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  1. rokytnji

    Computer Women

    Not suitable for me to post a video link because of content But if you want a gut busting laugh. She is the Richard Pryor, Chris Rock. Of her culture. Her sex. She is a very funny lady in my book. Google Baby Cobra, woman comedian Ali Wong. Or Hard Knock Wife. Edit: Found a trailer that is pretty clean Ooops. Had the F bomb in it. Look at your risk. Link
  2. rokytnji


    Bullying needs to stop. By everyone. Cliches won't fix nothing.
  3. rokytnji

    POTW X games

    Can't find any extreme golfing?
  4. rokytnji

    Walmart Dents.

    Been busy being my own body shop on our pickup truck. Nothing like pushing your grocery cart to your vehicle and seeing someone has caved in your rear quarter panel in leaving the parking lot. All that is left is polish the paint drag marks out. I am pretty jazzed with my results. I saved us about a $1500.00 bucks with about 2 days of sweat from me. I am better at this than I 1st thought when I started on this job.
  5. rokytnji

    Body's of Water

    post 5
  6. rokytnji

    Farewell, Nanuq

    Dogs leave paw prints forever on your heart and your smell glands remember their scent funk forever. I love all of mine.
  7. rokytnji

    Farewell, Nanuq

    Sux I know. I console myself knowing my pack of dogs could have lived worse. Nanuq was a lucky dog to have you guys.
  8. rokytnji

    guns and repond to some of the chat views

    It is for me Fran also. No need from me. No worries. You know me. I am easy going. I just feel strongly about witch hunt laws and being presumed guilty before all the facts are in. I just can't help it. You kick this dog. He barks and snaps at ya. Sorry for my behavior also . I am glad you deleted that toxic content.
  9. rokytnji

    Body's of Water

    Tallest Lake Huron Lake Geneva Castle in Poland surrounded by water
  10. rokytnji

    It's official! I'll be a grandpa :)

    Mine Broni. Now that they walk and talk and are their own person. Let's just say they are in awe of me. Me being such a big bear on a chopper. You are in for some fun. I always enjoy our trips to Austin and Dallas Texas.
  11. rokytnji


    post 6 looks warm enough for me.
  12. rokytnji

    It's official! I'll be a grandpa :)

    Welcome to the club The grandpa club that is.
  13. rokytnji

    Roks Motorcycle Shop Jukebox list

    Testing out my new high dollar Sennheiser HD280PRO headphones.
  14. rokytnji

    Happy Birthday, MichaelJ

    Happy Birthday