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Hello all!

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My name is Rob, I am from Panama City Beach, Florida USA. I have lived in Panama City Beach since 1987 or so before that I was born and raised in Oxford, Alabama. 

I came here, to Smartest Computing by way of bleepingcomputer.com.Seeing Broni's intriguing expertise and clicking on his link to here. What I see here I like, so I signed up.

I love my Family. My hobbies include: Home Improvement, Computers (building and fixing) Guns (no hunting, just self defense training and target) Science all kinds except political, Reading.

I am happily married 8 years with a 5 year old daughter. I also have a 21 year old daughter and a 23 year old son from a previous marriage.

I am a co-owner of an independently owned architectural paint store. We sell Benjamin Moore paints. (If you want your house/building painted, or if you are a paint contractor, you come to me to buy the paint) 

my duties there include: Management, I.T., credit manager, plumber, electrician, janitor, officer manager, etc, etc. :)



I hope to add to the atmosphere here at Smartest computing in a positive way. I like to help people and if it's in the realm of my knowledge, I'll lend a hand.

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We are glad you have joined our group.  Please feel free to join in--I especially hope you will check out our contests.  We have a lot of fun and we award great prizes to those who participate.

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Howdy and Welcome. I have a brother-in-law outside of Birmingham I was lucky enough enough to visit once and spend some quality time with
him and his family.

I am a fly by the seat of his pants linux user. So don't get your hopes up on my skill set. I am a life long rude crude tattooed scooter tramp
that your parents warned you about.

Like Fran said. Jump into the POTW, Caption Contest, Polls, whatever. Settle right in and be neighborly.

I am so neighborly. I can be be a pain in the butt. :welcome:

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