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  1. Bogus Emails

    Seems after weeks I can finally post here from the dinosaur iPad. Hmm... David, might it be a difference in settings on your Vista email client?
  2. Days under the sun and rain.

    Our best wishes and thoughts to you and yours. When in hospital, they might provide a nicotine patch as they did me several times, helps take the edge off.
  3. Days under the sun and rain.

    Glad you're home safe & sound after that start! Good pix!
  4. Wonders

    Breath of fresh air!
  5. Flooding where I live

    BC, remembering back, I changed grits from relatively coarse to much finer, the orbital was for the edges. Can't remember whether I used multiple coats of clear oil-base or a water-base finish. Probably the former given the times I did it. Never used one of those machines again, but once did see a floor where someone drummed it wrong and how deep the sandpaper dug in. Not pretty, in fact, I think new wood had to be layed. Bet that contractor lost some bucks on his helper's goof!
  6. Flooding where I live

    Nick, things are looking pretty damn good there, kudos! I used a drum sander only once, a painting/slight remodeling job where I had to also re-finish their floor. After renting the machine, I found a floor guy who was doing the same elsewhere and he was nice enough to say "Watch closely." I did, soaking up his technique like a sponge. Back to my job, I sanded the floor and it turned out pretty good, though I was a nervous wreck from so much concentration. After finishing it looked like glass. Had to use a Makita orbital sander in spots prior. Plumbing and electrical! Forget it! I'll pick up the phone instead! :)
  7. June Desktops

    Half Dome Post 13
  8. Earth

    Great photos!
  9. Wonders

    Sheesh, not oiled canvas (guns here are oiled), waxed canvas. The hot temps here are frying the brain I guess.
  10. Wonders

    Looked it up and that is probably the orgins. Another scent I love (many will call me crazy as many find it unpleasant) is Bear Clover. Yosemite and the Sierras are filled with it at certain elevations. The greens have the scent, the flowers nominally so: http://www.yosemitehikes.com/wildflowers/mountain-misery/mountain-misery.htm Edit/add: gets my outdoor blood running, kinda like old oiled O.D. Canvas tents.
  11. Wonders

    Lupine also is not known for fragrance, but at about 7,000 ft. Elevation in the Sierras there was a bush-type Lupine whose scent was phenomenal. They smelled purple, and I've found the color of a flower has scents that correspond. Quick add: our front yard has purple Lantana, and yep, they smell purple. :)
  12. Wonders

    Love Lupine! #3 almost looks like Indian Paintbrush.
  13. Malwarebytes, Free Version

    You're very welcome Webweaver, hopefully the info was of help.
  14. Malwarebytes, Free Version

    It's recommended from a security standpoint as they are both complimentary rather than conflicting. Each looks for different threats. Even the Malwarebytes Premium with real-time protection is designed to work side by side with an active antivirus. This is, I suspect, true with Windows Defender as well, but am not familiar with that product. Bear in mind that the Malwarebytes free is only for scanning and removal after an infection. I gave up Windows when the last XP computer died here, but another layer of protection I always had was SpywareBlaster. This is totally passive (free version required periodic manual updating) that simply inserts certain entries in the Windows registry to prevent infection from malicious sites, it has no scanning engine. I just checked and it's compatible with Win. 10. You're probably fine without it, but I always installed it on the XP computers since it used no resources at all. https://www.brightfort.com/spywareblaster.html
  15. Nature.

    Beautiful, all of them! I believe #4 is art, either acrylic or vibrant oils?