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  1. rokytnji

    Motocycle in a Box

    Another kit I like fits Harley frames. . It is made by frankenstein. http://www.frankensteintrikes.com/
  2. rokytnji

    Motocycle in a Box

    Volkswagen beetle engine based. Building a trike from scratch won't be cheap. Vdub is my trike of preference. One reason. Trike kits are many and cheap. Engines are many and cheap also. Just slap on a Springer front end and front brake kit and go. Once. A engineer here in Texas built a prototype front wheel drive v-8 trike out of a Chrysler v 10 motor and put on sell on ebay. I wanted that soooooooooooooooo bad. But was too broke to bid on it. It would have been local pickup for me.
  3. rokytnji

    For the older people

    What. Like passing gas. I was a prolific farter at 2 years old. Still am.
  4. rokytnji

    potw ugly

    Try rat bikes fran.
  5. rokytnji

    For the older people

    Screw it. I am getting younger. I fall down a lot more like a 2 year old. I take naps like a 2 year old. I change my mind like a 2 year old. My biochemistry is acting like a two year old when it comes to bodily activities. Ergo: I am getting younger. Not older.
  6. rokytnji

    potw ugly

    Ugly comes in many shapes, and sizes. \\ There are ugly dogs, cats, people, sci fi, politicians, you name it. This should be a easy subject to reply to.
  7. rokytnji

    Motocycle in a Box

    Okey Dokey. In your shoes. I'd search craiglist. I'd be willing to travel far to get what I need. Like the Wizard of OZ. I can only suggest what I think you need. Not what you want. I traveled 250 miles round trip to aquire the above basket case I am posting about. You living Florida. Have access to a pethora of stuff you are gonna need. https://treasure.craigslist.org/mcy/d/honda-cb750-chopper-project/6567812613.html Nice thing about the above link. You have a son who can help out on this on assembly. I know my 2 boys. When they get excited about a project. They start working on it like it is going to be their gear. As far as training wheels goes. This is how I am going to set up my wifes sportster. I already have the sidecar and mounting hardware in the back of Cushman Truckster pickup. This is my general idea on how my wifes motorcycle is going to turn out . That project is for next winter. My wife quit riding after her cancer operation. The big scar on her belly makes it uncomfy for her to try and hold a motorcycle upright. But I can fix that. Right now. I am busy with this http://xlforum.net/forums/showthread.php?t=2067738 and this http://xlforum.net/forums/showthread.php?t=2003349 Good luck with your honda 750 project. But can I make a suggestion? https://tampa.craigslist.org/pnl/mcy/d/suzuki-s40/6529796043.html The above is Belt final drive. No lubing needed. Easy to change the belt in your garage with hand tools. Fast enough. Decent brakes. 1 650cc cylinder for easy maintenance. Single Carburetor. Not fuel injected Already put together, Light weight to hold up. Even a big man looks good on it. I went the 650 I posted originally about because I had one in the USMC back in the day. I already know about what that bike can do and how to maintain it. I've synced 4 carbs before and worked on multi-cylinder jap bikes. I would not recommend a multi cylinder unit to a virgin mechanic, But that is just me talking here. I own 2 650 single cylinder bikes. I can kill myself on em with the power they produce. If Harley is your bag. I looked at the odometer in the picture on this one. It only has 6,000 miles or so on it https://daytona.craigslist.org/mcd/d/2005-buell-blast/6553397937.html I used to roll on old motoguzzi also when I was in the Marine Corp. Just like this one. I learned they used vw bettle valves, pistons, and rings. Plus other beetle parts.
  8. rokytnji

    potw Tshirts

    post 7
  9. rokytnji

    Motocycle in a Box

    Bought this for 100- bucks less Oh well. Looks like the listing was removed during my drive home. Anyways. Bought a hard tail yamaha XS 650 for 400 bucks. I have to fix it, then assemble it. When I'm done. It will look like this and be worth about 2500 to 3000 bucks. The weld on hard tail part of the frame costs about as much as I paid for the whole bike. It has some other bikes in front of it on the priority list though.
  10. rokytnji


    Desert Light is still working OK. Only 3 themes left? Slim Pickings.
  11. rokytnji

    .jpg link test on new forum

  12. rokytnji

    Today's Cartoons

    That dragon has my pitbull girl lulu's way of doing helpful things.
  13. rokytnji

    chatbox smilies

    Good to know I am not in a bad spot of universe either. Before the replies. I tested in Palemoon and SeaMonkey browsers also on my Linux laptop also.
  14. rokytnji

    It's Official. Hell has frozen over.

    It just keeps getting better. Be careful what you buy. It might contain embedded Windows malware that phones home no matter what you do. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/04/17/microsoft_azure_sphere_iot_chip/ Makes Facebook look like rookies. Microsoft's Arm Linux In the middle sits Azure Sphere OS. This is Microsoft's custom Linux kernel that runs on the SoC's application core, executes your device's main software, and is designed to talk to the Pluton portion of the chip so that it can send and receive network traffic via the walled-off Wi-Fi controller. Azure Sphere OS's security levels Microsoft has produced a Visual Studio extension for writing code that runs on the application CPU core. Microsoft said it will deliver dev kits by the middle of the year, with the first devices using this technology shipping by the end of 2018. From there, the MCU-equipped internet-of-things will connect to the Azure Sphere Security Service backend, the actual cloud service where Microsoft will handle things like incident reports, software updates, and failure reporting. The cloud service is where Microsoft makes its money on the whole deal – the chip blueprints are offered royalty free. Azure Sphere will be sold as a "turnkey" service for companies that are embedding connectivity into their primary products . From there, other Azure services (cloud compute, SQL server, etc) are natural fits, meaning even more subscription cash. Microsoft also gets the benefit of an even wider net to catch various bad actors. Now, Redmond can tell its enterprise customers it monitors IoT devices and can catch those high profile botnets and big news threats. Getting potentially billions of new info sources under the umbrella will only help Microsoft sell its other big-money security products. ®