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    Sex Life

    Two men were talking. "So, how's your sex life?" "Oh, nothing special. I'm having Social Security sex." "Social Security sex?" "Yeah, you know; I get a little each month, but not enough to live on!"
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    Creatures beginning with letter E

    Thanks Frazz .. It had the name on top of the photo and i forgot to post it ..
  5. NickAu

    A Man and his

  6. frazzm737

    Creatures beginning with letter E

    With so little participation, judging becomes difficult. In order to bypass my vote and my posts, we will select BC's Post #5, Photo #2. It's some sort of monkey I think? Congrats, BC! You are this week's winner. The next letter is F.
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    Daily picture

    The Missing bricks .. lol
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    Today's Trump Cartoons

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    Non Sequitur

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    Fran's Favorites

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    Today's Cartoons

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    Weather 7/22/18

    Another hot day--then a cool down...
  19. frazzm737

    Daily picture

    What do you suppose is on the other side?
  20. MichaelJ


    A lot of places could use that rain!
  21. MichaelJ


    A good actor.
  22. MichaelJ

    Welcome IronCore

    Hi and welcome!
  23. Broken Club

    Daily picture

    Neat ..
  24. PeggyB

    Creatures beginning with letter E

    Post 5 Pic 2
  25. PeggyB


    Birthday: July 22, 1946 Nationality: American Famous: Humanitarian Black Actors Also Known As: Danny Lebern Glover Sun Sign: Cancer Age: 72 Years Born in: San Francisco, California, U.S. Famous as: American actor Spouse/Ex-: Eliane Cavalleiro Asake Bomani father: James Glover mother: Carrie Glover children: Mandisa Glover Personality: ESFJ Founder/Co-Founder: Robey Theatre Company Net worth: $40 million as of Jan 27, 2017 education: San Francisco State University (1997), George Washington High School, City College of San Francisco awards: 1989 - CableACE Award 1996 - CableACE Award 1989 - NAACP Image Award 1990 - NAACP Image Awards 1995 - NAACP Image Awards 1999 - NAACP Image Awards 2001 - NAACP Image Awards 1991 - Independent Spirit Award 2002 - Jamerican International Film Festival 2008 - Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2003 - Los Angeles Pan African Film Festival 1993 - MTV Movie Award 1993 - San Francisco International Film Festival 1994 - Women in Film Crystal Awards Danny Glover is a successful actor, producer and political activist of American origin. He has proved his acting prowess by playing various types of characters. As a versatile actor, he played warm and sympathetic characters and abominable villains with equal élan. Starting his career in city administration, he shifted his focus towards acting by joining Black Actors’ Workshop. After making his debut in the film ‘Escape from Alcataz’, he also made his mark as a notable actor on stage. His name was nominated for Emmy Awards several times. Besides securing a place as an accomplished actor, he produced a number of successful films as an executive producer of Robey Theatre Company which he set up along with actor Ben Guillory. Later, he worked as a voice actor in several children’s films. He ventured into the field of direction and directed ‘Override’, a short film. He takes keen interest in politics and as a political activist, he criticised George W. Bush by referring Bush as a racist. While studying at San Francisco University, he was actively involved with Black Students Union. Besides acting as an active board member of the TransAfrican Forum, he is also a board member of several organizations like The Black AIDS Institute, The Algebra Project and Walden House. Trivia To support 375 Union workers in Ohio City, in March 2010, this famous personality urged all actors at the 2010 Academy Awards to boycott Hugo Boss suits owing to Hugo Boss AG’s decision to close a manufacturing plant in Ohio.
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