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  1. fenix

    Video card problem.

    Thanks once again, I think I might have been better off doing a new build, but I like "playing". Hands on, getting dirty, the best way to learn! PS I don't have a camera
  2. fenix

    Video card problem.

    Hi Smokey, Happy New Year. No post beeps, also I don't know if it's important, but the light on the front of the computer stays amber.
  3. fenix

    Video card problem.

    I am building a PC from spare parts (well trying) , all seemed well until I powered it up. The monitor shows "no signal input". I have tried another monitor, and a few video cards that I know are ok, but I still get the same result.
  4. fenix

    Installing SP2, several problems

    Smokey, I removed the jumper from the HDD. Your diagram was "much" better than the one on the hard drive, as a noobie, it was a bit confusing. When I did, it was still showing 32GB's, so I reinstalled XP, and made a new partition. Now my HDD is showing 72 GB's, with XP Pro. installed. Thank You, Smokey, Broni, et al Questions re: BIOS are on this page?
  5. fenix

    Installing SP2, several problems

    Broni, Great site, I went through the same procedure from Smokeys link. It worked with another HDD. I am happy with having 1 drive working, this is a "work in progress". I got a bunch of PC's from work, that were destined for the garbage, and took them home. Smokey, Yup, the Samsung had the potential to restrict the HDD to 32GB, I only saw one jumper that made the HD a slave. No big deal, I have enough parts. Just learning. Thanks You have not heard the last from me.
  6. fenix

    Installing SP2, several problems

    I went through the post by Smokey, 2 times, still didn't work, popped in a new HDD, followed instructions. It worked like a charm. GBU. Have 2 find out why it did not work on the first HDD.
  7. fenix

    Installing SP2, several problems

    Thank you all for your input. From your responses it looks like I should get rid of the partitions, first, and see if that solves my problem. GREAT BOARD !!! Smokey :"Welcome to our forum. You will like all the nice people here and their always willing to help". I've been watching for a while now and have seen the way you all treat 's : thumbsup:
  8. I have a Dell, Precision 360, that used to have Windows Server 2003 installed. I installed SP2 (Dell), and have had a few problems, some of which I have resolved ed. I put a Samsung HDD in her, model #SP0802N/P, PATA, 80GB, 7200 RPM. When I check the GB's, it only shows 31 GB's. During install of SP2, I got a message saying that I had a partition that would not let me install, so I followed the instructions and put in a new partition. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.
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