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  1. April Desktops

    Post 4
  2. POTW Dancing

    Post 4 no2
  3. Flooding where I live

    It is very exhausting. Once all that is done paint stripped and walls repainted the floor needs to be sanded and varnished that is going to be a nightmare as all the boards have warped, This is going to take months to repair.
  4. Flooding where I live

    This filter still works. It was completely submerged. Some work needed.
  5. Flooding where I live

    We had a tragedy this morning one of my neighbors committed suicide, she lost everything in the flood and had no insurance. My wife and I are devastated as she was a close friend.
  6. Flooding where I live

    No food shortages in fact a lot of places are already open, even my fav coffee shop is up and running now I dont have to start the day without a jumbo flat white with 2 sugars.
  7. Flooding where I live

    Getting Microban is not a problem
  8. Flooding where I live

    Its cement rendering over brick walls. My place is double brick. and it was built in 1927 so the render will have to come out as a lot of it is damaged now. At the moment I have 3 Portable Air Conditioner 's running in Dehumidifier mode. Its all I have and the only reason I have them is because we use them as AC in summer, For the moment there is no place I can get anything else as all the stores were damaged so buying is not an option, and any hire place that had dehumidifiers has rented them out. Any advice is more than welcome See all that missing paint it actually had so much water behind it the paint had big blisters in it
  9. Flooding where I live

    There was 5 feet of water in my lounge.
  10. Flooding where I live

    Mud in house is all cleaned up, now onto the yard.
  11. Flooding where I live

    The workshop was empty, not the house downstairs is a mess and I lost 2 of my fishtanks. Heres a vid of the town center. Video not my work.
  12. Flooding where I live

    This was at 4 am Yes downstairs was flooded about 5 feet of water. This was last time my place flooded I built this. The Skipper and Gilligan? Heres some of my wood working shop. Some renovation work I did 2 years ago.
  13. Flooding where I live

    My garage/shed
  14. Flooding where I live

    This video was taken by me it shows the river in front of my place, These videos are not my work