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  1. Keeper

    Password Manager

    Webweaver: Lastpass is not hard to understand. It does most of the work for you, all you have to do is click yes if you want it to save the Log-in and password. You can always check or edit them by clicking the Lastpass icon and choose vault. Trust me it's not that hard even for olde fogies like us.....
  2. Keeper

    Password Manager

    I use a program called LastPass (the free version). It's also found as a browser extension for most browsers, https://lastpass.com/features_free.php
  3. Keeper


    I have read so many articles about the dangers of excessive use of alcohol, tobacco products, gunsl, drug addiction, arson, stabbings along with a myriad of other issues and you know what the one thing in common is, people… It’s not the items mentioned that cause the problem, it’s there usage by people, people who have control of what is at hand. (Just my opinion)
  4. Keeper

    For those who are hearing impaired

    Link replaced, sorry should have checked it after making my post....
  5. For the last several years I’ve relied on an amplified phone. I’ve been deaf for several years now and get by using an external amplifier to help me lip read when talking with someone. Lately phone conversations have become almost impossible even using my amplified phone. I had seen on TV a product offered that uses captioning as well as voice for the hearing impaired, so I looked them up online. Not only was the information about their special phone available but they offered an in-browser application that you can use on your computer (high speed internet required) along with your normal phone. Registration and set up was easy and at the end you get your own phone number to use with their service. Most areas of the country offer this free (or other) service for the deaf so I thought I’d pass this along. It sure as hell made my day….. I use the Hamilton Cap Tel for PC/Mac at this link, (replaced link) http://www.hamiltoncaptel.com
  6. Keeper

    Request "SIMPLE" Win 7 email program

    Windows mail included with your operating system now was called Outlook Express in earlier versions of Windows. I use it, have no problems.....Here is a link for importing one to the other, http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-vista/import-messages-into-windows-mail-from-outlook-express
  7. Just got new version today from Majorgeeks, seems very much faster and the layout is nice along with the added features.
  8. Keeper

    Variation of the old Harvy House slaw:

    What type of pickle juice?
  9. Keeper

    Foxit .pdf reader now offers Conduit malware?

    GB2064: Being that Javacool no longer exists per-se and they have become BrightFort, I would be skeptical of using a non-supported program with no company backing. If you click on the Author link Javacool in Majorgeeks Tim has put a bad author warning for what ever reason even though he still offers the software for download. Only my opinion but being that the company changed names and no longer offers this software would get me to think of other choices......Again just my opinion.
  10. Keeper

    Foxit .pdf reader now offers Conduit malware?

    SpywareGuard is temporarily unavailable., as stated on their new site. It's no longer Javacool, it's BrightFort and the only offering they have is SpywareBlaster.
  11. Keeper

    Saving Rotated View in Adobe Reader XI

    I've been using a Free version of PDF Xchange Viewer. In the Documents section at the top it gives you the option to rotate and save. Even though this free version lacks some of the essentials that the Pro has, I find it to be exceptional for my needs. http://www.tracker-software.com/pdf-xchange-products-comparison-chart
  12. Keeper

    Backup Software

    I use FBackup on all my computers and use an external HD to store them on. Unless I'm mistaken that Clickfree HD is for one computer. FBackup is a free program that with do auto (or Manual) Full or Partial-backups. I say buy an external HD and use it for more than just Backups.....
  13. My favorite place to visit is Teri's Kitchen, http://teriskitchen.com. I started going there when I found them searching for Pennsylvania Dutch recipes. .I longed for the old style foods my Mom use to cook and since she never wrote anything down I had to find something similar to what I remembered she put in her fine meals.Boy do I miss her Schnitz und Knepp (Ham with Dried Apples and Dumplings)
  14. Keeper

    Un stuffed Cabbage Roll

    Fran: Must have been a soup made with Kimchi in it as normal Kimchi is just fermented in a crock for weeks (and even months) Kimchi can be used in many recipes and yes it may stink but it tastes so wonderful......
  15. Keeper

    Un stuffed Cabbage Roll

    Bubba: I can eat Kimchi any time of the day, have made my own but prefer buying from local Korean food store (they make their own).......