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    Until we figure out what is going on in their heads, it will not stop whether guns, knives, bombs, automobiles, etc. are used.
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    Instead of the usual greetings, let's try something different. Let's ask our Mothers for their snippets and quotes revealing their secrets to surviving Motherhood. And those of you who are not mothers may feel free to add bits and pieces of your own Mother's secrets of success. I will start off... When I had young children at home, my favorite bit of answer was, "Because I said so, that's why!" I asked my girls what they remembered that I often said. This was their reply, "If you don't behave, I will knock you into the middle of next week!" Both of them remembered well this quote from their teen-age years, You're late, I was beginning to wonder what had happened to you!" This one meant that they were in serious trouble. And the best words of all, "I love you!"
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