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Kitchen remodel.



Well. Moved everything out of the kitchen. Disconnected Sink. Only Fridge and Kitchen stove remain. :ugly_man_laugh:

Busted out drywall on outside facing wall. Removed old 1950's Windows. My house is a old hospital from WW2 when Pecos was a airbase. Kitchen was made by me knocking out 2 patient rooms and custom plumbing the fixtures.

I bought new 2x4s and re framed outside wall from the inside as old framing boards were termite damaged. We have have had Orkin already treat the place for a couple of grand. Framing is done.

Custom wiring installed by me from breaker box in utility room through ceilng to Kitchen was next. Done. I have now mounted four 4 gang boxes car-b232a.jpg

on outside wall to give the wife 8 receptacles to go over some metal kitchen cabinets from the 1950's that I am also paint stripping, and going to repaint white also. I paint my own motorcycles so I have the right gear and experience for that also.

Used R30 insulation between outside stucco wal and new 5/8 drywall. Also installed new sliding windows. Drywall is 3/4 done. Still have tapeing and spackle to go though. Installed new outlets today also.

Will be using White Marble ceramic wall tile as a back splash for sink and kitchen cabinets.

Still have a gas line to rerun to relocate kitchen stove (O'keefe & Merrit circa 1952)


Getting there slowly but surely and not spending $45,000 on remodeling costs like on the Home channel. :woohoo:


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Closed Up Secondary Bathroom door (west side kitchen wall) from other patient room (gonna be new computer room later) and walled in door and dry walled after running new gas line to relocate kitchen stove to that spot. DONE. Stove is working in New Spot.

Finished all Drywalling this weekend (YAY). Still have some more marble ceramic wall tile to put up. Also gonna re-tile floor in that bathroom. Gas Line was a bitch to do. Some small dry wall patching for it but majority of big dry walling is done. Kitchen cabinets refinishing will commence after grouting tile and painting new walls are done.

Building a Enclosed Closet Kitchen Pantry also. Will have folding louvered swing out doors also (gotta figure out how to put overhead lighting and wall switch for it)

Wife is taking before and after pictures. I still have a lot of work ahead of me though before I post them. I ache from Honey Do's. :kiss_34:

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I noticed that this happened some time ago, have you posted pics of the process somewhere? I'd very muhc like to see them to get ideas as I'm about to move and will need to do some remodeling and would love to get your advice :)

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Well, since outside wall is redone. What I did. I had Texas termite damage on all the 2x4 on the outside wall where the stucco outside wall was fastened. So since termite damaged wood could not be removed. Braced everything and re-closed.

I installed 4 / 2 gang 120v outlets along that wall also. Then re-tiled the new drywall with Mexican white marble wall tile. It looks like this now.


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