaves

  8. Koalas and Kangaroos

    Post # 5 Photo # 3
  9. Daily picture

  10. Daily picture

    Pretty Birds ..
  11. Dell with Windows Vista

    Thanks Guys ..
  12. Spam to a stranger from my Number

    Thanks ..
  13. Spam to a stranger from my Number

    She was a older Lady Rok.. I doubt she was a spammer . Sure i have voice mail..
  14. Spam to a stranger from my Number

    Got a call today from a Lady that said she is getting Spam calls from my Phone # .. New one on me ..
  15. Dell with Windows Vista

    Quote : Well, I got it working to a point, but it has all the bad issues Vista had. Incredibly slow and freezing screens constantly. Could there be a component issue or maybe a virus of some sort that's causing this?