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  1. incognito21

    Hard Drive for Laptop

    You need to be more specific. Is it a bad internal hard drive you want to replace or would you like an external HD you could add?
  2. incognito21

    Dual external SATA drives not recognized

    I finally received the new enclosure the other day and this one works just fine. I was able to install the two identical SATA drives and one drive was recognized right away. I currently have the dual enclosure connected to my computer through USB 2.0. Here is my question - Can I set-up this enclosure to run these two drives independently or do they have to be set-up using RAID 0 or RAID 1? Thanks
  3. incognito21

    Dual external SATA drives not recognized

    I was able to take the two hard drives out of the external enclosure, hooked the Sata cable and the power connection, and formatted both of the new drives. Put them back in the enclosure and neither one of the drives were recognized again. Called technical support and finally talked with somebody they actually knew something about these enclosures. The problem is not the drive it's the actual defective enclosure. There are three LED lights on the front of the enclosure and there supposed to be green when the drive is working correctly. All lights were red. This meant that the sata control card that was installed in the unit was defective. They emailed me an RMA and a UPS label to send it back for replacement. It was dropped off at the local UPS store this morning. Now I wait for the replacement to come. I'll fill you all in on when I receive the new unit and if it works better. Everyone, thanks for all the comments and help. Jim
  4. incognito21

    Dual external SATA drives not recognized

    Dobhar, This is John's friend Jim. I was finally able to get home early enough tonight from work and called customer support on this external drive I'm having problems with. The tech I talked with seemed to think that the two HD's needed to be formatted before they could be installed in the external drive and expected to work. So I'll format them tonight and see what I come up with. I appreciate everybody's comments so far on what I should do. I'll let you know tomorrow what I come up with. I still may need some additional help.
  5. incognito21

    Dual external SATA drives not recognized

    Here is what I currently have. I just purchased a blank case with supplied with Firewire & USB cables, plus power supply. I have two identical Western Digital SATA 500GB HD's installed. There are direct connects with SATA cables inside the enclosure. I was not provided any software (drivers) or anything else other than what's listed below. Would these SATA drives require drivers or the SATA controller card that the drives are hooked into inside the enclosure? I plan on tomorrow giving www.macsales where I bought it a call and see if we can get this whole thing sorted out. Either the two new drives have problems or the enclosure, wouldn't you say? I'm currently running XP on the system I'm trying to configure this on and the HTPC that this external drive will be hooked up to will also be XP. Thanks This NewerTech Guardian MAXimus storage solution includes: External NewerTech Guardian MAXimus storage solution kit 36" High Quality Double Shielded FireWire 400 connecting cable 36" High Quality Double Shielded USB 2.0/1.1 connecting cable US/International 100~240V 4.2A UL Listed power supply 1) Power switch 2) Power receptacle 3)(2) FireWire 800 9 pin ports 4)(1) FireWire 400 6 pin port 5)(1) USB 2.0 "B" port (backwards compatible with USB 1.1) 6)(1) eSATA port 7)KensingtonĀ® security slot provides ability to anchor Guardian MAXimus to a desk 8) Thermoregulated Smart Fan for super quiet operation
  6. incognito21

    Dual external SATA drives not recognized

    This is my first post and I sure hope somebody can help me out. I'm putting together a HTPC and want to be able to use a dual external drive. I purchased a Guardian Maximus external case and installed two new identical WD 500GB hard drives. I connected both drives, connected the power cable, plus the USB. I turned the unit on and heard the typical sound that a USB drive makes. But nothing appeared on My Computer. I did a right click on My Computer and went to Manage and then to Disk Management. The drives were not recognized at all. Is it possible that I need a driver for this installation. If the drives are unrecognizable, is there any other way of formatting. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks