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  1. Possible Explanation?

    Shay, Windows Creator is now installed. Did it yesterday.......and all seems to be okay. Broni, two Windows Updates were also installed yesterday. KB4021572 - Update for Microsot Windows (8/21/17) KB4034674 - Security Update for Microsoft Windows (8/21/17) I now have 6 Updates shown------two on the previous version of Windows (one is forAdobe Flash Player) on 7/11/17. Also one from 10/8/15 (Microsoft Visual C+) and one on 6/26/16 (Microsoft Silverlight). That is the extent of it. It seems to be that Updates differ for everyone. My sincere thanks, always, Shay and Broni, for your expertise and help. It's much appreciated.
  2. Possible Explanation?

    Good morning Shay, I already have Windows Anniversary Update installed (vs 1603) and have had it for quite some time. Did I misunderstand, or did you mean the current Creator Update? Thanks, Shay.
  3. Possible Explanation?

    My system settings continue to show that I have the 1607 version of Windows 10. There has been no further attempt by Windows to update it to the Creator version.....1703. So, I did the following: Under System and Security, I clicked on "Fix problems with Windows Updates". In new window, I clicked on 'try troubleshooting as administrator", in next window ..."detecting problems", it states REPAIR WINDOWS UPDATE DATABASE CORRUPTION. Below this, it states: "One troubleshooting step to resolve WU issues is to delete and re-download updates to your computer. Would you like to try this step now? Depending on your network configuration, you may incur download costs." (I'm not sure what they mean by the possibility of incurring costs....maybe someone here may have an answer to that one.....but my main focus right now is mainly the Windows Update problem itself.) Would you recommend I follow the step they suggest? Thanks for your help.
  4. Possible Explanation?

    Thank you Kenneth, I will do that.
  5. Possible Explanation?

    Broni, this is still puzzling to me.....maybe over-reacting. I manually checked for updates again, and it continues to state (as I mentioned above) "Your device is up to date. Last checked: Today, ‏‎11:21 AM" . But in "Update History" it states "no updates have been installed yet". On the same Update History page, I then clicked on "uninstall updates" and 13 Updates are listed, the last three were installed on 8/8/17. Does this look right to you?
  6. Possible Explanation?

    Yes I did, Broni. Says "my device is up to date". Shay, I use Avast Free antivirus and have Defender disabled. So, I'm assuming Defender can't update???
  7. Possible Explanation?

    About 3/4 of an hour ago, or so, while using my desktop, the blue windows update screen appeared with the message "Windows is getting your computer ready do not close your computer"......the normal message which usually appears whenever updates are downloaded and installed. When I returned to the computer about 15 minutes ago, the screen was back to my normal desktop. BUT apparently NO updates were installed. Looking at my installed updates, the last three were installed on August 8. Might they be preparing for installing Windows Creator Update? I completed the security check awhile back and currently still have Windows version 1607. What do you all think?
  8. Malwarebytes, Free Version

    Thank you, r.a.d, for the information.
  9. Malwarebytes, Free Version

    Is Malwarebytes even necessary in windows 10? I'm using Avast-Free as anti-virus. Or maybe use Windows Defender and remove the Avast (so as not to conflict two anti-virus)? Reading some of these online forums, it seems to me that many interpret "anti virus" and "anti-malware" as synonymous.....which I've always believed were not......
  10. Malwarebytes, Free Version

    Thank you Ski52 and r.a.d. It's nice to know one can download a previous free version.
  11. Malwarebytes, Free Version

    Is Malwarebytes still free? I have used the free version for years, and have been completely happy with it. But I've received the notification that a new version was ready (always received similar notifications in the past with no problems) but after download, I noticed it was the "14 Day Trial". I have no wish for the paid version. Can anyone verify this? Thanks.
  12. Word 2007 question on windows 10

    Would any of these help? https://tinyurl.com/y74tj7hc' Here is another..... http://tinyurl.com/22tjg8k
  13. uBlock Origin

    Wow, Shay, what an interesting article. From here-on-out, I will boycot this browser also. Any recommendation as to which browser most meets that need?
  14. uBlock Origin

    I presently have the uBlock Origin add-on in my Firefox browser. I decided to add it on to my Microsoft Edge browser also but, after doing so, I noticed that it retains all sorts of browsing information. Seeing that, I decided to uninstall it. Can anyone recommend another ad blocker for the Edge browser which does not collect such a magnitude of personal information?
  15. Ant Video Downloader

    Shay, thank you very much. Not sure I'll be able to use it with MS Edge, but I can always count on you for assistance, or a reply. Have a wonderful evening. Addendum. For anyone else who may be interested, I just found this free software (cannot offer any opinion) http://www.youtubebyclick.com/Microsoft-Edge-Video-Downloader.php