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    During the winter, the rangers in Rocky Mountain National Park create these piles of dead, dry limbs and trees. When the weather is right with no wind, they burn them to reduce the risk of forest fire.
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    My daughter and I getting the X-mas ornaments ready for the tree. Merry Christmas to all of you at SmartestComputing!!! :)
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    My Christmas present...
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    Long's Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park
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    That was one wild party!
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    My Samantha chillin in kitchen sink............
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    The last sunset of 2018...can you spot the small bird in the tree silhouetted by the setting sun.
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    Wasp nest in our crab apple tree...
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    That rabbit is the size of a pony!
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    A butterfly dining on my lily...
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    Merry Christmas. How my wife woke up this morning.
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    You will never know how much I enjoyed reading that, Roky!
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    Oh my! To remember those old cars with standard transmissions. And how we all tried to be the first to spot the new model. Now they all look alike. Our neighbor drove us kids to school in his bullet-nosek Studebaker. I think that was also a ‘49 model.