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  1. Freecell

    for what ever reason Freecell (Windows 7) has got very hyperactive and I don't know why? there are times when I make a move and it happens so fast I have to make sure it did what I wanted. sometimes when I move a column to an empty column it will not go to the top but about halfway down the column and you can't do anything with it. I don't think it is the mouse and it seems to be working ok in other programs and i haven't changed the sensitivity on the mouse. any ideas? thanks steveo since I'm 9790 wins and no losses I would rather not have to reboot. yes i probably should get a life but that is another topic for another day
  2. Freecell

    since I lost FreeCell going from W7 to W10 , I have looked at various versions of FreeCell and none of them have came close to the W7 version. is there a version of FreeCell out there that is even close to the W7 version? the versions I looked at didn't have all of the options or the graphics to match the W7 version. thanks steveo
  3. Windows Live Mail

    sometimes when I reply to an e-mail or forward an e-mail I get a pop up window that says that Windows Live Mail has stopped working and shutting down. it then restarts and everything seems to work fine. the e-mail I sent or forwarded was sent out ok. this has happened with both W7 & W10. any ideas? thanks steveo
  4. Windows 10 questions

    1. Microsoft Security Essentials used to have an icon in the hidden icon in the W7 taskbar. the MSE icon is no longer there so where did it go? 2. sometimes when the website takes a little long to connect there is a "waiting time" warning comes up and it won't connect to the website. hopefully there is a way to change to setting. where would I look to change this? 3. since Windows 10 decided to deleted my Windows 7 version of FreeCell what version is out there that replaces it? I couldn't find any on my computer. thanks steveo
  5. Windows 10 questions

    I did see "Defender" but didn't make the connection so to speak. I was up to 26,400 games played on the FreeCell in the last session with only 22 losses so I'm upset at losing the W7 version of Freecell
  6. one day I'm using you tube and it is working fine with media player. the next day it won't let me look at any video. I tried going back to an earlier version of media player to day when it was working properly and that didn't work. so figured maybe the problem was a little deeper than that so I did a system restore to a date when it was working properly and that didn't fix the problem either. I would like to think I'm overlooking something simple but I'm not sure where to look next. when it stopped working all of the videos are on the left side of the screen instead of the right side and I'm using IE-11 if it matters. up until this time I never had any problems with media player so I would like it if possible I like to keep it. If there is a better "something" out there what would be a good replacement?
  7. you tube & media player

    the only thing I have found and forgot to ask is that when I downloaded firefox it never asked me if i wanted to keep the IE-11 browser. I don't think i missed it so i have some more learning to do about that
  8. you tube & media player

    well I think I have everything back up and running. I have the afternoon to figure out what I did. there is more to watch on you tube these days. thanks everybody
  9. you tube & media player

    the HTML 5 box is checked in the advanced options. so how do I install Firefox to use the videos and keep it from overriding IE-11?
  10. you tube & media player

    from what I'm learning is that if I what to view you tube video's is that I have to get rid of IE-11 and change over to Firefox. is that true or did I miss something? I assume there isn't a way to use HTML 5 with IE-11
  11. you tube & media player

    so where is the HTML 5 add on and how to install it?
  12. you tube & media player

    I have looking at some stuff called Windows Media Player RTSP & RSTP URL. it appears there is a download and it will fix my problem looking at you tube? I'm still looking around before I make a major step in changing my computer
  13. you tube & media player

    I was looking at the Firefox website and their tutorial information I didn't see how I would be able use all of the "favorites" that I have from IE-11. does that mean I would have to start all over again?
  14. you tube & media player

    I downloaded the fix and that didn't fix the problem. I downloaded the latest version of flash player from the Adobe website and that didn't fix the problem either. I looked at the list of programs and was wondering what is the difference between "16 Active X" and "16 NPAPI"? for some reason I think has to be simple and I sure didn't make any changes to anything.
  15. you tube & media player

    it is version 16 of flash player
  16. you tube & media player

    so where is flashplayer located at?
  17. Windows 7 & cookies

    in my old computer with xp I would do a search on "local settings" and from there I could go to some temp files to get rid of the cookies that had accumulated over the past week. I have been looking for the same way or similar in Windows 7 and don't seem to be able find it. does Windows 7 do things differently and/or how do I get to the place to get rid of the cookies? thanks Steveo
  18. Microsoft's Office 365

    so is Oracle going to start chargeing a fee for what is now free or is there another version of open office that is going cost?
  19. spybot

    after running spybot it tells me I have the following spyware "marketscore.releventknowledge" but even with the administrator turned on it won't remove it? is there another setting I may have missed in spybot? or is there another program that will remove it? thanks Steveo
  20. spybot

    so was I expecting too much from Spybot with this spyware? I know it is free but having to go through the extra steps to remove something doesn't seem right either. I see that Webroot antispy software is rated high for what it is worth but it costs $20 and I wonder if it would have caught the spyware Spybot wouldn't remove? In this day and age is Spybot overrated even for being free? Thanks Steveo
  21. open office

    I just downloaded open office to see how it works and so far so good. I'm curious in that it does an amazing imitation of Microsoft Office , how could they make something that close to Office and not get into trouble with Microsoft? Just curious Thanks Steveo
  22. norton

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to get rid of Norton. If I remember right from a number of years ago is that using the uninstall on the computer that is doesn't always get all of it. is that still the case? if not what other program removes the rest of it? thanks Steveo
  23. norton

    I decided for now anyway to go with the Microsoft Security Essential and everything seems to be working just fine. best of all is Norton is gone. thanks Steveo
  24. norton

    thanks. now I just have to decide what I'm going to replace it with. thanks Steveo
  25. after years of dealing with dial up I finally made the switch to cable internet. in the process I also had to buy a new computer which I figured I might have to do anyway. to that end I bought a Preario CQ56 and while it certainly ain't a top of the line laptop it is serving my purposes just fine and a LOT better than what I had. the problem is that it came with Norton and that I'm not happy with that. In looking at tests I see that Bitdefender which i have used before is ranking right at the top along with Webroot which I don't know anything about. is Webroot easy to use? I also see that Microsoft has a free version of anti-virus. is it o.k. for a free anti-virus? I used Panda on my old computer and it seemed to work o.k. but doesn't appear to be highly rated anymore or if it ever was. If you were going to buy an anti-virus program which do you think is better : Webroot or Bitdefender? I remember that with old versions of Norton that it was a real pain to get completely off of the computer. is that still the case? thanks steveo