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Does anyone know of another radio station like Pandora ?

They did a complete makeover . And can't even get on the site anymore .


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Not exactly like Pandora.



I use this site in Linux. But it comes with commercials.


$ cd Music/Stream_Radio
$ ls
181-80scountry.1491496000.pls     57_Chevy.m3u         grateful_dead_radio.pls  philipine_rock.pls     smart_rock.pls
181-breeze.1491495934.pls         alt-rock.pls         hardrock.pls             radio_bloodstream.pls  starfm.pls
181-classical.1491495891.pls      artrock.pls          hwy-181.pls              radio_free_mmo.pls     The_zone_Dublin_Ireland.pls
181-kickincountry.1491495687.pls  Bangalore_rocks.pls  kikinovak                rock-101.pls           Thisismyservername.pls
181-sensual.1491495914.pls        bluegrass.pls        luxygalaxy.pls           rock-40.pls            Undertow.pls
181-soul.1491495981.pls           BMCN.pls             Magic_80s.pls            Rocking_planet.pls     Vinyl_gen.pls
181-thepoint.1491495674.pls       classic_rock.pls     Make_some_noise.pls      she_radio.pls          vinyl_revival.pls
181-vibe.1491495951.pls           Classic_rock.pls     NY_Classic_rock.pls      skeetown.pls           Washington_D.C._Classical.pls

Winamp in Windows should have a .pls plugin that works in Windows like I use above in my folder in Linux




I forgot to mention. You can probably get music playing on the links I provided via your browser also. Just keep a tab open.

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Thanks Rok.

I had to delete my acct and disable my pop up blockers Broni. Did nothing . e mailed them, followed their instructions , and still can't play any stations .

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You need to say what exactly happens.

"Can't" is not really helpful.

Tried different browser?

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tried safe-mode, downloaded Opera . Still get the same pop up . It does let the video adds run though !

Not worth the effort Broni. Thanks for your help. I'll use Spotfly that Rok posted . .

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