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    I just cannot figure how anyone can approve and like some one who speaks ill of heroes. While having not served themselves. What a country.
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    Darn, my photos have been hacked!
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    Great idea--the Prince could use his size 15s to attract eagles!
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    One of them is a real man. Guess which one?!
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    It is sad that the pilots only had to turn off two switches to prevent the accident!
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    Today the Prince is busy fixing our sluggish toilet--yes he just announced that it will require a trip to Home Depot!
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    Try guessing it...lol!
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    Birthday: March 15, 1933 Nationality: American Famous: Judges Lawyers Age: 86 Years, 86 Year Old Females Sun Sign: Pisces Also Known As: Joan Ruth Bader Born in: Brooklyn Famous as: Associate Justice of US Supreme Court Family: Spouse/Ex-: Martin D. Ginsburg (m. 1954–2010) father: Nathan Bader mother: Celia Bader children: James Steven Ginsburg, Jane Ginsburg U.S. State: New Yorkers education: Cornell University, Harvard Law School, Columbia Law School awards: Brandeis Medal National Women's Hall of Fame Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a Justice at the U.S. Supreme Court. After being nominated to the U.S. Court of Appeals by President James Carter Jr. in 1980, Ginsburg was appointed by President Clinton to the Supreme Court on August 10, 1993. She became the second female justice to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, and after 25 years of total command, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is now a favorite among the old and the young alike. Apart from having a star-studded career, Ginsburg has also been inspiring thousands with the way she carries herself on and off court. Her ability to inspire young minds was born from her will to fight against two types of cancer and to stay in top shape in order to do what she loves doing. Read on to know more about this wonder woman of the Court. While studying at ‘Cornell University’ in Ithaca, Ruth met her future husband Martin D. Ginsburg, when she was 17 years old. After dating for a few days, she married Ginsburg after her graduation from ‘Cornell University.’ Ruth and Martin Ginsburg were blessed with a daughter named Jane Ginsburg and a son named James Steven Ginsburg. After the birth of her daughter in 1955, Martin was diagnosed with testicular cancer and on June 27, 2010, he passed away due to complications from metastatic cancer. In 1999, Ruth Ginsburg was diagnosed with colon cancer, which made her physically weak because of radiation therapies and chemotherapy. In order to regain physical strength, she started working out at a gym with the help of a personal trainer. By the time she had turned 80, she could complete twenty full push-ups in a session. On February 5, 2009, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, for which she had to undergo a surgery. She was hospitalized at the ‘New York City hospital,’ from where she was discharged on February 13. In 2014, she experienced discomfort while working out, which prompted the doctors to place a stent in her right coronary. Despite her health issues, she continues to inspire many by keeping herself fit in order to serve as the judge of the Supreme Court. In one of her recent interviews, she had said that she is feeling good and that she has no plans of retiring anytime soon.
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    He picked that clean!
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    Somehow I suspect that my Instant Pot has found its way into the back of the cupboard where I might forget about it. On the other hand, I am very fond of my crock pots (several sizes). I use them a lot and I’ve never heard of any serious crockpot disasters, though one day I did discover that they work best when turned on.
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    Lincoln Memorial at Gettysburg
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    gI don't mention this much. But for my insulation in my cinder block walls at my ranch. I used my old paper backs collected since I was a kid. Now. The desert field mice insulate their cribs with my old paperbacks. One of my old favo x-rated vampire authors. Disclaimer. You gotta be into unlimited type of descriptive adventure to read his stuff. Not for the squeamish or prudish. There are no happy endings in a lot of his chapters. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necroscope IMO. The above would have made a better movie than deadpool. But the characters in the books are not Marvel Comic heroes. Another fantasy world I like to walk around in. One of the astonished sections of the above series is how the Chinese. Not wanting to deal with Allah. Turned North Africa into glass with Atomic bombs to shut down any Muslim reaction to their taking over the planet. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chung_Kuo_(novel_series) Back in the oldy days. We did not have TV or computers. So I went on adventures on my own with a book.
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    !2 volt battery. Electric 12 volt winch. Rope or cable. Pallet deck for fridge and other stuff that are not stair friendly. Cuz I don't do stairs well either. Like they taught us in the USMC. Semper Gumbi.
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    My fav section of the forum. I and my family have the cooking gene in our gene pool. This mornings feed is made from scratch, 7 up cheesy biscuits, smothered with Jimmy Dean sausage and gravy. I ate the pot sticker dumplings last night.
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    Another monument at Gettysburg
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    Monument at Gettysburg
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    Tranquil reflections on a Sierra foothill lake. (Click on photo to view larger format).
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    Just in my lifetime, three trees on our mountain property have been struck by lightning. These photos are from the latest strike...
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    Monty is a outdoor Chihuahua / He is pretty rugged. He is already whining when he wants something and the wife made him stand up for a few minutes. He is still weak and shaky as all get out. But he will live through this. Just took this picture. Yar Wife also promoted him to inside dog with Bitsy. Our female toy Chihuahua.
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    What I have been busy with. One can jump to conclusions who is at fault from the photos. The Chihuahua. Lulus was chained up when this happened. I got Monty < on the couch > on the mend. He is going to lose sight in one eye. His neck is bit fubar. He used to bark all the time. Will see if that is affected also. You think. How can rok blame Monty. Cuz I was around. I fed everyone people left overs. Monty tried to steal Lulus food. Which she allows even. She won't get agressive even then. But. The dummy got his back leg wrapped up real good in her chain. 85 lb pit bull pulls on chain. Ankle biter screams at her to stop. She has had enough. Steal my food and now you are yelling at me. She hit him fast and quick. He shut up fast and quick. She stopped short of putting him down for good. Just wanted to shut him up. Wife wanted me to put Lulus down. Being a big kid all my life and being blamed because I won. I kinda understand better than most what happened. On a primeval level. Monty is up to eating full soft packages of pedigree dog food. I use a syringe all day to give himed. drinking water to keep him hydrated. I am waiting about 3 weeks before I put Monty through a bath to wash all the blood off. He is in my ICU wrapped in P pads and soft blankets till then in a lazy boy easy chair. Fun and games at Roks dog rescue emporium. ☠️ Tags: tng 3


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