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  1. Flooding where I live

    Thankfully I have never been flooded. I have helped clean flooded homes and know what a mess they can cause. So sorry, that is depressing and just overwhelming. Was the shop flooded also. That would be all I could stand.
  2. Comcast Mail Problem

    GO, FRAN!!!
  3. Some Photos of my Betta and tank.

    Have had a number of Betta's over the years. That is the most beautiful blue one have seen.
  4. Adobe Flash crashing Firefox solution

    thanks, broni, and happy holidays.
  5. This year's versus last election

    Conservative leaning independent and I change my mind every day. Bernie has pushed Hilliary so far left, that it is hard to say conservative and Hilliary in the same sentence. BUT, the alternative!!!!
  6. Thrillers

    thanks again cw. Just finished The President's Killer's, from your 6-22 post. May not have been the best reading I have seen but boy did it bring up a lot of "wow's" and "what ifs".
  7. can't load Chrome Browser

    Broni, one more thing. Looking for the "lost" bookmarks is why I downloaded and installed Google Canary. It was supposed to pick up the settings from Chrome, but it did not. They must have come back after System Restore, although Chrome still would not work. Anyway............I've got bookmarks.
  8. can't load Chrome Browser

    That is what I opened with. BUT, HAPPY DAYS!!! After getting the above done, I used REVO and uninstalled Chrome and everything I could find on it. Downloaded fresh set up and installed. THE NEW INSTALLATION CAME UP WITH MY BOOKMARKS. While I am thrilled to have them, it makes me wonder where it got them from if I had uninstalled everything to do with Chrome. In fact, if you note my first post, that was the first thing I tried, was uninstalling and reinstalling, but the program still would not work. But, this time, home page, bookmarks, etc., are all there. Even before I posted this, the bookmarks were backed up.
  9. can't load Chrome Browser

    Decided to try one more thing, tried system restore in safe mode. Well, system restore worked, but Chrome still will not. Broni, I know. Shay, decided to try the program you showed. Holy cow, it came up with "tons" of files called bookmarks. But, can't use that path to file. So got it to open with file viewer. It does show the bookmarks, but it will take weeks to sort out. At least I have them. First thing I am going to do when I get them back, BACK THEM UP THANKS ALL
  10. can't load Chrome Browser

    Either when Chrome "went bad", or when I tried to uninstall and reinstall something must have happened to the bookmarks and settings, etc. I made sure I requested it keep the settings, but I cannot find them. I DO NOT HAVE the file you reference above. I have searched for google, chrome, appdata, bookmarks, and anything I can think of, but all I get on any of the searches is this:
  11. can't load Chrome Browser

    rokytnji, not sure what you mean. Are you just showing me HOW to save, or export, bookmarks? I know how, I just did not. I also tried going into this google canary and import them, but it only shows options of IE, FF, and HTML file. I have been in every file I could think of, plus searched for, any bookmark files, but find none. I am about to go to a Friday night football game in Texas, so it will have to wait. If it has not healed itself by tomorrow, I will try to uninstall. Thanks.
  12. can't load Chrome Browser

    MJ, you have made my head hurt. Went through a lot of that, but could not find an error log. Per one of the suggestions I downloaded and installed Chrome cleaner, which did not help. Downloaded and installed Google Canary, which is supposed to be the next browser. It works, in fact I am using it now. But, does not help me get into Chrome, it is still "dead". Which brings me to rokytnji's suggestion. I cannot find bookmarks, which is my main concern.I cannot open the program to export and have scoured all the Chrome files I could find and could not find a bookmark. I have also tested HD, which passed. So, guess next step is to try to completely uninstall. Goodbye old favorites. (A lesson there. I always keep my date backed up on external drive, but not bookmarks. Bet from now on they are backed up.)
  13. can't load Chrome Browser

    Actually, that is where I have been. Got a message system restore failed because it could not access a file. Need to shut down avast and comodo. Did so, tried again and just got restarted, and it failed for same reason although I had both disabled. So, now, so fr, I cannot get Chrome, or system restore to work. ??
  14. In trying to get on internet this am, I started my default browser, Chrome. It has been my default for some time. I could not get it to load. I keep getting the following: I have tried numerous times with no luck. I have cleaned everything, tried to find something on line about the problem, but could not. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling without doing away with the bookmarks and settings. I really hate to loose the bookmarks. IE, FF, all other programs, work fine. Any thoughts about how I could solve this??? Kenneth
  15. New Content

    Just try not to lose it.