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  1. frazzm737

    Famous People A to Z

    James Fenimore Cooper
  2. frazzm737

    Famous People A to Z

    For this game, we will use last names. I will begin with a famous person whose last name begin with the letter A. The next member will post the name of a famous person whose last name begins with the letter B and so on through the alphabet. You must wait til another member has posted before you can post a second name. John Adams
  3. frazzm737

    Our Games

    Tonight we are going to try a new game topic. Broni has suggested it after seeing its success on another forum. Each game suggested will be explained as we go along. These games are only for fun, no prizes. I will start one game tonight. Any member may start another game at any time. You will soon get the hang of it.
  4. frazzm737

    Jan. 9 - Jan. 16

    Time to vote! I like Post #9, Photo#2. I'm still hoping this little guy survived.
  5. frazzm737

    Daily picture

    That would make a lovely handbag if it would hold still...
  6. frazzm737

    Carol Channing

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    The Wall

  9. frazzm737

    Breaking News

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    Middle East

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    Fran's Favorites

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    Today's Cartoons

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    Oh No!