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  1. rokytnji

    Happy Birthday Webweaver

  2. rokytnji

    July Desktops

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    June Desktops

    post 9 pic 1
  4. No mention on what is savable and what is not? Sounds nasty. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! 🤤 Good thing I am not on Windows
  5. They messed with the wrong crew at Gentoo. The users are pretty smart cookies. When the worm turns. The malware dudes may just regret it. Hmmmm. Stallman? Balmer? Torvalds? Korea? Russia? Like the USA political assassinations. No one will ever know. But conspiracy theories will flourish. Funny how all this happens right after Microsoft takes over Github. Don'tcha think? Gentoo was always too tough for me to Handle. Along with Crux linux which works some what similar. Compiling every thing to your personal machine to get the most out of it was never my forte. Being semi-lazy when it comes to computers.
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    Baby Animals

    post 4 pic 1
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    Baby Animals

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    POTW Aviation

    post 3 pic 1
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    POTW Aviation

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    I always fly the Flag

    Mine never fly's alone on the 4th
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    June Desktops

  13. rokytnji

    mx 17 live usb

    Ubuntu is Ubuntu. MX is MX. Both are Debian But tweaked till they are something special. Either , or, is fine and dandy by me. But member loyalty draws me into a certain user direction/category. Tiger changing his spots and all that.