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  1. Daily picture

    Just watched a tv show last week with them.
  2. Proper critter care

    Been through it a few times. Seen fish cross roads many a time.
  3. repost

  4. Daily picture

    Crested auklet https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crested_auklet
  5. Saturday Photos of the day

    Wow Talk about a blast from the past.
  6. Friday Photos of the day

    Moderate in several forums, and the blocking is one I have been hit with before. Admin, can be a real PITA on a new forum.
  7. Friday Photos of the day

    Thanks, got limited data, so when I get to the lnternet through a router, I will give it a shot. Probably the Pecos area.
  8. I have witnessed what scouts can come up with, they can be tough and with no help at all. Troop committee chairman, basically assistant scout master.
  9. Amazon

    Road trains, believe me, if someone rolls those tractor and trailers in town, ain't much moving.
  10. Friday Photos of the day

    Still jammed up. I will wait a couple day.