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Caption Contest of the Week

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Here's how it works.

1. A photo, or clip art, or caption-less cartoon is posted at the start of a contest.
2, Participants post a caption for it.
3. Contest runs for one week.
4. Voting will begin on Tuesday evening and the winner will be announced Wednesday evening.
5. The person with most votes gets to post image for next contest.
6. In case of tie vote count, earliest post wins.

7. Multiple entries permitted.  Of course, doing so could dilute your votes.

8. Thou Shalt Not Vote for Thine Own Entry.

9. The image is not to be modified in any way.
10. You may re-post the image if you feel proximity to your caption text is necessary, but your entry only consists of your text.
11. You may put your text in a separate image file if necessary so that you may add visual components, such as, for example, musical notes to indicate singing, or sound effects etc. but this "caption" image is not to be derived from the original image.  The ideal caption is text only.

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