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  1. MS 10 creator update

    HI Broken Club so were you able to fix it? What bugged me was it kept sayin go to microsoft and change your password .I could not log in so how could I go and change my password. delighted it is back on track. I am not sure why it changed its mind I kept using the same one take care .
  2. MS 10 creator update

    OMG! I went out for a few hours.. came home tried a few more times.finally it says use the last password you used in the past . so I typed it in under frustration would you believe it worked the screen said welcome to creator.I was indeed pleased.I need a drink lol Thanks so much..
  3. MS 10 creator update

    Hi thanks so much for your help I am using hubbys pc .my laptop was working fine no problems before I uploaded creator I did ccleaner Malwarebytes ran scan the update was smooth took about an hour then when it was finished I tried to log in and it would not accept my log in How to geek info is good to reset password. I. my laptop will not accept password it is frustrating. Thanks eh I have to go out for a while will check back later..
  4. MS 10 creator update

    Hi your help would be appreciated please I was informed creator was ready to be updated, so I just click update. it updated fine no problem I entered my password it would not accept it .I know I put the right one. I rebooted same problem Help please I have a Dell laptop studio 1749 I use latest version of FF and Edge. THANK YOU
  5. Happy Birthday John T

    HI John T Piggy and I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday.. all the best on your special day cheers piggy and me

    OMG Peggy thanks so much.... so so cute Piggy says oink oink thanks in Pig Latin.... How is Robyn and kids? I guess they are no longer kids please say hi for me.
  7. ALL the best to all you moms oink oink from piggy and me
  8. February Desktops

    awwwww post #5
  9. WOT web of trust no longer trusted

    HI Broken Club Thanks to Fran beat me to it Yes.that is exactly how I did it in FF.
  10. WOT web of trust no longer trusted

    more info This is from their forum
  11. WOT web of trust no longer trusted

    You guys have always been there fir me so I am returning the favor check this out read to the bottom...readers response are good.Pass it on lets help get these crooks out of business
  12. I read this elsewhere so I removed WOT from my laptop. The Web Of Trust (WOT) add-on was removed silently by the popular web browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox soon after it was reported on German media that the add-on ‘Web Of Trust’ collects and sells the browsing history of users to third-parties, without even bothering to anonymize the user data. Also the WOT website had to admit it . HTH (HOPE THIS HELPS.
  13. Media player for W10

    I to got VLC from here way back when it works fine.....go for it
  14. Intel

    Thank you how is Millie purrrs
  15. Intel

    Hi my geek friends Intel is arguably the biggest and most-trusted name in chips for computers. “Intel Inside” is considered a mark of quality. Now it turns out that the Intel Driver Update Utility poses a security risk. The driver checked for updates over an unencrypted connection leaving it vulnerable to an attack that could trick it into downloading malicious software. Versions 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 of the driver update utility are affected. Intel has issued a driver update that you can download by clicking here. Before i do anything your opinion would be appreciated. Please.I have a Dell laptop with intel core using windows 10 browser firefox 440 using Gmail.Do I need to download the mention driver Thank you so much