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  1. cntrywolf

    Crafts, hobbies, Home DYI

    RECYCLE, REUSE, RENEW: Upcycle With DIY Crafts (Decorating Your Home, DIY Projects, DIY Crafts, Garage Sale, DIY Hacks) Kindle Edition by Mary Solomon (Author) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LSU6W4E/ Recycle, Renew, Reuse and Upcycle! Learn How To Turn Your Trash Into Treasure! 2nd Edition! #1 BEST SELLER in Decorating and Decorating Design!Do you ever wonder what to do with all that stuff just sitting around the house or piled in the garage? You hate to throw it away, but don’t really have a use for it, either. Upcycle!Upcycling is a wonderful way to express your creativity, have fun, decorate, and make money! Upcycling takes something that may have otherwise been thrown into the trash and improves or maintains its use.Decorate your house with unique items, give one-of-a kind gifts, learn to plan parties and events with interesting ideas, and have great projects for the kids. The possibilities are endless!
  2. cntrywolf


    Edgar Wallace: The Complete Mysteries Collection Kindle Edition by Edgar Wallace (Author), Golden Deer Classics(Author) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TRYHV7D/ Included:Four Just Men SeriesThe Four Just MenThe Council of JusticeThe Just Men of CordovaThe Law of the Four Just MenAgain the Three Just MenP.-C. Lee Series1. Mr. Simmons' Profession2. A Man of Note3. For Jewey's Laggin'4. Pear Drops5. How He Lost His Moustache6. Sergeant Run-A-Mile7. The Sentimental Burglar8. Change9. A Case for Angel Esquire10. Contempt11. Confidence12. Fireless Telegraphy13. The General Practitioner14. The Snatchers15. The Gold Mine16. Mouldy the Scrivener17. Mrs. Flindin's Lodger18. The Derby Favourite20. Tanks21. The Silence of P.-C. Hirley22. The Power of the Eye23. The Convict's Daughter24. The Last AdventureNovelsA Debt DischargedAngel EsquireDown Under DonovanGrey Timothy or Pallard the PunterJack O'judgmentKate Plus TenTake-A-Chance AndersonThe Angel of TerrorThe Clue of the Twisted CandleThe Crimson CircleThe Daffodil MurderThe Fourth Plague or Red HandThe Green RustThe Man Who Bought LondonThe Man who KnewThe Melody of DeathThe Nine BearsThe Secret HouseThe Tomb of T'sinThe Valley of Ghosts
  3. cntrywolf


    R. Austin Freeman: The Complete Novels Kindle Edition by R. Austin Freeman (Author), Golden Deer Classics(Author) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TJCY1D5/ This book, contains now several HTML tables of contents that will make reading a real pleasure!The first table of contents (at the very beginning of the ebook) lists the titles of all novels included in this volume. By clicking on one of those titles you will be redirected to the beginning of that work, where you'll find a new TOC that lists all the chapters and sub-chapters of that specific work.Included:- A Silent Witness- Flighty Phyllis- Helen Vardon's Confession- John Thorndyke's Cases- The Cat's Eye- The Exploits Of Danby Croker- The Eye Of Osiris- The Golden Pool- The Mystery Of 31 New Inn- The Red Thumb Mark- The Singing Bone- The Unwilling Adventurer- The Uttermost Farthing "
  4. cntrywolf


    Complete Works of Robert E. Howard Kindle Edition by Robert E. Howard (Author), Golden Deer Classics(Author) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TLMCNGT/ This book, contains now several HTML tables of contents that will make reading a real pleasure!The first table of contents (at the very beginning of the ebook) lists the titles of all novels included in this volume. By clicking on one of those titles you will be redirected to the beginning of that work, where you'll find a new TOC that lists all the chapters and sub-chapters of that specific work.Included:1. Boxing Stories- Sailor Steve Costigan- Other Boxing Stories2. Detective Stories- Steve Harrison3. Fantasie Stories- Conan The Barbarian Collection- James Allison- Kull- Solomon Kane- Other Fantasy Stories4. Historical Stories- Black Vulmea- Cormac Fitzgeoffrey- El Borak- Helen Tavrel- Kirby O'donnell- Other Historical Stories5. Horror Stories- De Montour- John Kirowan- Other Cthulhu Mythos Stories- Other Horror Stories- Other Weird Menace- The Faring Town Saga- Weird West6. Novels - A Gent From Bear Creek- Skull-Face
  5. cntrywolf


    The Ultimate Wodehouse Collection Kindle Edition by P.G. Wodehouse https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TJG9934/ P.G. Wodehouse was an English author and one of the most widely read humorists of the 20th century. Wodehouse worked extensively on his books, sometimes having two or more in preparation simultaneously. He would take up to two years to build a plot and write a scenario of about thirty thousand words. After the scenario was complete he would write the story. Early in his career he would produce a novel in about three months, but he slowed in old age to around six months. He used a mixture of Edwardian slang, quotations from and allusions to numerous poets, and several literary techniques to produce a prose style that has been compared to comic poetry and musical comedy.
  6. cntrywolf


    99¢ ( pre-order) Do No Harm: Seventeen Medical Thrillers Kindle Edition by Edwin Dasso (Author), & 16 more Do you crave reading books with nail-biting suspense, twisted plots and great characters who get caught up in whirlwinds of crime, deception and lies? Do you love sitting on the edge of your seat, wondering who will survive…and who won’t? From the mountains of West Virginia, to acute care hospitals, the battlefields of the Middle East and the hallowed halls of our educational system, join us for these incredible stories of healthcare gone wrong.
  7. cntrywolf


    99¢ (pre-order) Tales from Big Country: A Western Stories CollectionKindle Edition by Kwen D. Griffeth (Author), & 12 more https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QNN1ZP8/ If you like westerns, historical fiction and action packed adventures, look no further! This thirteen-story collection, featuring work by national and international bestselling and award-winning authors, offers the best in western fiction. Take a journey into the Old West, from its civilized order to lawless frontier. From the big skies of Montana to perilous rides with the Texas Rangers, you won't want to put this collection down. From traditional historical westerns to those with a paranormal twist, Native American stories to contemporary romantic suspense, bone-chilling horror to tales of fantasy, this collection has something for all western lovers.
  8. cntrywolf


    What I am currently reading , First book is 99¢. This is a 4 book series. Could be stand alone but then you might get a tad lost even though the author true to explains who's who and what not. I got the first book "A Child is Torn" and I stayed up reading til the very end. Then went and rented the next book. The author keeps you guessing right up til the last minute . https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B074C9P476/?ie=UTF8&ref=series_aw_dp_link
  9. cntrywolf


    Sei Thrillers (Books 1-3) Kindle Edition by Ty Hutchinson (Author) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KX5Z3ZS/ Get the first three thrillers in the action-packed series.They used her daughter as bait. They messed with the wrong mother.Meet Sei. She abandoned her life as a deadly assassin to try to find peace—but when contacted by a source claiming to have information about the daughter she thought she’d lost, Sei finds herself taking on one last mission. Can she unravel the truth before time runs out?
  10. cntrywolf


    Phineas Troutt Series - Three Thriller Novels (Dead On My Feet #1, Dying Breath #2, Everybody Dies #3) Kindle Edition by J.A. Konrath (Author) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CP5LJCZ/ This is a specially priced box set of three novels in the Phineas Troutt thriller series (#1, #2, #3).D E A D O N M Y F E E THis name is Phineas Troutt. He's a problem solver.If a woman is being stalked by her ex-husband, Phin can convince him to stop. If a union is being squeezed, Phin can squeeze the squeezer. He's not a mercenary. He's not a bodyguard. He's not a private eye. He's a guy who takes cash for solving problems with violence.When a doctor at a suburban women's health clinic is being harassed, she hires Phin to make it stop. But the situation proves to be larger, and more dangerous, than even he can handle on his own. So he calls in some friends to help out; a P.I. named Harry McGlade and a female cop named Jack Daniels...
  11. cntrywolf


    Forceful Intent: A Porter Novel (The Porter Series Book 1)Kindle Edition by R.A. McGee (Author) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FK9HN69/ To find a missing girl, he has no problem adding to his body count… Porter makes a killing tracking down missing persons. The former federal agent has the bank statements and body count to prove it. But when a good friend asks him to take on a charity case gone cold, he reluctantly agrees. After all, no family should have to bury their little girl's empty coffin… As he retraces the girl's last-known steps, Porter squares off against a disgruntled bus driver, Tampa gang leaders, and human traffickers who peddle their wares on the darkest corners of the web. Through dirty hands and bloody knuckles, Porter learns that the girl may still be alive. And he won't stop until he's given her captors exactly what they have coming… Forceful Intent is the brutal first book in a series of suspenseful crime thrillers. If you like flawed heroes, pulse-pounding action, and the Jack Reacher series, then you'll love R.A. McGee's gritty tale. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07MPBQ8J4/?ie=UTF8&pc_redir=T1&redirect=true&ref_=redir_mdp_mobile_siteViewPreference&ref_=series_rw_dp_sw
  12. cntrywolf


    (This book was just published : Publication Date: April 11, 2019) Direct Action: A Delta Force Founding Member Origin Story (Jack Bonafide Book 0) Kindle Edition by Jordan Vezina (Author) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QN8N5BR/ In the 1950s Jack Bonafide's uncle went on a notorious killing spree in West Texas, and Jack has spent his entire life trying to atone for those sins. In the 1970s Jack became a founding member of Colonel Charlie Beckwith's Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta. In 1980 Jack took part in the failed attempt to rescue American hostages in Iran, and then traveled to Israel and led an Israeli special operations team deep into the heart of Iraq. Now Jack has a new mission, one that requires him to leave Delta and chase down a monster hydrogen bomb smuggled into the United States by a rogue faction within the KGB. Going up against KGB Directorate S agents and his own concussion symptoms can Jack find the weapon in time and redeem his family name? This novella is the beginning of the Jack Bonafide series and will be followed by Jack Bonafide Book One: The Black Tsar! (It not out yet ) https://www.amazon.com/Jordan-Vezina/e/B013536GR4/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1
  13. cntrywolf


    The Grotto's Secret: A Historical Conspiracy Mystery ThrillerKindle Edition by Paula Wynne (Author) Winner of THE PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE ~ Best Fiction 2017! A Historical Conspiracy Thriller for fans of Glenn Cooper, Kate Mosse and James Rollins A healing herb kept secret for centuries. A TV show host who stands to lose everything. Castile de Granada, 1492: Risking her life, Spanish author Ana-María de Carbonela vowed to keep an unknown yet powerful healing herb’s location hidden. It remained a secret … Until now. TV show host Kelby Wade is forced into the search when her niece is targeted by the relentless assassin who killed her brother. She is pursued on a perilous quest, from a grotto in rural Andalusia to a bizarre hospital in Surrey, to uncover the mystery found between crumbling sheets of parchment in the ruins of a rural Spanish farm. In a race against a conspiracy who want the herb’s power, she struggles to piece together the puzzle and follow the trail her brother left to trace the mysterious plant before the deadly conspirators locate it. It’s only a matter of time before the ancient secret gets exposed ... ­
  14. cntrywolf


    The Judas Chronicles: Books One Through Three Kindle Edition by Aiden James (Author) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CHPQAV4/ "Out-freaking-standing-excellent!" ~ Detra Fitch of Huntress ReviewsThe first three books of the bestselling Judas Chronicles series:IMMORTAL PLAGUEWilliam Barrow carries a dark secret. A very dark secret.An archivist for the Smithsonian Institute and also a part-time operative for the CIA, no one would ever suspect the handsome ‘thirty-ish’ William is in fact the most reviled human being to ever walk the earth. His infectious warmth and sense of humor make such an assertion especially hard to believe.But long ago, William Barrow had another name…one that is synonymous with shame and betrayal: Judas Iscariot.Forced to walk the earth as a cursed immortal, William/Judas is on a quest to reclaim the thirty silver shekels paid to him in exchange for Jesus Christ. Twenty-one coins have now been recovered—thanks in large part to the help from his latest son, the esteemed Georgetown University history professor, Alistair Barrow.Ever hopeful the complete coin collection will buy him a full pardon from God and end his banishment from heaven, William plans a visit to a remote village deep within Iran’s Alborz Mountains to retrieve ‘silver coin number twenty-two’. But the CIA has a different objective for this trip, one that pits both father and son against an unscrupulous Russian billionaire searching for something else that’s just as precious within the ancient mountains of Iran…something that threatens peace in the modern world if William and Alistair fail to reach it first.IMMORTAL REIGNFor William Barrow, two thousand years is a very long time…too long, when it is a perpetual punishment for betraying Jesus Christ.The man originally known as Judas Iscariot is on a mission to recover thirty silver shekels once paid to him for his ultimate treachery. Twenty-two coins have been recovered, leaving just eight to go. But when his Russian nemesis, Viktor Kaslow, also becomes immortal, the stakes are immediately raised.Kaslow has followed William and his son, Alistair, to Hong Kong in search of a ‘blood coin’ passed down through Genghis Khan. The coin presently belongs to an esteemed Chinese collection. But along with the coin are other cursed items from the famed Mongol Emperor. William soon learns he can’t have the ‘one’ without the others.William has waited eight hundred years for a second chance to reclaim this particular coin that inspired the Mongolian Empire’s bloody violence it was once famous for. While Kaslow closes in, seeking his own vengeance, William and Alistair race against the CIA and an unscrupulous American businessman intent on reaching the cursed ‘treasure trove’ before them.Much is at stake for the Barrows and the world, as a deadly weapon unseen for centuries lies in wait alongside blood coin number twenty-three….IMMORTAL DESTINYIn this third installment of The Judas Chronicles, William Barrow (AKA Judas Iscariot) is faced with recovering the silver coin he dreads above all others. Known as the "Singing Coin" among the ancients, this shekel was originally lost long ago...on the very night of Jesus Christ's arrest in Jerusalem. Hoping to save it for last, until after the other twenty-nine coins are recovered, Viktor Kaslow's recent designs for the coin thwart William's plan.A new murder spree has begun for the ruthless Kaslow, who races against William and the immortal Roderick Cooley to obtain the coin from a reclusive Essene sect residing in the Bolivian Andes. But unlike William and Kaslow's previous confrontations, this one involves many more outside interests, since this coin contains unusual properties. If it falls into the wrong hands, the entire world will be brought to its trembling knees...The stakes have never been higher for William, his family, and the welfare of mankind. To stop Kaslow, William must rely on the help of Roderick, Alistair, and a host of others, both mortal and immortal, to have any hope of reclaiming blood coin number twenty
  15. cntrywolf


    The Shadow File (An Alex Vane Media Thriller, Book 4) Kindle Edition by A.C. Fuller (Author) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07487VHMF/ Four months ago, Alex Vane's friend James Stacy was murdered by private security contractors working for the intelligence-industrial complex. Alex exposed the killers, but most of the system survived, including the amoral torturer known only as Amand.From within Cuba's internet desert, James's widow Innerva Shah seeks her own kind of revenge. After quietly penetrating the system of contractors that run America's security, she's launching the largest ransomware attack in history, with the aim of burning that system to the ground.But when Alex learns that Amand and his forces may be closing in on Innerva, he must make a desperate attempt to save her. With Innerva's surrender-or-die deadline only hours away, Alex finds himself in Cuba, threatened from every direction, and the only person he can count on is the wife he almost lost. Complete Series List (can be read as standalones or chronologically): The Anonymous Source (An Alex Vane Media Thriller, Book 1) The Inverted Pyramid (An Alex Vane Media Thriller, Book 2) The Mockingbird Drive (An Alex Vane Media Thriller, Book 3) The Shadow File (An Alex Vane Media Thriller, Book 4) The Last Journalist (An Alex Vane Media Thriller, Book 5) https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B074CDK4SK/?ie=UTF8&pc_redir=T1&redirect=true&ref_=redir_mdp_mobile_siteViewPreference&ref_=series_rw_dp_sw
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