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  1. frazzm737

    Lunar Landing

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    Today's Trump Cartoons

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    Lady Liberty

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    Today's GOP Cartoon

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    Cooler today!
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    I'm called Dandelion by our local garden club.
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    Truer words were never spoken!
  9. frazzm737

    Daily picture

    Christmas Lighthouse? Jan has photos of every lighthouse ever built and some that were not built...
  10. frazzm737

    End of life

    These days, babies teethe on tablet computers, children grow up with computers and the only ones who need computer help are us old timers. The young can't read cursive or sign their names, but they know how to use a computer by the time they arrive at 1st grade. We had classes in penmanship, today they study computer coding. So our computer forum is dying , but we will have a way to keep in touch on the new site. I shall certainly sign up. Obviously we won't have all the features of this site, but perhaps members might suggest their favorite sections of this site, so that we might try to keep some features alive. I know you will all be wanting the latest CO weather!
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    Hotter than Zoom!
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    Lunar Landing

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    Area 51

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