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  1. rokytnji


    My wifes nick name should be death. Every given plant to her dies.
  2. rokytnji

    End of life

    Might be a conflict with my old account at tapatalk AntiX forums. Which is no more also. We moved on to wordpress from tapatalk. Maybe tapatalk has my old info and is having a hissy fit?
  3. rokytnji

    End of life

    Sure thing. Edit: Friggin tap a talk bug. Lots of robot verfication checks. Then kick out. Then try again. Then. So I'll wait for confirmation email to come later < I hope > F
  4. rokytnji

    End of life

    Understand completely. It is not like we are getting any younger either. Though I try to keep a 12 year old mindset.
  5. rokytnji

    Oh No!

  6. rokytnji

    Not Responding

    Maybe hard drive is failing. Failing hard drives cause pauses. Have yo ran smart test on it? Google will supply what I mean by smart test hard drive for Windows Vista.
  7. rokytnji


    Woohoo. Happy Birthday
  8. rokytnji

    DVD not working

    Look for it in the bios. If not there either. It may have unplugged accidentally. Edit: I take it Windows don't see it < with a dvd symbol > in the graphic file manager or properties or something.
  9. rokytnji

    Not Responding

    Me neither. in linux it is simple for me harry@biker:~ $ cd / harry@biker:/ $ ls bin dev home lib64 media opt root sbin tmp var boot etc lib lost+found mnt proc run sys usr harry@biker:/ $ cd var harry@biker:/var $ ls backups cache games lib local lock log mail opt run spool tmp harry@biker:/var $ cd log harry@biker:/var/log $ ls alternatives.log dmesg.0 messages.3.gz alternatives.log.1 dmesg.1.gz messages.4.gz alternatives.log.10.gz dmesg.2.gz partimage alternatives.log.11.gz dmesg.3.gz pm-powersave.log alternatives.log.2.gz dmesg.4.gz pm-powersave.log.1 alternatives.log.3.gz dpkg.log pm-powersave.log.2.gz alternatives.log.4.gz dpkg.log.1 pm-powersave.log.3.gz alternatives.log.5.gz dpkg.log.10.gz pm-powersave.log.4.gz alternatives.log.6.gz dpkg.log.11.gz pm-suspend.log alternatives.log.7.gz dpkg.log.2.gz pm-suspend.log.1 alternatives.log.8.gz dpkg.log.3.gz samba alternatives.log.9.gz dpkg.log.4.gz slim.log apt dpkg.log.5.gz slim.log.1 auth.log dpkg.log.6.gz slim.log.2 auth.log.1 dpkg.log.7.gz slim.log.3 auth.log.2.gz dpkg.log.8.gz slim.log.4 auth.log.3.gz dpkg.log.9.gz syslog auth.log.4.gz fontconfig.log syslog.1 bittorrent fsck syslog.2.gz cli-aptiX.log hp syslog.3.gz ConsoleKit init.d-networking.log syslog.4.gz cups kern.log syslog.5.gz daemon.log kern.log.1 syslog.6.gz daemon.log.1 kern.log.2.gz syslog.7.gz daemon.log.2.gz kern.log.3.gz user.log daemon.log.3.gz kern.log.4.gz user.log.1 daemon.log.4.gz live-usb-maker-gui-antix.log user.log.2.gz debug live-usb-maker-gui-antix.log.old user.log.3.gz debug.1 live-usb-maker.log user.log.4.gz debug.2.gz live-usb-maker.progress uvcdynctrl-udev.log debug.3.gz messages wicd debug.4.gz messages.1 Xorg.0.log dmesg messages.2.gz Xorg.0.log.old harry@biker:/var/log $ That was why I suggested a self search of the problem online till someone else shows up. More Windows savvy than I.
  10. rokytnji

    Not Responding

    Till the windows support shows up. Maybe google Windows Log files for what you are experiencing? Being a linux dude. That is all I can think of.
  11. rokytnji


    Durn Fran. I see sunblock weather every day also.
  12. rokytnji

    July Desktops

  13. No. Because everyone else around us does. Dogs hate it.
  14. rokytnji

    Happy Birthday Audrey

    Got here late. \\ Don't mind the big galoot.
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